From the Rishi…
“When the soul is ready the Master appears. As you are called to complete your karmic wheel, the Clarion Call is an igniting force that compels your imperative for greater mastery. Oh Dear Ones, it is here, that you will turn the tides of time-bound illusion and rise to your soul’s greatest potential.”

Royal Fire Darshan

For High Initiates… The Lotus Heart Fellowship is an exquisite forum for a refined focus of awakening, offered by donation as the Rishi’s gift to the mature initiate and spiritual protege.


Advanced Ascension Meditation

Upcoming Winter Darshan

Sunday Morning, Jan 15


Next Level Sacred Knowledge

Enlightened teachings and divine transmission for an exquisite experience of Creator Consciousness.


Ascension Gateway for High Initiates

Sunday Mornings in Sedona ~ 9am  to 12am

MAY 1st   JUNE 5th   July 10th

The Mataji Rishi graciously offers her monthly ascension darshan, a powerful catalyst for deeply transformative shifts of consciousness that ignite the four thresholds of enlightenment.

Offered by donation, The Lotus Heart Fellowship is the creme de la creme awakening group ~ an elegantly, refined spiritual focus for advanced ascension meditation and spiritual initiation for dedicated initiates and adepts. The Fellowship serves the amassing of the “collective human oversoul,” through advanced ascension meditation and most especially the enlightenment of female initiates. *Early request for attendance is advised. Darshan is followed by refreshments and fellowship for integration and contemplative discussion.

Your wisdom of generosity is much appreciated!


Newcomers Welcome … The Rishi is opening her doors to welcome newcomers to the Lotus Heart Fellowship monthly darshans. If your heart is called to take part in an extraordinary opportunity for accelerated awakening, please be invited to request attendance.

From The Rishi…

“Sedona is a global epicenter for spiritual homecoming and a new era of enlightened living.  My Abode of the Masters is an extraordinary divine corridor for the angels, guides and masters to increasingly manifest their tangible presence.  It is a celestial portal that is in steady materialization here in the West and an epic “divine descent” of the highest order.”

THE LOTUS HEART FELLOWSHIP… Divine Darshan with the Rishi offers advanced ascension meditation, sacred knowledge teachings, immersive transcendence, and spiritual initiation. An elegantly refined spiritual focus for initiates and adepts.

PRIVATE DARSHAN… Darshan with the Rishi is an unprecedented transformative experience to receive the direct over-lighting of the great masters and avatars, the transmittal of Adi Samyama Samadhi and the four stages of enlightenment. *Provided in a small, intimate group setting by invitation for dedicated initiates.

THE RISHI’S ABODE… Darshan is held at the Rishi’s Abode of the Masters near Cathedral Rock in Sedona. Attendees are invited as her spiritual guests and are provided with the address and gate code upon RSVP.  * followed by refreshments and fellowship 

Please apply to receive your invitation. After acceptance, please also confirm attendance by RSVP to receive address and gate code, arriving 15 minutes early to be seated, centered, and receptive. We begin promptly at 9 am to welcome the Rishi.  -Early RSVP to reserve your space is advised.

To Apply for Attendance to Lotus Darshan


Activating Your Higher Purpose

“The Rishi’s presence ignites and empowers not only rapid elevations of awakening but also the fulfillment of your earthly mission. She is a divine catalyst in its truest form. As an enlightened luminary, her intensity of radiance bestows a massive spiritual quickening for clearing karmic obstacles, providing an easing of the way.  This “quickening of realization” accelerates your growth multi-fold.

Each and every lotus heart darshan opens access to The Great Halls of Illumination and the Akasha Records of the Masters and Avatars. As you become more telepathically attuned to this enlightened fellowship of stellar luminaries, your growth becomes certain, continual, and “attractive” to the divine positives that can most enrich and further the fulfillment of your greatest realization of mastery for this lifetime.

Gateway for High Initiates

Avatara Transmission

THE SEDONA GATEWAY….. Welcome to the Rishi’s activation darshan, a powerful catalyst for divine connection with Great Masters and Spiritual Guides. The direct illumination of divine transmission that she emanates is “the presence of truth,” as the Sanskrit word “darshan” implies,  a “divinely transcendent state.”  The transmission of a Living Rishi opens new expansions of sacred knowledge that instill the soul with the love and wisdom of the purely divine, a phenomenon of spiritual quickening that the Rishi bestows to ignite the awakening of your Master Self.


Divine Transmission
PRIVATE DARSHAN WTH THE RISHI …. provides a sublimely refined spiritual forum for initiates, adepts and leaders for the profound over-lighting of the Great Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy, co-creating life legacies of excellence and service. The rare opportunity of meditative darshan with the Mataji Rishi Devra Adi Maa, is a deeply expansive experience for profound elevations of consciousness that envelop the soul in a high vibrational state of transcendence.



THE ADI SAMYAMA OF UNITY….  Group consciousness and collective unification is an essential element of her transmission. Group consciousness is a powerful instrument of world service and divine manifestation for all who dedicate themselves to world service or serve as an instrument of the Divine Plan. The “Plane of Adi,” as the Rishi’s spiritual name embodies, is the dimension of consciousness that unifies the individual and collective in the oneness of omnipresence that is the True Self.

OMNISCIENT ILLUMINATION…. The profound permeation of divine light bestowed by Divine Darshan, is an omniscient, limitless expansion because it’s transmission activates a powerful cellular resonance that permeates body, mind, and soul. Rishi Adi Maa is a master of Adi Samyama and the unity of cosmic consciousness.


Precept of the Royal Path

The Governing Principle of the Law of Attraction

The Lotus symbol represents the Royal Path and is featured throughout the Rishi’s body of work as a literal and vibrational signature. Through the Law of the Lotus we find the active nature of supreme synthesis and harmonic unity as the attracting influences that unfold the lotus of the human avatar.  This divine law is a companion law to many laws and is a governing principle within the deeper mysteries of the Law of Attraction, as it relates to the unfolding of the petals of the soul, i.e., the Petals of Knowledge, the Petals of Love, and the Petals of Power and Sacrifice.

It is a governing force within this law that first brought into manifestation the Divine Sons of Mind and the Divine Daughters of Love and by doing so, linked the two poles of spirit and matter, producing the egoic embryo of the soul lotus or “the flower of the self,’ within which is seeded the divine imperative for enlightenment, as the Alfa and Omega aspects of creation are unified within the royal chambers of the initiate’s innermost sanctum of the royal heart.

The law of the lotus governs the active nature of the relationship between spirit and matter. It is by this mystery of attraction between spirit and matter and between density and the highest ethers, and between consciousness and being, that the lotus of the self is empowered by the fire of divine will to draw from the various grades of matter the moisture and heat necessary for its unfoldment. The three expressions of self-proliferation; that of the sexuality of procreation that is transmuted by transcendence into conscious co-creation, and the apprenticeship of co-creation that is fulfilled of its mastery of godhood as the priestly endowments of causal creation are bestowed and wielded in concert with the harmonic decrees of the high-heavens. It is this progression of the initiate’s potential that is wondrously inspired and propelled by this law.

Through the life of the lotus, we experience the full thrust of the primal impetus, as well as our celestial imperative. Despite the limited perception of appearances, they are in the final analysis of complementary aspects of creation. We derive essential learning, from the mystery of being submersed in the mud of life and the streams and eddies of our life experiences, from which we ultimately rise forth as the lotus of enlightenment. We rise and we transform to a higher expression, endowed with the fresh horizons of a new potential, in part because we have served to evolve the divine seed and spark within us through the challenges of density and the unique process of intentional transformation that becomes fully interactive with the divine. Thus, we are seasoned and weathered by the primal forces no less than we are refined and polished by the divine forces.

The lotus triumphs to rise skyward from the permeation of the primal elements of earthly heat and moisture, as well as from the permeation of the solar radiance of cosmic fire. Our metamorphous is produced by the sacred union of seeming opposites. I also call this transformative synthesis, the “blending of the lights,” in recognition of the holy light of God within matter and thus, within all things. Indeed, the light of the divine is within all things, as is it’s language of informing vibrational signatures. The law of the lotus and its expression of sacred synthesis is inherent to the Royal Path Master Teachings and this law has been essential to my ecstatic but grounded approach to mastery and my humble but empowered life expression as a living rishi.

To embrace all is to serve all, is to unify all. This principle of honoring all stages of the flowering of the lotus of enlightenment is a foundational precept of the Royal Path.


Shamballa of the West

The Rishi was called to Sedona in 1990 to open a Divine Corridor of amplified light that would continue to serve many souls for decades to come. Over the years, she has quietly but powerfully opened this corridor of light to ever greater magnitudes of expanse and vibration. The amplification of a Planetary Divine Corridor is underway that ushers forth the higher purpose of Sedona to become the “Shamballa of the West,” a sacred site and a high vibrational region that enhances living at a 7th dimensional plane of reality, for those who are ready to move through the thresholds of expanded existence that reflects the true nature of their timeless being.

Many true and capable guardians of light are being drawn to Sedona, who will together envision and actualize a collective higher purpose for Sedona, to establish a spiritual citadel that become honored and protected on a global basis.

Royal Fire Intensives

Sedona Programs, Darshans and Special Occasions

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