From the Rishi…
“Omni Meditation builds a transcendent bridge to your Master Self. As you make the single choice to align with the Great Masters and Avatars on a daily basis, you turn the tides of time-bound entrapment in illusion. Omni Meditation transmits the activation for the realization of the purely divine.”

The Method of the Masters

Omni Meditation is a stand alone phenomena of omni awakening, a divine activation unlike any other method or modality, tradition or practice. It is an unsurpassed gift from the Great Masters to all who seek the awakening of your timeless presence as a spiritual being with a life-legacy of mastery to unfold.


The Royal Path of Divine Science


Omni Meditation with the Rishi
Oct. 25

Teachers Training Certification
Nov. 11 – 13

Online Omni Meditation Course I
(coming soon)

Direct Transmission from the Rishi
October 25th, 2020

Offered only 3 times per year, by private invitation or accepted request.

SEDONA WITH THE RISHI… One of the most phenomenal of all the Sedona experiences, a private Omni Meditation with the Rishi is a high vibrational catalyst for higher consciousness and a divine darshan blessing, followed by enlightened teachings and prophetic insight on timely topics for seekers, initiates, and world servers. The private nature of the Mataji’s meditations at her Abode of the Masters assures the greatest degree of illumination and high purpose for your spiritual enrichment.  The Rishi’s auspicious private mediations are offered by donation as a fundraiser for her Sedona Mission. Your wisdom of generosity is appreciated.

Early request for attendance advised to reserve your space.


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Sedona’s Premier Meditation Training


The Profound Method of Direct Transmission

Welcome to the Rishi’s signature meditation... the Method of the Masters, that has been the catalyst of awakening and divine connection for thousands of souls worldwide. Omni Meditation unifies the timeless tradition of sitting in “the presence of truth,” as the Sanskrit word divine darshan implies, while immersed in a a “divinely transcendent state,” as the term Omni Meditation implies. Endowed with the Rishi’s transmission of divine light, new expansions of sacred knowledge are accessed that instill the soul with the illumination, love and wisdom of the purely divine. Omni Awakening is the phenomena that the Rishi bestows for the initiate who knows their time has come, as the clarion call of awakening ignites the supra-genius of the Great Atma of your master self


A Global Solution

The gateway that has served as a catalyst for thousands of students worldwide, a truly unparalleled Method of the Masters, that offers both the divine science and experiential practice that accelerates the process of spiritual initiation. The Rishi’s online course is a must have for your at home library; a direct transmittal of omnipresence that enhances and accelerates all modalities and previous levels of experience with the sacred emanation of illumination and the timeless foundation of enlightened teachings, for beginners, intermediates and advanced practitioners alike.


Illumination I …. Empowerment for Initiates

~ sustain divine alignment
~ access the higher-self
~ commune with guides and masters
~ ignite the light body
~ enhance meditative focus
~ increase divine energy
~ attain the neutrality of equanimity
~ receive sacred knowledge
~ become amplified with divine light


ILLUMINATION I… Personal Alignment
ILLUMINATION II… Mastery of the Method
ILLUMINATION III… Teacher’s Training

Special Occasion…
Enlightenment Gateway

Winter Solstice Darshan

December 20th   9 am to 1 pm

The Rishi’s annual winter darshan for enlightenment is a catalyst for personal and collective enlightenment and a celebration of the divine and a profound gateway for omni awakening. A primary planetary activation and  auspicious opening for visionary prophecy, divine transmission, sacred knowledge and timely insights for the coming year.

Teachings for Enlightenment. Food for the soul. Music for the heart, Celebrate the new frontier of human consciousness!

Followed by fellowship, sacred singers and a holiday buffet. This auspicious event offered as a fundraiser for the Rishi’s Sedona Mission and is offered by donation. Your wisdom of generosity of appreciated. 

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Fundraiser Event by Donation

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About Omni Meditation in Sedona

Your Options for Training

PRIVATE SESSIONS with Certified Omni Institute Teachers:

Private 1-hour in-person training session in Sedona
Offered by appointment. Hours available: 8am to 7pm

Private 1-hour in-person fine-tuning session in Sedona
Offered by appointment. Hours available: 8am to 7pm

Private 1-hour in-person higher-guidance session in Sedona
Offered by appointment. Hours available: 8am to 7pm

Telephonic 1-hour training session
Offered by appointment. Booked on Phoenix Mountain Standard Time.

Telephonic 1-hour fine-tuning session
Offered by appointment. Booked on Phoenix Mountian Standard Time.

Telephonic 1-hour higher-guidance session
Offered by appointment. Booked on Phoenix Mountian Standard Time.

All Private Sessions with Omni Institute Teachers are booked at $200 per hour.  

~to book a private session~

Your Divine Presence… Welcome to the Rishi’s signature meditation for the discerning seeker. Omni Meditation is a sanctified Method of the Masters that endows the light of divine transmission and the palpable presence of your limitless higher nature. It offers not only transcendent access to to your higher self, but also to the Great Guides and Masters Beings who have long guided the advancement of the human soul.

Your Miracle Method… A powerful catalyst for accelerated awakening and divine connection, Omni Meditation is rapid and powerfully effective. It is the miracle method, the combines the darshan of the Rishi with the illumination of the pillar of light-antakarana bridge methodology, which has made the difference for tens of thousands of souls worldwide. The Rishi’s certified teachers are preceptors of her transmission and are instruments of the divine conveyance of the direct transmission of omnipresence.

Your Supra-Genius… The nature of divine transmission unifies the tradition of sitting in “the presence of truth,” as the Sanskrit word darshan implies, while immersed in a “divinely transcendent state,” as the term Omni Meditation implies. It awakens you supra-genius and ignites an accelerated expansion, quickening, uplift, and upgrade of consciousness that illumines and balances the hemispheres of the brain, the noetic intellect, the wisdom of the heart, and the regeneration of physical well-being.

Your Higher Purpose… The transmission of a Living Rishi opens new expansions of sacred knowledge that instills the soul with the divine illumination, love and wisdom that actualizes your higher-life purpose, a phenomenon that the Rishi bestows to ignites the awakening the supra-genius of your Master Self.


Adi Samyama Transmission

The rare opportunity of meditative darshan with the Mataji Rishi Devra Adi Maa, is a deeply expansive experience for profound elevations of consciousness that envelop the soul in a high vibrational state of transcendence. “Adi Samyama Samadhi” for group/collective unity is an essential element of her transmission. Group consciousness is a powerful instrument of divine manifestation. The  “Plane of Adi,” as the Rishi’s spiritual name embodies, is the dimension of consciousness that unifies the individual and collective in the oneness of omnipresence that is the True Self.  The profound permeation of divine light bestowed by Divine Darshan, is an omniscient, limitless expansion because it’s transmission activates a powerful cellular resonance that permeates body, mind, and soul.


Gathering in the Rishi’s presence is an unparalleled catalyst for awakening and ascension. Omni Mediation is the sanctified method of the Great Masters. The Rishi’s darshan in Sedona is a designated initiation gateway that is potently amplified by the spiritualhierarchy of guides and guardians, offered to the Rishi’s spiritual guests on an exclusive invitational basis in an intimate, small group setting. Each Sublime Sunday or Exquisite Evening with the Rishi conveys the direct over-lighting of masters and the vibrational upliftment that steadily restores your Master Self into full manifestation for the consummated expression of your greatest potential.

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