Spheres of Being and Lines of Force

The Complimentary Building Blocks of Co-Creation

As your higher nature takes the lead to further your spiritual development, the thrust into becoming ever more conscious about how and what and why you create your life circumstances, becomes paramount. For Destiny Souls, creating a life legacy of co-creative optimums becomes not only a conscious endeavor; it becomes an empowerment of self-willed obligation to leave the wisdom and gains of one’s life for the betterment of others. Passing the mantle of the divine fruit of one’s gift of life becomes a supreme act of enlightened guardianship.

Thus, the progression from living a personality-based ego life, to that of a soul-based illumined life is a natural as well as monumental transition. As this also progresses through the thresholds of enlightenment into that of bringing about a monadic-based life expression, an even greater transition is underway. Throughout the expansion of the light-body, as the major and minor initiations and activations of omni-presence renders free the indwelling Godself, so does each stage of progression achieve exponential increases in the ability to grasp the reality of amassing aggregations of higher purpose, that in turn attract and amass aggregations of forces. With each expansion from the ego to the soul, or from the monadic to a logoic life expression, an increased largess of Divine Causes is set into motion that brings about a probability of far-reaching influences that affect, change and uplift the prospects of awakening a new potential for the whole of humanity and the planet as a living entity.

The aspiration for a higher order of life and the inner-growth that also becomes emergent, spurs a new level of intentional co-creation aligned with Divine Will that commences to take hold and inform the various activities large and small that you engage on a daily basis. It also becomes a natural progression of consciousness to desire that your actions become aligned in total accordance with the benevolence of Divine Law, in order to use increases of personal empowerment and self-responsibility for good will. One of the primary themes that I emphasize in the Raja Wisdom Teachings of the Great Masters is the crucial importance of creating a conscious template for all endeavors of spiritual focus. A spiritual blueprint is a safeguard of purity and the perfecting influence of commencing with a divine blueprint at the onset of initiating a hoped for enlightened endeavor. Hence my Co-Creation Formula skill training and accompanying charts and diagrams that I have developed to assist you in perfecting your service along those lines of force that create and assure optimum divine purpose.

I have witnessed far too many dedicated initiates and world servers in immense frustration and in some cases deep depression, due to repeated impotence to manifest an endeavor of higher purpose. I offer this training because it has become increasingly apparent that far more conscious avenues and approaches for co-creation is well within the abilities of many souls seeking to endeavor in the light of excellence for their focus of service or higher life calling. In this discourse, I seek to impart an introduction to the Co-Creation Mastery series, which entails the conscious awareness and thus right use of “Spheres of Being and Lines of Force” for manifesting higher purpose in a far more effortless manner, similar to allowing the tide to carry you to shore instead of swimming against it.  As I unfold this discourse, I also emanate a calling forth of all world servers and all teachers and healers of humanity to take the reigns of this new potential with the love and wonderment of the God-given gift of the creative process. Pure and boundless joy is born of the act of creation, from the exhalation of the Cosmic Breath to the satisfaction of a 5-year-old child standing in amazement of having built its first sandcastle on the golden shores of a new beginning.

Thus to commence your entry into the thresholds of pure creation, let us illumine the foundational construct of the Sacred Art of Co-Creation, by convening all awareness in the Divine Remembrance that the universe and all creation within our planetary, solar, and cosmic/universal experience is manifested through the vast inter-connected web of “Spheres of Being” and “Lines of Force.”  From the great source light of origin, the consciousness is radiated forth, coalescing into aggregations of Spheres of Being, from which spiritual Lines of Force impulse energy throughout the fabric of reality, to create the streams of light and the magnetic pull towards God-Realization within all forms of life. This is not merely an idea or a concept, it is an actuality of omnipresence that is palpable and experiential, as the thresholds of the major initiations are entered and the novice initiate becomes an adept. The omnipresence of the divine is continually outpouring itself throughout creation and drawing creation back to itself all experience of all forms in the grand synthesis of an ever-perfecting perfection.  Extension and absorption are naturally cyclic to all life through a multitudinous interplay of spheres of being and lines of force. As we move into a greater awareness of divine forces, we also come to know and feel and intuit and thus integrate the cognition of the Divine Causes that permeate the canvas of time.

From the universal perspective, a Sphere of Being is a focus of consciousness, an orb of being or point of light within the Great Web of Cosmic Life, which can be, for example, an atom, a human soul, a stellar body, or a galactic spiral. This can also be translated into any human endeavor that is endowed with the intentional consciousness of a higher purpose. A Sphere of Being is an aggregation of focused energy that emanates presence and purpose. Meditation is an instrument of this concentration of higher self and the higher purposes that naturally outpour as the True Self is realized. Thus, a sphere of being is a concentration of light and as such, is a focus for divinely caused purpose. From the coalescing of a sphere of being, life is animated, consciousness is evolved, and choices and decisions are made that affect the path of extension of the sphere. As awakening progresses, you are increasingly compelled to more consciously connect with those resonant forces whether it is through the empowerment of embodying your divine qualities or collaborating with kindred souls in your sphere of worldly influence. Yet, all that is divine is also reflected by our innermost humanity through the divine masculine energetic that embodies the principle of Lines of Force and the divine feminine energetic that embodies the principle of the Spheres of Being.

At the same time, also be aware that Spheres of Being initially behold the realms of cosmic origin that initiate the divine potential of all non-manifest thought or ideal of premise. The original impulse of life essence for each orb of premise is an emergent creation, an outpouring of fullness that is held within the “being state” of that sphere, unformed and yet fertile with divinely blessed and potently endowed potential. In compliment, Lines of Force are the emanation of divine consciousness from the Sphere of Being into activity and manifestation. The Lines of Force express First Cause into activity, bringing a focus of divine purpose into physical manifestation. Each Sphere of Being sends forth its essence of expression to the whole of creation through the activity of the Lines of Force.

Together, this majesty of creation and its increasing momentums of weights and measures manifest the interplay of what could be understood as essentially masculine (Lines of Force) and feminine (Spheres of Being) complimentary polarities and at its most pristine construct is a canvas of light that the Masters of the Royal Path refer to as the Templates of Origin. Together, all projections and streams of divine light from all Spheres of Being of Origin are potently available to create our collective reality, as we tap into this divine wellspring of fertility and potency. However, be clear as well as encouraged that the novice must tread the path of adeptship and the adept must tread the path of mastery. If the commitment to mastery is not ripe upon the vine of life, the fullness of optimums will be in absence of their ultimate consummation. Thus, this infinite aggregate of Spheres of Being and Lines of Force creates our cosmic life and becomes the ley-lines of an etheric web of light upon which the greater specificity of a vibrational signature or blueprint can be organized and brought from the creative outpouring of thrust into materialization. All that is of divine origin is ever present to be manifest.

The Divine Plan to endow all beings with full God Consciousness is carried out in the microcosm and the macrocosm, as individual and collective spheres of consciousness inform and infuse the Lines of Force, which connect and affect us all. The reflective process of free will is honored with each being’s choice to express a path of conscious evolution and at the same time pure grace is ever-present, by constantly imbuing the individual and collective spheres with higher consciousness as a cyclic gifting of celestial influences throughout the cosmos. I am opening the Great Halls of Illumination at this time, because the grand scheme of celestial opportunity is waxing toward a great wave of awakening for all Destiny Souls who will in turn awaken the many.

This is in every measure a self-regenerating and wholeness of creative, interactive influences. In the case of the human body, this exquisite interplay is expressed through the spherical juncture points of the charkas, (Spheres of Being), and the masculine electric flow of the nervous system and energy lines, (Lines of Force), between meridians and nadis of the human energy system. Within the atom, it is expressed through the stable protons and the magnetism of the electrons. Similarly, the Jiva Soul vehicle, prior to being re-absorbed into its monad of origin, emanates the purpose of the individual soul’s creation through the Lines of Force created by its thoughts, emotions and actions. These Lines of Force magnetize and thus regulate accordingly, the karmic lessons that are experienced in each round of expression, incarnation or evolution, receiving more and more refined levels of light through the dispensation of the grace of cosmic endowment of the life within the Great Life. As the monad takes hold in benevolent group formation, a solar purpose for the advancement of humanity is brought into swing.  The awakening of the Monads of Solar Presence as a conscious externalization the world over is a realized manifestation to which I give my life, my prayers and my co-creative empowerment.

As seekers, disciples and initiates, you have only to make the spiritual choice to complete your earthly karma and begin the journey home. It is a life-altering choice. When we seek to fully align our personal lives and more importantly our endeavors of spiritual service with the Will of God, rapid and profound transformation becomes a constant fact of life. You move out of the mire of illusion and into the light of liberation. When your individual and collective Spheres of Being and Lines of Force are aligned with Divine Presence, they receive the illumination, power, and love of God Consciousness; they receive the original thrust of the Will-to-Good which seeks only to serve the greatest good for all beings. Thus, the transition from the passive benevolence of the state of good-will, to that of the proactive will-to-good is begun, which for all intents and purposes also defines the shift into willed-conscious-co-creation and the empowerments that attend the comprehension of the right use of divine forces that initiate with the power of thought and feeling.

Spiritualized choices and decisions that are made within the contemplative space of the greater Sphere of Being of which you are a part and to which you are bound by resonance and divine origin, affect the spiral of unfolding evolution for that greater sphere and thus too does that greater sphere affect and influence with its potency of force all that you as an evolving souls aspire to. What I mean by saying this is multi-fold and I invite you to contemplate your expanded sphere of spiritualized relativity, setting your intention to become aware of your associations of divine resonance and thus your origins in light, both those that are conscious as well as those that are unconscious but will be arising on new horizons of revelation as your spiritual quest and journey continues to unfold.

In my transmission teachings on this profound aspect of co-creation, I fully enter and thus reveal by direct transmission, the experiential forces of the sacred geometries and the way in which Lines of Force intersect and create far-reaching extensions of influences. Thus, as you expand the entire domain of Self Knowledge, be aware that Self Knowledge is inclusive of the whole of the cosmos and that in any moment, wide sweeping influences of omnipotent origin may indeed cross your life path and that of a down-line of extenuating causes all drawn into sacred confluences upon the resonance of being that is in the greatest amassing. Thus it is within your power to invoke that which you seek to manifest and to trust your intuition and instincts to become aware of the unseen forces that are operative in your immediate and or imminent trajectory of causes and how your decisions realign these forces, sometimes with monumental shifts in magnetic orientation. Open your innermost hearts of sacred dominion, Dear Ones; it is time!

As your ego-based identity gives way to divine identification, realizing and thus knowing yourself as a child of God, as a servant of the Christ Universal, or as a Bodhisattva or a Universal Guardian, opens the gateways to the Divine Remembrance of why you are here and aligns your life purpose anew. As you break free from the egoic embryo of self-concept, so too do you begin to reconnect with those greater Spheres of Being that are also the Self, as this Now Time of expanding consciousness convenes a merging of realities for the awakening of the whole of humanity to its divine birthright. You are born of light and you are literally composed of atomic substance. I very definitely refer to this expansion of interconnectivity as a reconnection, because spiritual awakening is largely a process of Divine Remembrance of what is already true and already existent. The illumined moment of self-realization in Oneness is a remembering of that which already is a core reality of all existence and it is for this profoundly potent reason that I offer this discourse on the foundational premise of conscious co-creation. Yes, I teach many Methods of the Masters for instilling mastery in the perfecting of one’s service through co-creational adeptship. However, this is naught and just so many ideas entertained by the ego mind, if Oneness is not the basis of where all intentional manifestation begins and also consummates.

As human souls endeavoring to tread a path of full omni-awakening, the degree of divine grace and acceleration of consciousness that we experience in the development of the co-creational capacity is in direct proportion to the surrender of the ego state to a higher supra-mental state, wherein the illumination of divine logic takes hold, by whatever inner meaning most inspires each soul. Thus, I take no issue with the framework of resonance that holds meaning for each of you. For some, it is the performing of one’s earthly duty in loving obedience to the Throne, for some it is the surrender to Source through the Love Immaculate and for some it is the letting go into the great emptiness where personal desire ceases. For some it is the withdrawal of the perpetuation of all thought impulse, whereby the instrument of mind rests at a zero point of equilibrium, ready to be seeded anew with the pure force of divine cause. Seek your center of resonance. What is most true of you, is what is true for you and that truth will unfold its natural course in any case, no matter by what reference you call it.

The factor of free will, in the sense of the spiritual surrender of the carnally driven life or the sense of letting go and letting God, is why some souls evolve more rapidly and why some move in and out of periods intensive inner-growth to repeat soul lessons and further explore the self in relationship to the polarities of illusion, maya and glamour. We move where the magnetics of our life amassing finds attraction, whether divine or carnal until all attraction is spent and only the divine has sway. As the higher nature gains in majority rule of the life expression and the momentum of the divine purpose inherent to one’s incarnation swings forth into primary activity, one becomes conscious of oneself in relationship to the phenomena of those divine forces of light that can be invoked, summoned, attracted and set upon a course of benevolence, as a higher objective or an endeavor of service is engaged from either intentional inspiration or the directives that are received from higher guidance.

In the case of the higher initiate and those works of world service that are spiritually mandated and brought into unified cohesion in direct externalization of greater works of the Hierarchy of Spiritual Avatars, Masters and Cohans, a far greater potency is in swing. I align in love and service with the Shamballa Councils and Universal Lodges with an effortless loving grace that precedes my every waking moment and even when taking rest in illumined sleep, all is in activity and brilliance as the brightness of love is outpouring throughout the whole of creation and upon this planet, in an abundance of benevolence without beginning or end. Thus, I assure you it is time, and that it is your birthright to move toward serving the optimum possibility for your sphere of co-creation by bringing illumined consciousness continuously into the higher purpose for your life and by following a life path which is in accordance with the causal Lines of Force which would best exemplify and express your higher guidance.

This process of moving from the personality perspective to a life of higher soul purpose and Divine Law is of paramount importance to our effort as initiates to reach the ultimate absorption into the omnipresent consciousness. Individual sensitivity to one’s own soul alignment and resonance enables a refinement of spiritual knowledge, love, and action to take place. We are all emanations of God Consciousness awakening to Divine Origin; however, we are each unique with regard to our path of emergence into physical form. Our universal and cosmic experience has propelled each of us through many star systems, incarnations, and spiritual lineages. As we awaken our divine memory, we naturally begin to resonate with the different paths of the return to God Consciousness in our origin and the specific masters, ray energies, fields of service and methods of awakened co-creation which most serve our Return to Light.

The Structure of the Hierarchy

As part of this introduction to the wisdom teachings on co-creation, I will include an introduction to the structure of the spiritual Hierarchy of Living and Ascended Masters that you might resonate with and thus align yourself with the specific lineages that work with your particular area of spiritual resonance and focus. Within the Hierarchy of the Brotherhood of Light, primary directors are assigned to oversee each sacred sphere of co-creation for which the Divine Plan provides potentization. Within the template of the Universal Christ Ashram, the trinity of the Maha Chohan and the Manu hold the left and right hand positions for the Office of the Christ, to disseminate both the structure and the essence of the Christ Consciousness for the world. This is not a licensing of Christianity per say, because our terminology is not a fixed idea of religious specificity, but rather is all encompassing and inclusive of all faiths and all souls. Christ Consciousness can also be understood as Self Realization and Self Realization can be understood as the awakening to our essential Oneness with all of creation, all heavenly dimensions, creatures, kingdoms, souls and nations.

As this relates to our planetary collective of enlightened beings, each confluence of masters within the orb of the Hierarchy is assigned a role under these primary directors according to their particular area of purpose, resonance and mastery, much in the same way that we are assigned a specific role within a family or group during our incarnation on Earth. The emanations of the collective of avatars and masters is disseminated first through the center of the heart of Shamballa, then throughout the rings, rounds and ranks of the Hierarchy where the energy is focused according to the particular stream of resonance by the lineages of the Masters. With each round, the vibration steps down to be receivable by the next level of density… and on this goes throughout each facet of the Hierarchy until it reaches humanity.

As we seek our enlightenment ever more earnestly, we move up through the rungs of the Hierarchy in our ability to receive the teachings directly. Each sphere of focus is illumined from the next higher rung. Understanding this alignment of specific masters can accelerate our ability to receive the greatest amount of clarity and divine flow into our areas of developmental focus and outplay of service. To accelerate this process, each of us may hold an intensive alignment with the specific Masters connected with our sphere of focus. Primary directors will be established within humanity who will also serve as cohesive agents, serving and guiding the initiates who co-partner with them in endeavors for planetary betterment and those projects deemed of value for the lessening of human suffering and the awakening of higher consciousness.

Understanding your particular ray alignments and divine qualities and archetypes is a valuable part of the process of self-realization; it enables us to “Know Thyself.” In my discourses on the twelve archetypes, you can sense the way in which they are also aligned under the trinity of the offices of the Hierarchy; the office of the Manu, the office of the Christ and the office of the Maha Cohan. It is also important, however, that we allow the wisdom of our archetype, ray alignments and extended spheres of focus to be revealed through direct experiential revelation, rather than through the conventional mind’s deduction of rationale or desire-based presumption. As you awaken to your particular resonance and sphere of being, your life will increasingly become more consciously illumined by the interconnectivity of the spheres of being that exist in the harmonic of the keynote of your soul’s primary vibration. Remembrance of your path of divinity is the key that unlocks the outpouring of support on the higher planes that exalts the destiny of your individual essence in service to the whole of creation. The flow of energy that you emanate into creation becomes increasingly beneficial to the whole through the acceleration of higher consciousness and greater available force that flows into your Sphere of Being – your auric field, your awareness, but also your daily affairs and those endeavors of service that you feel mandated to pursue. The key of interconnectivity is what changes the playing field of manifestation from obstacle and struggle, to effortless co-creation and divine flow.

As the remembrance of your inborn divinity becomes ever more complete, you begin to realize the many alignments and multidimensional planes of focus that we all hold and share and cohere with as souls. Spheres of Being are a dynamic aggregate of divine aspect, quality and essence.  We comprise and intersect many Spheres of Being all the way from the atomic sphere, to the Jiva soul sphere, to the universal sphere and beyond.  In the physical plane of our service on Earth, we are also called into specific activity and alignment with Spheres of Being that serve the unfolding Divine Plan for Earth. Lines of Force are naturally projected into vivification, gaining and gathering momentum as the manifesting intention and expression of a benevolent cause amasses relevance and confluence.

Many new areas of benevolent focus are ready to be born in the ethers, as we respond to the inner call of awakening, the spiritual community of awakened souls globally and the clarion call for world service. The more we receive and integrate spiritual energies, the more the cosmic impulse of higher purpose, love and wisdom can guide our efforts. As we surrender the ego, the application of the Spiritual Principles of Divine Law becomes an on-going process of refinement. Individual and group alignment with the Will of God is the keynote that harmonizes all of our spheres of focus and the divine flow that we seek to receive and utilize for the greatest good. Ultimately this 5th dimensional co-creative template of Christ Consciousness will serve to rent the veils and openly externalize the Brotherhood of Light, so that the Teachings of Wisdom and the sacred principles of divine law can directly guide the human race into the golden era of prosperity, peace, and brotherhood.

Practical application of Spheres of Being and Lines of Force

The Masters have guided us to begin to identify and clarify our individual spheres of focus, or our niche, within the web of light-workers, which serves our planet’s progress into the enlightened planes of existence. Identifying your individual purpose will help streamline your efforts into a defined sphere of focus into which the Masters can radiate support. It also brings those of similar resonance into a unified sacred circle of good will and spiritual service. As you cultivate a daily meditation on your individual sphere of focus within the divine plan, clarity will be achieved as to the direct action, or Lines of Force, which emanate from the embryo of idea and unlimited possibility that comprises the sphere of focus which you hold. You will also be given the specific attributes that will benefit the purpose that you wish to serve.

For example, let’s say a member of your community has a particular resonance with children’s spiritual education. She has taken responsibility for the cultivation of the specific sphere of focus that encompasses youth programs. As she meditates daily and allows guidance to be brought into that sphere, an alignment is created that provides for the direct amplification of the Masters into that sphere. When the vibration of this project reaches an amassing of positives, brought into the context of potentized spheres of focus and Lines of Force, the ability to receive clear, detailed guidance is far more enhanced than if she were just meditating in a non-specific way about the needs of children. Holding alignment with the particular Masters that have domain over children’s spiritual education such as Lady Nadia, Lady Mary, Quan Yin, Master Kuthumi, allows the direct access to specific assistance that is needed to progress her project into its most optimum potential. The Lines of Force are also living directives of light and illumination that direct her to the most efficient and effective line of action to bring her project into the highest resonance.

As she works with this continually for a period of time, the Masters also start to imbue her consciousness with the specific traits which will attract support of all kinds into her purpose; i.e. strengthened mental clarity, the ability and amplification to raise funds, and the specific healing and teaching methods which most especially benefit children’s growth and progress and the healing of her own inner child, so that greater selflessness can be achieved in service to the children’s needs. She also begins to attract others into the alignment and each person is able to bring forth their unique gifts onto the whole of the project, exponentially expanding the level of efficacy that the children’s programs can manifest. And while this is a hypothetical example, I invite you to intuit the nature of a focus of ego thought in relativity to a concentrated sphere of potentized consciousness that is intentionally extended to interlink with divine Spheres of Being throughout creation, but moreover in a purposeful connection with those that are in resonance with your service endeavor. It is a meditation of conscious manifestation.

With the example offered, you can begin to see how bringing consciousness to an intentional alignment with Spheres of Being and Lines of Force streamlines our efforts both as individuals seeking enlightenment, as well as our singular or group endeavors of spiritual service. Effortless manifestation is a divine birthright. Service to creation is a privilege from which growth and mastery are a gift to all. I bring this discourse to a close for now, by encouraging you to seek higher guidance as to how this teaching on Spheres of Being and Lines of Force might benefit you and clarify your efforts… All blessings in service to the divine.

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