From the Rishi

“I have come to fulfill a very special commission as the Regent of the Western Hemisphere to provide the planetary prophecy and global orchestration that will guide humanity through the intensity of the widespread upheaval that will take place side-by-side with new opportunity and innovation. I offer a world overview that is balanced with the practical wisdom that will guide and stabilize this time of massive transition. I am especially mandated to guide leaders and way-showers during the upcoming years of catastrophic earth changes and international crisis. Unto this auspicious endeavor, an enlightened unity amongst world servers is the rising star that shines the rays of hope upon our future. I am undertaking an extraordinary mission in Sedona to provide a global focus for the coordination of the divine plan of the spiritual hierarchy. Broadcasting our transmissions of wisdom and advisement across the globe will be ongoing, especially during pivotal periods of disruption and change. Above all, I am mandated to assure a dynamic tipping point for unity consciousness and the flowering of enlightenment for those whose time has come. I call you to step forward into your greatest purposes. The power of divine genesis is sweeping all spectrums of the universe and soon you will be united with all of us who have watched over you for eons upon eons. For we the guardians who will guide you to the shores of a new beginning are your origin and we are your past. We are your future and we are your present. As you awaken, you too will discover that you are the visionaries and builders of an unlimited expanse of new possibility. For we are one with you as we make manifest the enduring promise of the Ancient of Days for the merging of Heaven and Earth.”


To endeavor to bring the miracle of spiritual awakening, the living light of spirituality and the ultimate liberation of enlightenment to whole of humanity, by bridging the sacred wisdoms of the east and the west and the celestial origins from which all timeless teachings are sourced.

To endeavor to create the Shamballa of the West in spirit and physicality, a Sanctuary Abode of the Masters for omni awakening and direct interaction with the spiritual hierarchy, in support of the City of Light that greater Sedona is missioned to become, to steadily unfolds its destiny to become an example of what is possible for all nation and peoples.

To endeavor to honor the Native American Tribes, their prayers and vision quests, and their tribal lands and sacred birthright as the original peoples of the Americas and to remember their sacrifices and noble dignity as the first peoples to live amongst the Red Rock majesty now called Sedona.

To endeavor to be good stewards and caretakers of Sedona region, by acknowledging the fragile nature of the desert highlands, its pristine ecological balance of living creatures, fauna and flora, and the sacredness of its waters, air and lands, by contributing to the ego-guardianship of Sedona, as a designated and protected global treasure and sacred site.


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