From the Rishi…
“Immerse. Enrich. Enlighten. Spiritual Enrichment for the soul. As you drink from the cup of the divine, may your spirit soar in boundless vistas of new possibilities.”


Joy. Bliss. Delight. Meaning. Purpose. Destiny. The Rishi’s annual celebrations are a profound catalyst for new beginnings.


Rishi’s Birthday Darshan

Loving Prayers & Deep Meditation

Oct 4th,  9am – 12pm

Mataji Rishi’s Birthday Observance… a time to say thank you, give back and to gather together to pray for the Rishi’s good health, well-being and prosperity. A spiritually sublime, and exclusive private gathering for aligning in our love and service for the Rishi.

Our Birthday Observance will be followed by refreshments and fellowship in a “stay safe” environment.  Space will be limited to assure observance of spacial awareness.  Early reservation advised.

Divine Discourse… The Rishi’s Jewels of Wisdom, Divine Discourse and Prophecy on timely issues will bring her grace and wisdom to one and all.

Live-Streamed from Sedona… Divine Discourse will be live-streamed to her patrons on her website and FaceBook.

Offered by Donation… A $50 min. donation is suggested for this very special Easter Empowerment and will be dedicated to funding the Rishi’s Sedona Mission,  Your generosity is appreciated!

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New Stay Safe Protocols… All visits to the Rishi’s Abode of the Masters for Divine Darshan, Private Audiences, Meditations and Personal Sessions follow stringent guidelines for stay-safe observances. Upon receiving your RSVP or booking you will be sent sanitation, social distancing and hygiene guidelines to assure personal and collective safety.

Email Attendance & RSVP: or call: 480.575.1276

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“The Clarion Call of the Sedona Mission”

“for the few who will influence the many…”

Special Occasion… Enlightenment Gateway

Winter Solstice Darshan

December 20th   9 am to 1 pm

The Rishi’s annual winter darshan for enlightenment is a catalyst for personal and collective enlightenment and a celebration of the divine and a profound gateway for omni awakening. A primary planetary activation and  auspicious opening for visionary prophecy, divine transmission, sacred knowledge and timely insights for the coming year.

Teachings for Enlightenment. Food for the soul. Music for the heart, Celebrate the new frontier of human consciousness!

Followed by fellowship, sacred singers and a holiday buffet. This auspicious event offered as a fundraiser for the Rishi’s Sedona Mission and is offered by donation. Your wisdom of generosity of appreciated. 

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Fundraiser Event by Donation

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Annual Gatherings

An Exquisite Day with the Rishi

The Rishi’s Birthday Darshan ~  October 4, 2020

Winter Solstice Darshan ~ December 20, 2020

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Private. Intimate. Profound… Sacred sound, music for the soul. Each opportunity to sit in meditative darshan with the Mataji Rishi is a deeply enriching experience that inspires profound elevations of consciousness for lasting spiritual enrichment. Celebrations with the Rishi are a high vibrational experience for  blissful transcendence, followed by enlightened teachings, and a sacred space for questions and answers that opens the heart to your timeless being.

Always profound, deeply uplifting, and ever-unfolding.

Spiritual Gatherings with an Enlightened Master

Welcome to an auspicious gateway for the palpable grace of the divine. The Rishi’s special occasions are potently amplified by the spiritual hierarchy of guides and guardians, offered to the Rishi’s spiritual guests on an exclusive invitational basis in an intimate, small group setting designed to enhance reception to divine blessing and increase dynamic energy of group synergy.

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Rishi’s Birthday Darshan October 4, 2020 10am-2pm
Winter Solstice Darshan December 20, 2020 9am-1pm

Royal Path Calendar

Sedona Programs, Darshans and Special Occasions

Sedona Gateway Fall Retreat – FULL 4 days October 22-25, 2020 Submit Application
OMNI MEDITATION Direct Transmission from the Rishi 9-11am October 25, 2020 Submit Application
Lotus Heart Fellowship Darshan 9-noon November 1, 2020 Invitation/RSVP
OMNI Meditation Teacher Training Certification – FULL Prerequisites required. 3 days November 11-13, 2020 Waitlist
Golden Flame Fellowship Retreat 3 days November 28-30, 2020 Please Inquire
Lotus Heart Fellowship Darshan 9-noon December 6, 2020 Invitation/RSVP
Winter Solstice Darshan 9am-1pm December 20, 2020 Request/RSVP
Sedona Gateway Winter Retreat 4 days February 11-14, 2021 Submit Application
MAY, 2021
True North Leadership Initiative 3 days May 28-30, 2021 Submit Application
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