From the Rishi…
“Omni Meditation builds a transcendent bridge to your Master Self. As you make the single choice to align with your higher presence on a daily basis, you turn the tides of time-bound entrapment in illusion and limitation, a profoundly life-changing empowerment for self-realization and spiritual mastery.”


Welcome… you are invited to experience a shining light in the world of meditation mastery. The Mataji Rishi’s online program is an incomparable compilation of empowering divine teachings that serve a catalyst for igniting the birthright of higher consciousness – your gateway to mastering your greatest selfhood for a life legacy that shines upon future generations.


The Science of Consciousness


An online experience like none other…

Your Ultimate Opportunity.... An online experience like none other. For the novice and seasoned practitioner alike, the empowerment of direct transmission is unsurpassed for rapid elevations of consciousness - A prime catalyst for acceleration through the four thresholds of enlightenment.

The Rishi’s Divine Transmission.... Each series creates a powerful bridge to your the timeless being of your master-self, for advancement into the universal fellowship of the enlightened masters who guide the human soul to make the great evolutionary leap to supra consciousness.

Sanctified by the Ascended Masters.... Endowed with the Supreme Light of God Consciousness, the Rishi’s signature method has restored the essential connection to divine presence for countless souls worldwide, a prime empowerment for becoming a master in your own right.

Meditation with The Master

THE PROFOUND METHOD OF DIRECT TRANSMISSION.... Ranging from 10-min tune-up meditations, to 20-min  method modules, to full 1-hour immersive activations, the full scope the program encompasses a brilliant compilation of discourses, guided meditations and experiential tutorials for your personal growth and spiritual enrichment.

ACCELERATED ACCESS TO THE ASCENDED  MASTERS.... The Rishi’s divine transmission provides for your soul's entrance into the Great Brotherhood of Light and advancement into the Universal Fellowship of Enlightened Masters, as the doors to the spiritual hierarchy are opening to accept initiates and adepts into our direct over-lighting.




Essential Teachings & Transmissions

Entry to Omni Meditation.... provides the illumination and vibrational uplift that optimizes your advancement through the program and solidifies your connection to guides and masters for all manner of benefit from the spiritually sublime and transcendent, to the practical aspects of daily life.



Elevations, Methods & Activations

The Awakening Modules I-V.... provide the gold standard for your foundational elevation into higher consciousness. Brilliantly designed to provide transcend elevations of consciousness, foundational methods for accelerating your awakening, and activations for actualizing sacred knowledge teachings.



Illumination Course Modules  I – III  

The Illumination Master Series.... Illumination Course  I, II & III provides an in-depth training progression that lays a sanctified foundation in Course I for your experiential practice, expands to empower your mastery of the methods in Course II, and culminates in the opportunity in Course III to receive your Omni Meditation Teacher Certification for the professional credibility that is elite among all others for a life of service in the sacred arts.



Advanced Ascension Meditation

The Avatara Gateway Series....  a powerfully endowed sequence of ascension transmissions that ignite the process of rapid spiritual initiation and activates the embodiment of enlightenment. This is the Rishi’s most advanced online ascension meditations and are advised for applying for candidacy to her Path of Enlightenment Program in Sedona.

Each learning opportunity is the Rishi’s gift to those wise souls who instinctively make the commitment to not only awaken, but to also lead the way into a new era of enlightenment for the human race. *Each meditation can be purchased individually, as a module, or as a master series and are essential must haves  for you spiritual library. 

Do you long to be of service?
Do you desire accelerated awakening?
Do you seek excellence in the sacred arts?
Do you want a life focus of higher purpose?

From The Rishi.... " Now is the time to master your mind, your emotions, your energy and your life. Now is the time to lead the way. Omni Meditation is the single most powerful change-agent in the world. I have no hesitation to state this.  By this focus alone, amassed across the globe, the ills of humanity are uplifted to become the transformative miracle that commences the prophesied 1,000 golden years of peace and prosperity on earth." 



Module One


Ascension Activation Meditations..... 15-Minute Meditations for Accessing Higher Consciousness 

Elevation One

Elevation Two

Elevation Three

Elevation Four

Elevation Five

Elevation Six

Elevation Seven

Module Two


The Foundational Methods.... 30-Minute Meditations for Spiritual Growth and Empowerment 

The Supreme Witness State

The Royal Art of Vipassana

The Wisdom of Raja Inquiry

The Golden Ascension Chamber

The Divine Feminine & Masculine

The Empowered Presence

The Great Masters and Guides

The Divine Heart of Unity

Module Three


Empowerment for Daily Practice... 15-Minute Meditations for Divine Alignment and Higher Self Focus 

~Alignment & Stillness - for self realization and celestial calm

~Alignment & Awakening - for accelerations of light and higher consciousness

~Alignment & Intention - for concentration of higher purpose and mastery

~Alignment & Intuition - for increasing intuition & 3rd eye awakening

~Alignment & Devotion - for immersion in divine love and opening heart

~Alignment & Mantra - for lifting your vibration and affirmation of intention

~Alignment & Service - for higher guidance and activation of service mandates

~Alignment & Mastery - for spiritual wisdom and activation of shiddhis

Module Four


Your Monadic Presence.... 20-Minute Activation Meditations for Life Mastery 

~The Master Self - Activating your divine oneness and masterful discipleship

~The Master Builder - Activating your divine blueprint and masterful apprenticeship

~The Master Server- Activating your divine excellence and masterful stewardship

~ The Master Teacher - activating your divine wisdom and masterful teachership

~ The Master Healer - Activating your divine healer and masterful healership

~ The Master Creator - Activating your divine focus and masterful creatorship

~The Master Presence - Activating your omnipresence and masterful guardianship


Teachers Training Certification

June 18- 20  2021

SEDONA WITH THE RISHI... One of the most phenomenal of all the Sedona experiences, the Teacher Certification Training is a high vibrational catalyst for higher consciousness and a vocation in the sacred art of mediative mastery. The private nature of training at her Abode of the Masters assures the greatest degree of illumination and higher purpose for your divine service as a Certified Omni Mediation Teacher. Reserved for Souls of Substance.

Candidates Now Being Accepted for the Rishi’s Summer 2021 Program

The Mastery Series Illumination I-III 

Early request for attendance advised to reserve your space -


The Illumination I, II, & II Master Series  brings the Rishi's signature methodology into its greatest optimum for assuring your awakening and ultimately your enlightenment. A profound catalyst of awakening for thousands of souls worldwide, Omni Meditation unifies the timeless tradition of sitting in "the presence of truth,” while immersed in a vibrationally transcendent state. It is the union of these two divine forums of illumination that empower new expansions of sacred knowledge that ignite the supra-genius of the Universal Master Self


COURSE I... Personal Alignment

COURSE II... Mastery of the Method

COURSE III... Teacher's Training

The truly unparalleled method of divine transmission offers an evolving understanding of the divine sciences, and the experiential practicum that accelerates awakening. Moreover, Illumination I  is a prime activation for taking initiation - a must have for your at home library that accelerates all modalities and previous levels of experience with the timeless foundation of enlightened teachings - for beginners, intermediates and advanced practitioners alike.


Illumination I .... Empowerment for Initiates

~ sustain divine alignment
~ access the higher-self
~ commune with guides and masters
~ ignite the light body
~ enhance meditative focus
~ increase divine energy
~ attain the neutrality of equanimity
~ receive sacred knowledge
~ become amplified with divine light

About Omni Meditation in Sedona



Begin your Omni Meditation experience to activate your personal divine alignment, continue your training to “Master the Method," and perfect your mastery as a certified Omni Meditation Teacher with a life-enriching skill-set of professional service in the sacred arts. Combine personal one-on-one training with Omni Teachers with online Omni Meditation Courses for optimum acceleration of mastery.

Training with Omni Meditation Teachers

Private 1-hour in-person training session in Sedona
Offered by appointment. Hours available: 8am to 7pm

Private 1-hour in-person fine-tuning session in Sedona
Offered by appointment. Hours available: 8am to 7pm

Private 1-hour in-person higher-guidance session in Sedona
Offered by appointment. Hours available: 8am to 7pm

Telephonic 1-hour training session
Offered by appointment. Booked on Phoenix Mountain Standard Time.

Telephonic 1-hour fine-tuning session
Offered by appointment. Booked on Phoenix Mountain Standard Time

Telephonic 1-hour higher-guidance session
Offered by appointment. Booked on Phoenix Mountain Standard Time.

All Private Sessions with Omni Institute Teachers are booked at $200 per hour.  

~to book a private session~

Your Divine Presence... Welcome to the Rishi's signature meditation for the discerning seeker. Omni Meditation is a sanctified Method of the Masters that endows the light of divine transmission and the palpable presence of your limitless higher nature. It offers not only transcendent access to to your higher self, but also to the Great Guides and Masters Beings who have long guided the advancement of the human soul.

Your Miracle Method... A powerful catalyst for accelerated awakening and divine connection, Omni Meditation is rapid and powerfully effective. It is the miracle method, the combines the darshan of the Rishi with the illumination of the pillar of light-antakarana bridge methodology, which has made the difference for tens of thousands of souls worldwide. The Rishi’s certified teachers are preceptors of her transmission and are instruments of the divine conveyance of the direct transmission of omnipresence.

Your Supra-Genius... The nature of divine transmission unifies the tradition of sitting in "the presence of truth," as the Sanskrit word darshan implies, while immersed in a "divinely transcendent state," as the term Omni Meditation implies. It awakens you supra-genius and ignites an accelerated expansion, quickening, uplift, and upgrade of consciousness that illumines and balances the hemispheres of the brain, the noetic intellect, the wisdom of the heart, and the regeneration of physical well-being.

Your Higher Purpose... The transmission of a Living Rishi opens new expansions of sacred knowledge that instills the soul with the divine illumination, love and wisdom that actualizes your higher-life purpose, a phenomenon that the Rishi bestows to ignites the awakening the supra-genius of your Master Self.


Adi Samyama Transmission

The rare opportunity of meditative darshan with the Mataji Rishi Devra Adi Maa, is a deeply expansive experience for profound elevations of consciousness that envelop the soul in a high vibrational state of transcendence. "Adi Samyama Samadhi” for group/collective unity is an essential element of her transmission. Group consciousness is a powerful instrument of divine manifestation. The  "Plane of Adi," as the Rishi's spiritual name embodies, is the dimension of consciousness that unifies the individual and collective in the oneness of omnipresence that is the True Self.  The profound permeation of divine light bestowed by Divine Darshan, is an omniscient, limitless expansion because it's transmission activates a powerful cellular resonance that permeates body, mind, and soul.


Gathering in the Rishi's presence is an unparalleled catalyst for awakening and ascension. The Rishi’s Divine Darshan in Sedona is a designated initiation gateway that is potently amplified by the spiritual hierarchy of guides and guardians, offered to the Rishi’s spiritual guests on an exclusive invitational basis in an intimate, small group setting for the direct over-lighting of Christ Consciousness.

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