Victory for Dr. Devra Patton West, our Beloved Rishi Devra Adi Maa

Extortion Scammer John Watson Under Lockdown!


After terrorizing Dr. Devra Patton West and other US victims with a slander-driven extortion scam, the State of Arizona issued a felony arrest warrant to bring him to justice, the moment he attempts to leave Canada, where he fled from the United States after receiving the cold stare and big stick of US Court Orders.

Getting through customs at any international checkpoint will be met with handcuffs, his immediate arrest, and his extradition to the United States to stand trial for multiple count felony charges for orchestrating a vicious character defamation and slander campaign targeting Dr. Devra West while demanding a payoff.

Justice will be served!! Internet crime will not go unpunished!!

Dubbed the new western frontier, prosecuting internet crime is increasingly being met with international and multi-country law enforcement Collaborative cooperation to surveil and arrest criminals like John Watson who run extortion rackets by making death threats and launching slander attacks on victims while demanding extortion money to stop internet and email slander campaigns.

Many thanks to law enforcement in the United States and Canada who have joined together to fight cyber-crime, internet extortion, and money fraud scams. Criminals like John Watson, a British citizen cost US taxpayers untold millions of dollars for investigation and prosecution.

Dr. Devra Patton West’s Legal Victory

Women Against Internet Crime

Our beloved Rishi relentlessly persevered during her early years of pioneering female mastery in the West, an endeavor that paved the way for feminine empowerment. Like many emerging spiritual masters, she endured the obstruction of the patriarchal power structure that actively sought to deny her sovereign right to exist as a modern, deeply-spiritual woman who was free of patriarchal religious and societal controls. She prevailed with grace and dignity, winning a precedent-setting legal case and ten-million-dollar settlement, a balancing of power which she courageously engaged in on behalf of all women of every culture and creed. Her dedication to the divine feminine is born of the unwavering dedication that she demonstrated in the midst of both subtle and oppressive misogyny by surmounting societal inequality with the unstoppable light of feminine mastery. She has risen to her role as a western regent with her feet on the ground and her clarity of purpose impeccably sustained throughout the past four decades, forging a path beyond the power structures of the past as a spiritual emissary of the divine feminine.

UPDATE: Dr. Devra Patton West, our Beloved Rishi Devra Adi Maa, Continues to prevail in Cyber-Scam Case

Women Against Internet Crime

January 2020 – UPDATE

Dear Friends, Arizonan Community Members, and Fellow Seekers,

After many years of standing up against cyber-crime, and a slander-driven extortion scam perpetrated by an allegedly unbalanced individual, we are pleased to offer this update on behalf of Dr. Devra West, “Rishi Devra Adi Maa.”

What began as a civil lawsuit, is now a full-on criminal investigation. The litigation against “John Watson AKA Richard Squires et all aliases“ is now being pursued as a criminal case by the State of Arizona and the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.

After seeking legal intervention for an extortion scam, Rishi Devra won a ground-breaking Court Ordered Permanent Injunction against John Watson, who was found guilty of a slander scheme to extort a payoff, illegal harassment, cyber-bullying, cyber-stalking, terrorism and death threats, vigilante-style hate-emails, and profane tabloid-like websites. The judge also granted Rishi Devra a precedent-setting $10 million dollar damages award. This speaks loudly of our nation’s growing intolerance against cyber-crime and all forms of internet use, as a weapon for personal bullying and illegal intimidation and monetary scams.

The judge’s order demanded a total cessation and shut down of all slander activity, by all means, and by all references. Although Google complied with the court orders by shutting down the slander sites in 2015, Watson defied the court orders by posting new slander sites in2017, and also inundated community members with foul-minded hate email, while repeatedly demanding a payoff from Rishi Devra, her benefactors, and supporters.

Law enforcement interceded by going to Watson’s Canadian residence and issuing cease and desist demands in 2017, a collaborative action undertaken by Arizonan and Canadian law enforcement.

An apparently deranged individual, with a manic-obsessive disorder, Watson tried to side-step detection by law enforcement, by using over 50 different aliases when sending mass emails to community members and businesses, as well as to spiritual, meditation, and health-related groups throughout the state of Arizona.

However, cyber forensics have verified the slander activity, sites, and emails to have originated solely from Watson.

As 2018 begins, the conclusive evidence needed to bring the Watson investigation into a court of law is in-hand and we are pleased to announce that the final stages are now imminent.

Cave Creek, Arizona Sheriff’s Department has stepped in to bring Watson to justice and also bring relief to the community from his barrage of tabloid-like slander-hate emails. Please be encouraged to call to report unwanted emails to Detective Horath, who is in charge of the case in Maricopa County. He is eager to see justice take its rightful course.

Contact Detective Horath: Cell 602-377-3507
Sheriff’s Office: 602-876-1742

Thank you, one and all, for your wisdom of support for Rishi Devra, as the dedicated community member and gifted meditation teacher that she truly is. Thank you to local law enforcement! Thank you to supporters and benefactors.

We are humbled to witness her dignity and perseverance demonstrated throughout this ordeal. Her focus remains on her service endeavors and meditation programs and enlightened teachings, with many worthy projects in progress. We are grateful for such a positive outcome! Overall, this is a victory for everyone. Please extend this website to anyone who has been a victim of cyber-slander, stalking, and bullying.

Again, Many Thanks to All Concerned,

Julio Williams MD
Board of Directors
Omni Institute for the Divine Sciences
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