The Rishi’s Life History

The Mataji Rishi’s personal history is an enriched tapestry of life experience. Regarded as a Lotus Born Soul by pundits, yogis and elders from around the world, she retained her sense of divine presence from birth and as a small child was cognizant of a having higher destiny to fulfill. Her link to the divine worlds was further encouraged by her paternal grandmother, a devout charismatic healer and clairvoyant, who was a legendary pillar in her rural community during World War II and mother to thirteen children.

Through her grandmother’s uncompromising faith, Devra learned to navigate the spirit world and material world as one and the same reality, communing with angels, masters and spirit-beings throughout her childhood, with past life recall and the ability to see into the future as a commonplace occurrence. Our beloved Rishi entered grade school with an inborn knowing that there is a divine plan for the human race to rise above its challenges and to claim its birthright as a benevolent society of enlightened souls. One of her most profound childhood memories was of being spontaneously flooded with wave after wave of light in a small neighborhood church, as her beloved Master Jesus beckoned her to seek and further the inborn divine birthright for all souls. Enveloped in the radiance of divine light for days thereafter, she was just seven years of age when she received her “call to heal the world”. Although she had little ability to verbalize such a far-reaching experience to her parents, her revered grandmother gave assurance to the profound magnitude that had been awakened.

By the time she was sixteen, Rishi Devra received ageless wisdoms from a host of spiritual masters and angels as her normalcy. The phenomena of direct transmission continued throughout these formative years, guiding her in the deeper meaning of the lessons of the soul and the spiritual hierarchy that watched over the soul’s journey throughout time. Her instruction was often received on beautiful etheric scrolls written in golden light appearing in her mind’s eye, to convey the essence of the teaching she had also received through clairaudience. She was shown how her natural cognition of the inter-dimensional nature of time would one day instill a saving grace to humanity’s understanding of the soul’s universal existence and the malleable fluidity of reality through the power of benevolent thought.

With the illumination of her worldview under way, her twenty-first birthday marked her acceptance that she was not destined to live within the framework of the ordinary. She was inspired to embrace a meditative, aesthetic lifestyle by moving to the quietude of the Rocky Mountains in the western United States. There, she engaged entrepreneurial ventures in ceramic fine arts and sacred jewelry design as a way to express her sense of spirit, while cultivating her natural sense of attunement by regarding the planet as a living entity. She engaged the pursuit of large scale organic farming, reforestation and conservation projects, while also pioneering holistic health practices, and like her grandmother, avidly studied herbal medicine amidst making the choice to live a life grounded in the spiritual causes that precede physical manifestation. Coming to terms with the root cause of an illness or dysfunction was paramount to her quest for truth. When facing a terminal diagnosis, she chose alternative healing as a proven testament to her convictions. This experience only deepened her dedication to a holistic inspired lifestyle, leading her to contribute to building a rural health clinic, a private children’s school and organizing organic food distribution cooperatives.

The largess of her sense of planetary responsibility while a young mother to three growing children, was grounded in real terms through her ventures for forest reclamation projects that demanded the expertise of contracting with the United States Forest Service, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Atlantic Richfield and Exxon Oil Company. Being a guardian and protector of the environment was a reality that she embodied in contemporary, practical terms, whereby her endeavors accomplished large scale eco-projects. Over 150,000 acres of planted trees on forest service lands have now grown into majestic stands of pine forests. Her work in the western Rocky Mountains included restoration of forest lands that were federally protected for wildlife habitat, which were returned to their original state, after gas, oil and CO2 pipe lines had left a swath of destruction.

Healing the land was inherent to the process of also operating a successful reforestation enterprise, while her ventures also embraced the ideals of enlightened enterprise.  Her connection to the farmlands and mountain forests that surrounded her was a constant source of solace and learning, that over time guided her to realize that her natural healing abilities, sense of oneness with all life, clairvoyance and knowledge, combined with an ample degree of practical expertise, would be central to her ability in becoming an instrument of the Divine Plan and servant of humanity.

Her forest contracts near Sedona, Arizona opened the doors to her moving to Sedona in the early nineties, where she spent several years powerfully enveloped in divine light and states of samadhi that provided an continual outflow of revelations of sacred knowledge that would comprise the Unity Transmissions that first initiated her Royal Path Archives of Enlightened Teachings. Her extraordinary gifts of clairvoyance as a master healer where quickly recognized, launching her as a teacher of aspiring healers who came to Sedona from around the world to receive training, which serve to also launch her international outreach as a spiritual teacher.

As her children grew older, she was drawn to traverse the globe to unite with master healers, spiritual teachers and revered elders from all traditions. She trained with the most renowned master healers the world over, leading to her rise as a teacher of teachers in the international healing arts community in the throughout 1990’s, while her quest to synthesize the wisdom of the world’s spiritual wealth guided her to the remote reaches of the Himalayas, the jungles of the Amazon and the highlands of the Andes. Many years in deep contemplation in the temples of ancient Egypt, the Mayan Yucatan, India and Asia imparted the grace of spiritual wholeness. Her thirst for universal truth gave her entrance into the tribal ceremonies of Native Americans and Indigenous Elders, as well as invitations that welcomed her to deep periods of meditation in the monasteries and caves of Tibet and Nepal. Significant years were also spent immersed in the Holy Land following the footsteps of Master Jesus, while also making pilgrimages to the cathedrals of the saints throughout England and Europe. She continued her world travels, until veil upon veil was lifted to reveal the single golden flame of divine presence that burned upon every altar and shined upon every pillar of eternal truth.

Her expanse of personal experience brought to life an eloquent synthesis of the core principles of the world’s spiritual paths when she began to intuit and organize her spiritual writings into what has now become the Universal Archives, which are a source of inspiration for countless readers from all walks of life. She instinctively knew she had a special calling to unify the spiritual essence of the eastern traditions with her devout Christian upbringing, by translating the teachings of the ancient masters and yogis into a modern treatise of sacred knowledge, as the mantle of planetary eldership was being passed from the east to the west. Devra’s global outreach extended her teaching and healing mission, as she gave lectures and seminars in the United States and Canada, England, Europe, South America, India, Egypt, Israel and the Middle East. She founded her international institute for the divine sciences, which for over ten years offered credentialed programs in the United States and Europe.

With her illumination in full radiance, the Rishi Devra Adi Man continued to exemplify a ‘feet on the ground’ approach, expanding her focus for global awareness to a wide range of scientific and technological fields, as well as global financial systems, planetary sustainability and all aspects of human values. Organizing and attending conferences for world peace and humanitarian governance increased her involvement with international leadership groups, humanitarian projects in regions of conflict, environmental initiatives and international think-tanks which enabled her to gain a wide range of insight on the glaring urgency of contemporary global issues.

She founded the Peace Promise Initiative in early 2000, a humanitarian endeavor that sponsored expos and seminars for world peace in the Middle East. Her time spent in regions of conflict enabled her to have a visceral appreciation of the human devastation that came with the ravages of war and famine, and its inevitable impact on the entirety of the planetary system, all the while continually immersing ever deeper in the Divine.

Many books could easily be filled to the brim with the range and complexity of her global experiences, from her educational work on world peace and prosperity, to her life-changing quest for the ageless masters who appeared and disappeared into the mists of the high Himalayas. Yet, in the midst of a virtual plethora of worldly experience, the example of her endeared grandmother was a constant, as Devra’s steady homage to the divine, has always been balanced by the rigors of raising children and grandchildren that continues today. As a tireless servant of humanity whose coherence of authenticity is ever-present, her largess of planetary awareness is nothing less than remarkable and her life story even more so.


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