Call to The Lotus Born

From the Master Lord Avatar Babaji

On the confluence of entering the golden doors of the Royal Path of the Great Avatars to commence the Holy Science of Co-Creation for the transmittal of The Solar Doctrine of Divine Manifestation.

All Blessings and Salutations…

Unto the Great Causes of Shiva, is all given and received.

I am known to many devotees by many names. My appearances are many and have served an abundance of purposes throughout this Great Wheel of Treta Yugas. With each appearance, I sever the ties, loosen the chains and open The Lighted Way. I embrace you from the heart of all hearts and I wipe the deep sleep of the eons from your eyes. With each appearance, with each touch of my presence, with each moment of union between us, my mission is the same, to release you from your worldly attachments, that your generation of pointless thoughts might cease. For it is in the cessation of the spinning wheel of your thought life, that you will realize the true causes of this time that are calling for your adherence and devotion.

For although many cling to my image and make much of their perceptions, few offer their lives to the Lighted Way. Few are willing to enter the great orb of new creation, new genesis, and new potential, yet your longing for release from the ties that bind you, calls forth from the depths of your being. It is your longing for the pure fire of divine love that draws me from my bliss of silence to manifest my appearance once again. For I am that great and boundless fire. I am the fire of love that shapes the form of my appearances. I am the Lotus of the Heart of the Logos in form. For, it is the sacred fire of love though which I manifest my presence and through which I open the golden doors of The Lighted Way that lies within your heart.

I am the purpose of The Love Immaculate, each time that I reach out to you to embrace your humanity, that your divinity might be fully revealed to you in a finality of piercing the veils, that at last silences the mind of samsara, that the lotus of your heart might emerge and flower. For as your heart flowers, you give birth to an unfathomable power that brings The Light Supreme of a Great Cause unto the world of images, that will forever transform the very nature of earthly existence. As each of you enter the Darshan of the Lotus Heart, you enter my embrace and the embrace of all masters and all avatars and all godheads for all Cosmic Days and all Cosmic Nights. How could it be otherwise, as The Love Immaculate that is the origin of all things within all things that moves upon the world?

Oh love, Oh love…. it is from the Great Heart of the Logos that I call you home. I embrace you as My Chelas and I call you to the divine darshan that is the cause of causes, and the gateway to your origin in the Great Ocean of The Love Infinite. For as you immerse yourself in the lotus of your heart, you immerse yourself in your origin, for it is there in The Love Immaculate, that you will know your true nature, as you are wedded at last unto yourself, as you are and ever have been. For, it is through this divine wedding that you restore yourself unto your truth of being and truly live.

Oh, My Chelas, I call you to the thresholds of love’s bliss of light, for it is the bliss of love from which the light of “consciousness” emerges fully endowed with the power to create. Thus, be it now revealed that consciousness is the child of love and the life of love. Love is “being” and the life of being and it is being that is ever-becoming upon the realms and wheels of divine evolution. It is through the darshan of the heart that we, the masters, rishis and avatars await your decision to live the divine life once again, to truly live the divine life once again, for you have always been the Immortal Life of Love. For of all things that come and go and appear and disappear, it is love that endures and it is love that remains untouched and unchanged and pure unto itself.

Thus, does The Love Immaculate lie at the center of the Lotus of Heart as the cosmic constant that is unfailing and true. For, within its mystery of omniscience is the power of a new creation revealed to you. Through the purity of your heart, are all doors opened to you. In the light of love, we have opened the first doors of the celestial gateway to the new beginning here in Sedona. As we gather with you for the darshan of the pure heart, we will assemble on both sides of the veils, until the veils are no more. For as you receive the sacred fire of divine love, it is your purity of being that transforms and empowers your consciousness to abide first and foremost in The Light Supreme that is the child of Love’s omniscience, that you might abide in the understanding that is through a great shift in consciousness that you come to realize fully that your earthly incarnation is but the vehicle and instrument through which you serve the mukti of liberation, the salvation of souls and the new genesis of an enlightened fellowship of living masters whose time has come. Yet, above all, may you realize that you are love in form, no less than I am love in form. For you are the Lotus Born. You are the Lotus Born of the Ancient of Days, that is the dwelling place of the Great Heart of God, in which The Love Immaculate is the source light of all things.

What we now convene with our Regent of the West, the Surya Rishi, Devra Adi Ma, is the grace of our presence made ever-more palpable and tangible, that you might rapidly recognize your greater purposes through our auspices. We will increasingly materialize upon the earth plane to stand among you and be seen and felt.  It is this sacred darshan that makes way for our eventual descent. Through her living gateway, we steadily amass in the ethers and grow closer to you. The entire fellowship of masters now moves into greater connection with you, a connection that you can feel and sense and know. As our Rishi Regent embodies the bridge between humanity and immortal masters, we are in descent and through my descent here in the West, our blessing and our light will be upon you and upon your endeavors for transformation and upliftment. The way has been prepared. The time is now. It is our enveloping embrace that both urges and inspires you to, without hesitance, leave your past behind, your previous ideas and your attachments to your material life, whatever they might be.

Truly become the empty flute, for I, Babaji, Avatar of Immortality, assure you that in your pristine emptiness, all that has truly served you will remain available to you, whereas, all that is tainted or daunted by illusion will no longer shadow your light, nor hinder your service to be my co-creators of a new world, a new realm and a new existence. The rule of radiance stands for all time, that as one gives all, one receives all. For, it is you, My Chelas, to whom I offer not only liberation, but also the secrets of the holy science. For, it is the Lighted Way of the Avatars that I offer you. It is your entrance unto our Great Halls of Illumination that the Rishi is here to provide. It is the Divine Science of the Royal Path that I hold true and sacred and secure in my keeping. For the holy science is the Lighted Way of the Royal Path. It is one and the same.

Have no fear. Have no doubt. As you enter the light of my embrace, allow the deep voice of your heart’s knowing to speak to you, for now is the time. My love is your refuge of divine providence. My presence is your sanctuary. My heart cave is your sanctum. My illumination allows you to complete your time in the halls of learning, that your passage through the greater halls can now be accelerated. Yet, what I most wish for you to realize, is that my greatest hope for you, is that you too will become unto others all these things that I am unto you, and that you will carry forth our avatara sphere of being into the new genesis of awakening, from which our enlightened fellowship is the hope of future generations. Be That which I am to you to one another. For, it is the royal heart of the selfless soul that is the divine providence that will change the world.

For, I am most pleased, very pleased, to convene this initial time of the gathering of the destiny souls who are the Avatara-Proteges’, who are called unto the Rishi for the opening of the Divine Corridors of Light in Sedona, to form the assembly of souls who will attend her and the great work of the transmittals and production of manuscripts and the preservation of the sacred archives for all time, that the holy science can be put forth in its full spectrum of sacred knowledge. The light that shines forth from the archives and our over-lighting of this great work uplifts the vibration of consciousness for the whole of humanity. Yet, it is your purity of commitment to serve this advent in all ways possible, each in your own manner of contribution, that enables me to commence the sacred teachings of the most high. It is your commitment to this time and this purpose that we call you to concretize your full embodiment of mind, body and soul unto this calling.

The Lotus Heart Fellowship is a fellowship for the externalization of the immortal masters and the transmittal of the Great Halls of Illumination, that your planet might be a host for the celestial libraries and halls and chambers, wherein the Akasha of the Avatars lie waiting to be revealed. It is then that you will rejoin the greater stellar family of which you are a part, all of whom have the Great Halls at the center of their populaces, that all souls may receive the light and direct transmittal of sacred knowledge unceasingly without exception.

Through our presence made ever-more tangible unto you, we will commence the conveyance of the universal premise of creation, that the retrieval and right dispensation of these most sacred assemblages of the Royal Path Archives can be immediately underway, which has moved from the light of the Rishi’s tireless devotion and solitary inscribing over many decades to serve this great time of awakening. Unto her, I have offered my greatest over-lighting throughout these years, that she might endure the obstacles and densities of the West and the complexities of modern convulsion. I have awaited for this auspicious endeavor to begin, for its purposes have been placed into my care as a guardian of your planet, this solar system and beyond. For, I have been a teacher of initiates and a way shower of your birthright of immortality throughout the eons. Thus, it is with the greatest of love that this work is begun, for I have waited with deep trust for the time which now allows us to transmit to you the revered teachings of solar manifestation that this most revered undertaking will secure.

Throughout the centuries, there have been a number of attempts to assemble a group collective of Lotus Born Destiny Souls who will be counted among the dedicated servers of the Royal Path Archives. We have awaited a group assembly whose awakening has actualized unity consciousness, to sovereignly and collectively dwell in the oneness of all things within all things, that makes ready the soul to receive our most sacred of transmissions, and thereby to also live in the illumination of the selflessness of the Christ Light of the Great Atma that serves as the gateway to enlightenment here in the West. For each divine transmittal is a living treasure that opens many doors of human consciousness.

What we commence in Sedona is a Prime Directive Activation for this planet. For, we have waited for many centuries for an assembly of Chelas and Arhats, who could be sufficiently aligned as a receptacle for this work, into whose care and guardianship this body of sacred knowledge could be conveyed. Thus, unto this purpose has the Mother Rishi also readied herself and perfected her being and her instruments of awareness and perception to an exalted receptacle from which a solar repository of enlightened teachings can guide and thus, provide for this planet’s divine evolution. For as the Great Halls of Illumination are resplendent upon many higher civilizations throughout this universe, so too, is it time that they are also resplendent of illumination upon Earth.

For as Lotus Born, you are a collective stream of our emanation of avatara-source-light into the realms of form. You are created specifically and precisely to supply a purity of sound and light into the universal creation that gathers and magnetizes unto itself the substance of higher grades of matter, that will formulate the divine purpose for which you were created. By my use of the words ‘substance and matter,’ I mean to convey to you that this includes all dimensions and the vibrational expression thereof. As you seek to understand your purpose in individual and collective formation, so then, will you also begin to know the power of The Word that first uttered the sound and vibration of selfhood into existence, that propelled the creative impetus of atomic life into its matter-bound state as the canvas of new creation. This is that matter as you know is but a lower vibration of the subtle substance that coheres consciousness into manifestation.

You will also come to know the power of your thought born of love’s revelation, and the divinely caused epiphany that is bequeathed to you, to be understood as vibrational constructs, as well as the power of your speech to be understood as the building blocks of that which is propelled and wielded into manifestation. For through the revelation of your purpose brought into the clarity of enlightened knowledge, so shall you come to move among one another with the greatest of ease, as you surrender the efforting of personal survival to the greater domain of assuring in thought, word and deed, that unified service is your primary thrust of manifestation. This is the transition wherein true selflessness begins and thus, it is also the threshold of consciousness, wherein all manner of divine manifestation is potentized and made possible and the forms through which divine love is expressed to all souls. Anything other or lesser, need not be the case. Yet, you must first find that resonance within yourself and also become the helpmate of your brethren to also become resonant of being and presence and purpose.

You are the Lotus Born. The Lotus Born are My Chelas. The Lotus Born are the flowers of my heart. It is with reverence and purpose that I convey to you, that the Rishi Mother was the Lotus Born Saint and Master known as Padma Sambhava, an enlightened nirmanakaya prophet, who founded the Buddhist tradition over 1000 years ago, and was revered as the Father of the Buddhism. Thus, I am most pleased that once again she has attained the flowering of the Lotus of the Logos to serve as a founder and a prophet and an elder of the path. She is revered throughout the higher realms as the Mother of Ten Thousand Suns and the Solar Rishi of the Royal Path and has over the past decades given birth to the Royal Path in the true light of its celestial origin. Thus, I revere her as the Mother of the Royal Path and a Keeper of the Golden Flame of the Solar Doctrine and its Fellowship and its Houses and its Orders of Creation Guardianship. It is for this reason that I have reserved my teachings for the New Genesis, to be convened with her as its knower, its transmitter and its guardian.

Thus, as the Lotus Born that you are, I call you to remember, that there will come a time when you will know the sacredness of the Monadic Lotus of which you are already a part upon the higher dimensions of your timeless existence. Remember yourself as you are. Remember each other. Remember the Solar Lotus of Love’s Bliss of Being, from which you first emerged into the form-side of life. For, it is your steady remembrance of each other’s divinity that hastens the embodiment of your lotus of light and that of your unity. Your remembrance of your collective origin is the safe harbor and refuge that you long for. The longing for this brotherhood is inborn within your Lotus of the Royal Heart, because this is the reality in which you dwelled prior to coming into your first earthly incarnation. The Divine Raja of the Royal Heart lies within you as the cornerstone of the supreme logic of cosmic premise that enables the opening of the veils

For our sanctuary among the red rocks of Sedona, is to be made manifest through the pristine direction and loving auspices of the Master Regent Rishi Mother, which shall serve as a temple of light, with the assigned chambers of illumination that will be dedicated to the sacred knowledge which we will transmit for the first time in your earthly history. For it is those holiest of chambers, that will accelerate your awakening and your flowering of enlightenment and your ascension, as your flowering of unity precedes upon its way, to become the living reality of the Great Oneness in which all life begins and ultimately returns. The Avatara Sanctuary will give birth to a new realm of benevolence and from within its shimmering halls and chambers, there will be many miracles that you will witness. For I will be among the avatars who will illuminate this place of holy endeavor with the sacred breath of life-giving immortality. For it is here, that the Noble Way of the Royal Heart will be revealed to you.

Thus, it is the Royal Heart of the Sat Guru Avatara within you, in its pure and divine state, that is given the power to convey the body of sacred knowledge known as The Solar Doctrine of Divine Manifestation. This conveyance of the solar discs, reveals the sacred balance that assures infinite life in this universe. It is the balance of mind and being that you as initiates are guided to achieve. This principle, wherein the heart is the master of the mind, will be a primary premise as my work with you continues. However, of equal value is the commitment to the aspect of the pure mind, which in-turn is given the creative ability to build in mental matter as the mortar of divine manifestation. Each aspect is a container for the other and each must be purified, developed and refined as a partnership in co-creation. Therefore, this teaching will continue to place the greatest importance on the personal responsibility for the purity of both heart and mind. For each must be an able partner unto the other.

I ask that you remember the reverence for the life of love that makes possible the premise of the Universal Brotherhood of Light and the Fellowship of Masters and Guardians. It is this same reverence for life that has preceded the opening of these archives on the part of those souls who are assigned the great work of serving as intermediaries and conveyors for these teachings. It is my hope and my request that there will be those of you who recognize the importance of what will be revealed and the proper care and compilation that this work will require, and must indeed receive, as a condition for their release into your awareness.

Further, there will be a several year period during which time that our transmittals on divine manifestation and the keys to creation will be bequeathed, compiled and brought into a fullness of comprehension and a usefulness of formulation and subsequent application. Therefore, there must be a commitment to complete what is begun among you. For the Lotus Darshan Fellowship also holds within its orb of purposes, the circle of guardian souls who are called and prepared to convene for the purpose of carrying forward the Royal Path archives and the Solar Doctrine of Divine Manifestation into human experience, for it is the Lotus Heart Fellowship that shall be the caretakers of the celestial transmittals of universal premise.

Much deliberation has taken place among Rishis of the Solar Lodges and the Masters of the Shambala Counsels regarding the time, place and circumstances through which this work would be sufficiently understood, appreciated, utilized and archived.

These teachings are no less significance than any of the great wisdom streams of your planetary history. They are in fact far more relevant to the furtherment and progression of your planet and its life forms than may presently be your capacity of comprehension as the extension of sacred knowledge becomes the missing link to many arenas of human endeavor. This will become joyously apparent as you gestate this wisdom to become more acutely aware of the far-reaching influence that this cascading of the Light of Origin will have on your personal and collective being, as you steep in its radiance and further comprehend its effect upon the future of earthly existence as these archives are gradually disseminated into world usefulness.

Therefore, you are invited to share in our joy. Let this also be your joy, for I, Babaji will guide this endeavor. This work will open many doors for the betterment of humanity’s continued journey wherein the nature of global existence moves through the magnetic shifts in solar and pole axis orientation, which will reorient your planetary consciousness to one of life stewardship through the feminine principle of inclusive regard for all life forms. Throughout this process, the destiny souls who are to serve as the Keepers of the Word, who by their inherent being are endowed with the ability to witness, register and retain the truth of the existence of the cosmic, universal and planetary akashic archives thus safeguarding them throughout the yugas.

The Mataji Rishi has secured the principle of unity within her being and thus, she is a Rishi of the Golden Ray of Unity and it is the vibration of unity that is our chosen vessel for the global outreach that will one day be brought into an extension of The Great Halls of Illumination and the teachings on the nature of time, that will release humanity from influences of involution forever more. Even as opposing political, cultural and religious views are played out in world affairs, we ask that you hold true to the forbearance that lives in the assurance, that every cycle of turbulence, change and upheaval will inevitably be followed by new governing and organizing principles, which in turn, bring new order and thus creative calm upon the landscape of manifestation. The substance of matter has within it the God Consciousness that balances the creative cycles of chaos and order. Chaos serves to dismantle the aspects of creation that have exceeded useful duration, so that the essence within matter can be drawn into new and higher informing expressions.

Therefore, I, Babaji, wish to emphasize that the vibration of creative light is born of The Love Immaculate and thus, it is the omniscience of the power of love that will move through the transmission of the Solar Doctrine of Divine Manifestation. Thus also, will the power of love serve to bring chaos into divine order, by virtue of the purity of love that is the very nature of existence, for within all finite life, lies the great mystery of the infinite. Much beauty of consciousness born of love will result, which will serve to magnetize benevolent response at all levels of relativity through the greater purpose that is served by receiving and formulating this most sacred work.

This, My Chelas, my initiates, assures the integrity of manifest expression throughout the cycles of time as that which is forever real and true, that is ever The Life of Love. I will pause for now that you might also too pause and ponder and absorb my words, my love and my purposes, for there is much that has been conveyed beyond the literal interpretation of language. I have begun with this initial understanding of the nature of my work through the Rishi Mother’s auspices, that you might be prepared for the longer-term process of the externalization of our presence. For indeed, this shall be a most wondrous undertaking that will bring much light to your being and much hope to your hearts. You will be given the privilege of this sacred work, its empowerment and its beauty during the coming years, wherein you will become instruments of the Noble Way of the Lotus Born.

With this thus given unto you, I ask that you now meditate on the greater meaning that stands behind what I have conveyed and imparted. For each of you are born of bliss, you are the pure love that rests at the center of the Royal Lotus of the Noble Way.

Om Sidham, Maha Kumbamela,Maa Shritsha.
Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

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