The Twelve Gateways for Participation

The Mataji Rishi’s profound presence of influence is extended upon a wide spectrum of potential benefit to the awakening global community, that offers participation through twelve primary areas of engagement. Each of her twelve gateways convenes a unique auspices of positives, that enhances our shared experience: attendance to private mediations, darshan and retreats, acceptance into her programs, collaboration in service endeavors, personal mentorships for in-depth mastery training and also for active benefaction of the Rishi’s life work as a Mataji Regent.

1) Allied Individual or Organization
Souls with like-minded focus and endeavors with whom Rishi collaborates on projects, regional or global charity functions, and endeavors for health and healing.

2) Supportive Advocate
Individuals who engage community or global out-reach on the Rishi’s behalf, positive networking or active focus on projects of mutual interest or focused outreach for the Rishi’s programs and endeavors for consciousness raising and personal transformation.

3) Benefactors
Contributors of funds, endowments or resources for the Rishi’s enlightened enterprises, non-profit institute, projects or overall life mission, and or contributors to the Rishi’s Golden Flame Fellowship of benefactors and supporters.

4) Seva Staff and Volunteer Collaboration
The Rishi invites the spirit of service for those who offer their time, resources or services for an interim time period, specific program, project or event, or long-term service activity as part of the Rishi’s seva staff of dedicated supporters.

5) Operational Staff Employees, Consultants & Contractors
An excellence in operational energetics is made possible by the Rishi’s standards of integrity and functionality, and is welcomed for all aspects of operational management, administration, and out-sourced services from like-minded individuals of professional accomplishment.

6) Attendee/Student/Disciple of Royal Path Master Teachings
Our purpose of service is fulfilled when soul-based learning benefits seekers and initiates. Whether through attendance to private retreats and programs or online study of the Rishi’s teachings and courses offered from her sacred archives, you are embraced in the Rishi’s radiance of divine transmission.

7) The Rishi’s Executive Staff
The Rishi cultivates the principles of enlightened enterprise with executive staff members whose service is focused on the financial, legal and business arena of activity that furthers the higher purposes of the Rishi’s life mission. The executive staff works closely the Rishi’s and are given great responsibility and profound illumination through the Rishi’s auspices.

8) Practitioner of The Methods of the Masters
Committed students who actively pursue meditative mastery and transformative awakening through the Rishi’s illumination and sacred knowledge teachings. The Methods of the Masters that the she conveys are sanctified by the spiritual hierarchy and are over-lighted ad amplified by their omnipresence.

9) Initiate of the Royal Path
active attunement to Mataji Rishi’s divine auspices for disciples/adepts from around the world, whose service to the spiritual hierarchy is a committed inner imperative and personal divine calling, with concentrated focus on awakening and service as instruments of to the Divine Plan.

10) Mentorship with the Rishi
Accepted initiates for the Rishi’s intensive mentoring, mastery training and in-depth transformation for accelerated initiation.  Mentorships, renewed annually offered by request, application and acceptance are dedicated to “masters-in-the-making,” whose active commitment to spiritual development is a primary life focus.

11) The Mataji Rishi’s Accepted Disciples
Reserved for initiate’s whose personal divine calling aligns in active service to the Rishi’s Regency of the Great Masters, whose process of awakening and higher life purposes of selfless service is unified in spirit and endeavor to the Regencies mission for global transformation and upliftment of humanity.

12) Protégés of the Rishi
For accepted candidates for whom enlightenment, embodied mastery and world service are held in highest accord of life focus, whose depth of commitment aligned and dedicated to the timeless tradition of the sacred exchange with an enlightened master.

In summary…
We welcome you to appreciate the scope of service and illumination provided through the Twelve Gateways. Awareness of each opportunity for greater light and spiritual activation, allows each soul to be guided along the lines that are most resonant with your divine calling and life circumstances. There is ample opportunity for many roles to be played, purposeful endeavors to be engaged and much profound benefit to be received. Coming into the Rishi’s radiance of presence bestows auspicious empowerment and unconditional love. Our guiding protocols and criteria for involvement in each area or extent of activity bring grace and harmony to our shared activities. For perspective on the Rishi’s relationships of higher purpose, the principle of ” serving the few who will serve the many” is one of the primary threads that enables the excellence of endeavor and altruistic motivation that most serves our awakening, our service to humanity and our support of the Rishi.

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