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Together, we are called to support the imperative of higher consciousness that will define our individual and collective legacy for future generations. Every seed donation, large or small, is directed toward the Rishi’s ongoing outreach of teachings, books and programs, her website and her sanctuary in Sedona and her empowerment initiatives. We invite you to make a conscious declaration of your Abundance call-to-action by joining us regularly in reciting the Rishi’s auspicious “Invocation for Abundance and Prosperity,” featured at the bottom of this webpage.

Learn more about our GOLDEN FLAME FELLOWSHIP for benefactors. For endowments and benefacting, please email Nicholas Roberts, director of The Rishi’s benefactors fellowship:

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Every seed donation, large or small, is directed toward the Rishi’s ongoing outreach of private programs and online teachings, her books and works for enlightened enterprise and her humanitarian and environmental initiatives. Your support funds and empowers her far-reaching mission and our ongoing production and preservation of her sacred archives, renowned as one of the foremost repositories of enlightened teachings in the world. We invite endowments as well as actively involved benefactors. There are many ways to contribute to the Rishi’s timely endeavors of service. The principle of Divine Abundance is foundational to all that we do.  Together these worthy projects and initiatives serve the profound nature of the new potential of omni awakening and life mastery that the Rishi is here to make manifest.

As your wisdom of generosity is called into action, know that this call is timely beyond comprehension. It is a call to truly ignite a higher destiny. The tipping point of new decision is amassing. For all who step forward to seed our higher purpose, we call forth not only for your contributions, we call forth a collective stronghold of financial empowerment. With every donation, large or small,  you are making the decision to be a master builder of a new world, that honors universal principle of the Tree of Life that is a symbol of abundance that serves all beings.

To entrain abundance consciousness, choose a morning each week to recite, pray, decree, proclaim, ritualize, and write down your abundance Call-to-Action. Write down personal and collective goals for abundance. You may recite the Rishi’s Abundance Invocation and use her abundance videos and audios. Render your entraining pure, by invoking the all non-serving attachments be purified. Place your Call to Action on your altar, desk or mantel. Acknowledge your abundance and immerse in gratitude. Your Abundance Call-to-Action catalyzes your soul’s birthright of Oneness from which all abundance flows. Think Abundance! Feel Abundance! Build Abundance!  Mega-charge your abundance entraining with the energy of love!

The Rishi’s Prosperity Invocation

“Unto all that is benevolent and sacred, I send forth my invocation for the outpouring of my birthright. For as I know myself to have nothing that is not of God’s grace, so too do I know myself to have everything and thus, do I know myself as one with the whole of creation. For as I am a witness of eternal emptiness, so too am I a witness of infinite fullness. Thus, I declare my emptiness as The Silence and my fullness as The Sound and it is this miracle of The Silence within The Sound that is the Holy Oneness of the Divine Invocation for the life within the Great Life.

From my gratitude for this miracle, so does my heart outflow upon my most selfless aspirations, as that which is the true power of my life legacy and thus, by divine grace and will does the generosity of heaven and earth pour upon me. I empty myself of my small wants and needs, that the chalice of My Eternal Life might be anointed from upon high where The Will of God is Known, that my heavenly endowments shall pour forth upon my true potential for this earthly domain wherein my love and service shall be my lasting legacy.

By my surrender of my small self, I restore my covenant with the great light of the Christ Presence that loves and guides all souls. By my stillness within, I restore myself unto my divine memory of my purpose to be manifest. By my will-to-good without, I restore myself of my endowments of spirit and form through which I shall sound forth my declarations as the fullness of my bounty is outpoured upon my soul’s mandates for the good and benefit of my fellow brethren and the whole of creation.

I proclaim myself in readiness to steward the prosperity of immeasurable increases of wealth on behalf of all those things that are in divine order to be received through which my wisdom and generosity shall be demonstrated. I proclaim the power of my wisdom to withhold my providence from those things which are not in divine order. It is this supreme knowing that I shall abide by, that the Great Laws of Balance might be restored within my heart, as the means by which the Great Balance of the Life Infinite is restored upon the benevolence of Earth.

Oh, Lords and Masters of Creation and all the holy ones who stand at the gateways of time as the guardians of the worlds, I proclaim myself as a wealth-builder for world good from which the generosity of the awakened heart will rise undaunted in this holy hour of the Clarion Call upon humanity. Oh Supreme Creator of the Most High, I proclaim myself as an instrument of the Christ Presence through which an almighty prosperity shall flow. So too, do I also proclaim myself as the servant of the abundance of faith and generosity that is the true wealth of this world.

Thus, I invoke the Law of Ten on behalf of world good unto my direct providence, that this outflow might be dedicated to divine service unto my fellow humankind, that the chalice of my prosperity might be filled again tenfold and by many multiples, upon the multiples. So too, do I stand in the resounding of the divine power that moves upon my life purpose, that calls forth for the gateways of wealth and prosperity to be opened unto me. May Thy Will be manifest on Earth, as it is in Heaven. For I declare and I restore and thus I proclaim myself to be Thy Instrument.  Thus, is my legacy truly seeded with unending proliferations of abundance to flourish upon future generations and all those generations upon Earth whom are the beloved outflow of God’s grace.”

Copyright © 2015 Rishi Devra Adi Maa, founder of Royal Path Master Teachings and Omni Institute for the Divine Sciences

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