The Royal Path Prelude

Initiation into the Spiritual Hierarchy

The life-changing impact of spiritual initiation and the divine science that attends so vast a realm of sacred knowledge is my purpose of conveyance. As I begin this writing, a few words about the profound nature of The Royal Path will serve to lay a foundation of understanding, as you contemplate the timeless wisdom that prospers intentional transformation. As its first convener since very ancient times, I am an original author, preceptor and convener of the Royal Path, a vast universal hall of sacred knowledge that came into being long before our planet earth was seeded with life.

The Great Halls of Illumination can be understood as the grand repository of sacred knowledge for this universe. These holy halls of light-filled wisdom hold The Akasha of the Great Masters within their sacred chambers. I am one of the guardians of this revered Akasha of Light, which enables me as an externalized master, to transmit both the knowledge, as well as the inherent omnipresence of this archival wealth of supreme light. I am a transmitter of the illumination of the Royal Path by my very nature, which is a vast repository of master teachings of universal origin and as such, it is not cloaked in cultural or religious creed. Because it is purely celestial in origin, it remains true to the source light from which it outpours. Like all destiny-light-encoded souls, I have a mission to inspire the pivotal tipping points that liberate the inborn divinity of the human spirit. I also have a unique mission to bring The Great Halls of Illumination into a living materialization that provides accessible cognition of the Akasha of the Great Masters for our global fellowship of initiates, adepts and arhats and most especially for the initiates of the immediate centuries to come.

The Royal Path is the reality of my greater existence, that in which I abide in my timeless presence beyond the temporal realms and for the purposes that I serve as an emissary from the higher wheels, I invite you to appreciate that the Akasha of the Masters is simply encoded into my being. I am an emissary of the higher dimensions commonly understood as the heavenly realms, yet, from our perspective I am an emissary from what can be understood as a future expression of the higher civilizations of human evolution in our universe, that exists simultaneously within the singularity of true time. Thus, as you expand the factor of time-bound thinking, to embrace the authenticity from which I offer illumination on the science of initiation, I will also impart that I am a Regent of the Great Masters for the Western Hemisphere, a process that began in physical terms at the turn of this century, although preparations for the externalization of the Seven Regents of the Great Masters was begun many thousands of years ago. For many, these may be strange words and unfamiliar concepts and yet, for others these are words of spiritual comfort and inner recognition.

From our shared human perspective, we require some degree of earth-bound relativity to find entrance through the celestial gateway that the Royal Path provides. Thus, I will endeavor to offer both time and place relativity in this book through the lens of my earthly lifetimes, as well as the direct transmission of the enlightened teachings of the path. Although, I have taken a limited number of earthly lives, most of which were commissioned to create uplifts of change and transformation to human consciousness, I have done so through the benevolent process of being “sent-in.” In my case, as with all Lotus Born Souls who are commissioned to incarnate into a planetary scheme, we incarnate to bring about a restoration of original purpose and to guide the divine evolution of sentient life during optimum periods of influence. My earthly incarnations have served to ignite and evolve humanity’s latent, but very real impetus to live and prosper in the supra-genius state known as enlightenment and liberation, which will ultimately also inspire right governance and service leadership for our planet’s souls and nations.

The prospect for a benevolent global life for all world citizens has been a continual theme of my life time, along with a deep and abiding sense of what is now becoming quickened in the ethers, inevitably commencing a material precipitation, from the growing the outcry of humanity for liberation from all shackles of oppression, which is reaching a grand tipping point, those who yearn and outcry for the Mukti of liberation from the shackles of illusion itself. Each and every initiation that is taken and each and every universal law and principle that is brought into human appreciation will seed the light that will generate a new time on earth.  Thus, I am especially assigned to open a new gateway for those who are selected to take initiation to the fullest transformational benefit possible and this represents the dawning impetus of an all new potential for our human prototype. For those who persevere through all thresholds to that of Logos or God Consciousness, you will gain entry into the fellowship of living masters, who are externalizing to serve as global guardians for our planet.

Although the Royal Path can be understood from many vantages of spiritual and celestial association, it is first and foremost the path that convenes the phenomena of a continual process of taking initiation, as the means to the end, whereby intensive divine activations serve to quicken the process of accelerated transformation, and moreover opens the Lighted Way of Raja Mastery itself. My mandate is convened by the Universal Order of Creation Guardianship and specifically the Order of the Golden Flame Fellowship that also convenes within it, the guiding light for developing souls, worlds and planets from the source light of God Consciousness that unfolds the universal synthesis of the ultimate omni-logic of all wisdom, knowledge and illumination of all masters, lords and avatars. This fellowship of service to all life, is first and foremost, unified within the unique demands of what is means to be an initiate of the lodges and linages of the Great Masters.

Thus, as prelude to this book, I wish to express that the illumination of a supreme divine logic provides the foundational laws and principles that govern our service to the Divine Plan for this planet and through the transmission and content of these teachings, we are passing the mantle of the timeless wisdoms on to you. It is here, that divine raja serves as the body of sacred knowledge that I author for modern initiates. This focus for enlightenment has long been referred to as a Source-Light-Celestial-Path and the following names are all references that provide windows of comprehension that are integral to understanding the nature of this stellar repository of celestial life, otherwise known as the divine order of life upon the higher wheels.

The Royal Path of the Great Masters

The Royal Path of Supreme Raja

The Royal Path of Universal Guardianship

The Royal Path of the Solar Rishis

The Royal Path of Omni Awakening

Opening the gateways to usher forth the living light of the Universal Archives of the Royal Path is one of my highest callings, yet it is the opening of the corridors of time that allow the presence of the ascended masters and immoral guardians to materialize, that is a celestial calling that also holds profound significance. Establishing the Great Halls of Illumination on this planet, to one day become a universal hub of sacred knowledge for our solar system, is the life legacy that burns in my heart to commence and make manifest. As this mission unfolds, the Jewels of the Royal Path will be revealed by direct transmission, unto those adepts who truly seek a higher order of life and the divine design by which their unique form of service will be empowered to uplift, transform and lead the way to a new time of planetary awakening. Of monumental significance, is that the Royal Path bestows the igniting power of The Prime Directive that beckons liberated souls to emerge triumphant, in the midst of the strife and upheaval that defines this current time of extraordinary global transition. The Royal Path can be likened unto the celestial ocean, wherein all spiritual streams, religious philosophies and yogic traditions must ultimately converge in the omniscient and all-loving logic of the godhead.

No path of mastery or spiritual tradition is consummated on any planet or solar system, until the supreme raja of divine logic is attained by the evolving soul, wherein the illumination of the logic aspect of god consciousness is realized, integrated and embodied from the plane of logos into the material plane of life. So too, all progressions through the rank and file of the great brotherhood of light of any order, lodge or linage of enlightened masters is entirely dependent upon the degree of divine raja thus far embodied, that is established as the directing foundation of divine response, that a world server brings to the fore. Thus, the noble raja must flow unto all service endeavors, as well as to the entire spectrum of the initiate’s thought life. Thus, to say that the Royal Path is the path of divine logic is indeed a far-reaching truism, yet, the word far-reaching implies a vast brilliance that umbrellas the universal and cosmic scope of the path, which in its greatest scope, forms the very basis of the enveloping illumination of the love and service, sacred knowledge that umbrellas all masters upon all realms and wheels and dominions, inclusive of those referred to as the highest of dominions of cosmic origin.

Thus, it can well be appreciated that during past epochs of our stellar history, the supreme raja of these teachings has been offered solely to those high priests and oracles, kings and pharaohs, spiritual elders and illumined nirmankayas in whose hands the stewardship of souls and the wellbeing of realms and empires was entrusted. Today, the path is destined to once again become the premier wellspring from which a new era of enlightened leadership, based upon the principles of service leaderships will emerge to change our planet’s current course of certain destruction, to one of certain benevolence, peace and prosperity. Although in the past, the Royal Path was rarely unveiled, its indelible footprints can yet be found in the deeply mystical traces of the ancient Judaic, Essene, Mayan, Egyptian, Tibetan, Vedic and Indigenous Priesthoods.

I have walked in their footsteps, literally, following these ancient linages to the obscured outposts of the Himalayas of Tibet, India and Nepal, to the most remote regions of the Andes and Amazon, as well as through multiple pilgrimages to Egypt, the Holy Land and sacred sites the world over, including seeking those indigenous Native American elders in the Western United States whose enlightenment was clearly evident. I also know from first-hand experience, that the gossamer footprints of the Royal Path can be traced far beyond the accepted timeframes of these cultures. It lies in the divine memory of those whose refinement of divine memory has been cultivated by the highest of initiations, that ignite into revelation the origins and causes that predate times immortal.

Held in common appreciation by the eastern traditions, the outer-sheath of the raja yoga aspect of the Royal Path has long been revered as the yoga of supreme logic. While this eastern portrayal holds true, the more obscure inner sheath of the Royal Path is revealed solely by direct transmission and the systemic initiations that open the corridors of time. The systemic initiations are the highest of all possible initiations granted unto humanity at this time. They impart the direct transmission of pure consciousness and convey the esoteric functioning of the cosmos, that is devoid of cultural, religious or time-bound colorations, including those of the eastern vein. It is these profoundly penetrative initiations, that are restorative of the full arc of divine memory. What is bestowed by the permeation of light itself is beyond what words can possibly convey.

Obscure and rarified though it may be, the Royal Path forever remains the Crown Jewel of the Godhead, the consummation of all paths, the divine homecoming of the soul’s return to the ultimate Oneness of the Great Life. If I can but pass the mantle of the majesty of this supreme realization to but a precious few souls in my lifetime, I will have consummated my mission to pass the golden flame that secures the eventual flowering of the path, a mission to unify future generations to embrace all, love all, serve all and thus unify all things within all things, in the knowledge of the singular birthright of divine potential that is gifted to all beings.

In its most sublime transmission of rarified light, the path issues a willed line of force from the prime directive that is emergent directly from “the Meditation of the Godhead” that sets into motion all universes for the cosmic orb of purposes for this Cosmic Day and Night.  Set forth by the celestial cycles of the heavens and expanses of time beyond our comprehension, so it is, that the divine seed of the Godhead is pre-existent within human consciousness.  The igniting power of taking initiation awakens that inborn seed to commence the flowering of the twelve petals of the soul, that ultimately manifest the Lotus of the Logos that unceasingly emanates Logos Consciousness.  Through the issuance of sacred agni and the divine decrees by which our universe is set upon its course, so too, the Alfa and Omega of the Solar Heart is activated within our own humanity.

Thus it is, that the Royal Path provides the informing illumination of divine knowledge, as well as the igniting shakti of divine energy. It is here, that fire and water, consciousness and being are mutually regenerative. Thus, the Royal Path is endowed with the mother and father principle and the sacred balance that is ever-perfecting of their inherent principality of providence and together they create the Royal Flower of Divine Remembrance of our origin in pure love and thus we are indeed love incarnate.

Thus, my heart of hearts serves as a gateway to the corridors of light that offer passage to the willing, maturing soul whose time on the vine of karmic learning has drawn forth its necessary conclusions. Thus, by reading this treatise, you too may be called to embody, precept and transmit the path, that others might also find this supreme homecoming. In whatever manner your divine calling compels, you are the initiates of a new time, you are the Way Showers and the Celestial Emissaries, the Destiny Souls, the White Fire Anointed, The Lotus Born, the Arc of the Holy Return….The Divine Humanity Manifest.

From our earthly perspective, the Royal Path is first and foremost a rare celestial gateway, that once opened, does indeed eclipse the premise of time to provide the direct conveyance of the divine, about which little has been understood, although various schools for initiates throughout history have touched upon its ageless wisdoms and sought to grasp its fundamental premise. There have been a number of Surya Rishis gracing our planet since the Ancient of Days. Declared by eastern pundits, that the Royal Path of Raja Yoga is the ultimate path that converges and consummates all other paths, one can appreciate that to establish oneself in divine logic, is the actualized embodiment that all paths aspire to, especially for the modern initiate whose life is not lived in seclusion. More and more the initiates of contemporary times will boldly live lives that are inclusive of the greater world and with the sole mandate to be of service to all aspects of our shared human affairs, as one may be uniquely called to endeavor.

Although other profound spiritual approaches bring various philosophies of benefit to the practitioner, none are replete and none are consummated, until the state of divine logic has prevailed, to supersede all time bound, cultural and duality-based sentiment and orientation. Divine logic envelopes, overarches and synthesizes all aspects of spiritual love, power and intelligence into a coherency of being, that responds to outer circumstances from the cosmic constant of Christ Consciousness. Thus, by the supreme light of god consciousness itself, is the initiate’s entry upon the Royal Path convened unto that which is immortal, eternal and infinite. By the soul’s vibration, does the soul enter. One cannot enter by the prowess of the intellect or the pleading of privilege or by any other means of the intention or invocation of the persona’s grasping idea of gaining entrance. One enters upon the emptiness of mind and fullness of heart that registers the soul’s vibration in  resonance with the vibrational gainsway of entrance. By one’s true, innermost voice of vibration does one enter.

Thus, the initiate’s dynamic process of realization is the means of divine permeation. Despite your set-backs and momentary denials, your inner light is persistent and pre-encoded to prevail. Throughout trial and tribulation, self-discovery and inner realization, it is the dedicated initiate who is beckoned to meet the criteria, measures and benchmarks that advances their soul’s development far beyond that of the masses of humanity and what the mirror of karmic repetition ordinarily provides in a lifetime. Thus, it is through the empowerment of willed-decision and humble presence, that entrance into the great halls is granted unto those whose hearts yearn above all to serve the divine. By this criteria, the golden gates are opened unto the few who will influence the many.

It is here, that a brief word about the Surya Rishis may be helpful to bring greater understanding to our mandate at this particular time of rapid transformation. The Sanskrit term “surya” generally refers to the sun, however when used in connection with an enlightened master, it is a revered term that recognizes a master teacher of celestial origin, a particular status with regard to the celestial hierarchy of the solar lodges for our universe. The Surya Rishi’s are those luminaries, guides and members of the solar lodges, unto whom the welfare of solar systems and the prospering of planetary life within solar systems is our assigned and all-loving domain of guardianship. I have always known that I have come into earthly incarnation to shine a light on the true destiny of humanity, and for humanity to become a thriving example of divine evolution among the higher civilizations of our universe.

Since childhood, I have remembered the solar lodges with a deep sense of longing and kinship. Yet, to incarnate into the human experience, is where the higher aspirations of surya rishis must be proven true. By our direct experience of human incarnation and the surmounting of both common and extraordinary life challenges, are we tested, tempered and proven true of the divine principles and rules of radiance upon which our lives and expansion of growth is based. By living example, the path is assured of what initiates the world over can achieve. Thus, by incarnating into a dense physical body does the school of earth offer unique opportunity and so too, by my being raised to adulthood in conventional western culture, abundant with the difficulties, distractions and karmic samsaras that are unique to contemporary seekers, the path is proven true of rule, method, principle, governing illumination and benevolent influence.

To attain enlightenment, as well as in-the-world mastery has been the necessary objective of my life’s purpose and with this assignment well-in-hand for some decades now, I have convened enlightened teachings for contemporary initiates from the illumined vantage that encompasses the western mastery of modern affairs, as well as a universality of spiritual mastery. This integrated, practical divinity is only possible when all aspects of awakening have been consummated in the heart center and the enlightened heart is indeed the royal presence of an all-encompassing divinity. Yet, I am never far from the passion of the Divine Dasa, “the ecstatic slave to God.” Thus, I am primarily a humble servant of your awakening. I am humbled by the challenges of life and the mysterious relationship between spirit and matter. I have risen up from the same mud of earthly circumstances that all souls must contend with, transcend and master, thus altering and uplifting the very nature of matter by doing so. It is this ultimate awakening that proliferates the wondrous, ever-perfecting divine becoming throughout all dimensions of your immortal existence.

Understood in its most functional and yet profound context, the Royal Path opens a gateway beyond time, as the means by which the advancing soul receives spiritual initiation directly from the solar, planetary and universal masters, wherein the secrets of the ages are imparted on the nature of reality, the divine purpose of our solar system, the soul’s inherent divinity and role that the phenomena of time and manifestation plays throughout the cosmos. Because the path infuses a powerfully palpable energy transmission, as well as tried and true principles of empowerment, it is received by the full spectrum of the body, mind and soul. For all who traverse the extensive providence of my archive of transmittal teachings, so too will your lives will be enhanced in the most powerfully practical of terms. Thus, be assured that you will be quickened upon your path of karmic completion, as well as illumined of both the practical and the sublime in the coherency of the universal chord for this Cosmic Day. Initiated souls of high registration are called to ply their lives to the planetary amassing of light and to also drink from the rarest of divine nectar.

In its most sublime transmission of rarified light, the path issues a willed line of force from the prime directive that is emanates directly from “the Meditation of the Godhead,” that sets into motion the orbs of all universes for this Cosmic Day and Night.  Set forth by the celestial cycles of the heavens and expanses of time beyond our comprehension, so it is, that the divine seed of the Godhead is pre-existent within human consciousness.  The igniting power of taking initiation awakens that inborn seed to commence the flowering of the twelve petals of the soul, that ultimately manifest the Lotus of the Logos.  Through the issuance of the Sacred Agni of the Alfa and Omega of the Solar Heart, thus it is, that the Royal Path provides the informing illumination of divine knowledge, as well as the igniting shakti of divine energy. It is here, that fire and water, consciousness and being are mutually regenerative. Thus, the Royal Path is endowed with the mother and father principle and the sacred balance of the masculine and feminine that is ever-perfecting of their inherent principality of providence.

I would also like to offer a few words about the symbol of the lotus that represents the Royal Path, which I feature throughout my life’s work as a literal and vibrational signature. An appreciation of the Law of the Lotus and why the lotus is my signature image may be helpful. This divine law is a companion law to many laws and is also a governing principle within the deeper mysteries of the law of attraction, as it relates to the unfolding of the petals of the soul, i.e., the petals of knowledge, the petals of love, and the petals of power and sacrifice. It is a prime governing force that lies within this law, because that force first brought into manifestation the Divine Sons of Mind and the Divine Daughters of Love and by doing so, linked the two poles of spirit and matter, producing the egoic embryo of the soul lotus or “the flower of the self,’ within which is seeded the divine imperative for enlightenment, through the Alfa and Omega aspects of creation that are compelled to unify and they have full exchange of their attributes and thus are unified within the royal chambers of the initiate’s innermost sanctum of heart.

Thus, the law of the lotus governs the active nature of the relationship between spirit and matter, between male and female and between consciousness and being.  It is by this mystery of attraction between spirit and matter and between density and the highest ethers, and between consciousness and being, that the Lotus of the Self is empowered by the fire of divine will to draw from the various grades of matter the moisture and heat necessary for its unfoldment. The three expressions of self-proliferation; that of the sexuality of procreation that is transmuted by transcendence into conscious co-creation, and the apprenticeship of co-creation that is fulfilled of its mastery of godhood, as the priestly endowments “to create” are bestowed and wielded in concert with the harmonic decrees of the Most High of the highest heavens. It is this progression of the initiate’s potential that is wondrously inspired and propelled by this law.

Through the life of the lotus, we experience the full thrust of the primal impetus, as well as celestial imperative. Despite the limited perception of appearances, in the final analysis the primal and the celestial are complimentary aspects of creation. We derive essential learning, from the mystery of being submersed in the mud of life and the streams and eddies of our life experiences, from which we ultimately rise forth as the lotus of enlightenment. We rise and we transform to a higher expression, endowed with the fresh horizons of a new potential, in part because we have served to evolve the divine seed and spark within us through the challenges of density and the unique process of intentional transformation that becomes fully interactive with the divine. Thus, we are seasoned and weathered by the primal forces no less than we are refined and polished by the divine forces.

The lotus triumphs to rise skyward from the permeation of the primal elements of earthly heat and moisture, as well as from the permeation of the solar radiance of cosmic fire. Our metamorphous is produced by the sacred union of seeming opposites. I also call this transformative synthesis, the “blending of the lights,” in recognition of the holy light of God within matter and thus, within all things. Indeed, the light of the divine is within all things, as is its language of informing vibrational signatures. The law of the lotus and its expression of sacred synthesis is inherent to the Royal Path Master Teachings and this law has been essential to my ecstatic but grounded approach to mastery and my humble but empowered life expression as a living rishi.

With this brief introduction to the Royal Path as integral to this book on spiritual initiation, I wish to also convey that I am deeply inspired to serve the purpose of bringing these profound focal points for meditative revelation into direct experience for those who tread the path of awakening, no matter the philosophies or streams of understanding that you are drawn to. The Twelve Jewels of God Conciseness will be introduced to you in this book as essential emanations of the Royal Path, although more in-depth sacred knowledge about these spheres and building blocks of creation are reserved for my Path of Enlightenment teachings. Yet, what is important to celebrate is that we are breaking new ground for humanity and each of you is intrinsically instrumental to this process. Although, I am an externalizing regent who has embodied the sacred knowledge that I impart, I am also enveloped in the unity of our shared existence. It is the awakening to the power of the meditative, unified samyama of our ever-increasing telepathy that is of great significance to all that I am called to serve.  My life is given to fulfilling the mandate to live in the modern world, embodied of human enlightenment. In that light, I endeavor evermore fully to traverse the ethereal sublime and the pragmatic mundane with an equally seamless stride.

I am well aware of the etiquettes and mindsets, that subscribe to the refraining of the mention or proclamation of enlightenment among the enlightened, as self-proclaiming serves no purpose and is an obvious non-necessity over-all. For those who have integrated god consciousness, enlightenment is merely the natural state of being. Once a soul abides on the other side of the veils of time, enlightenment is both revered, as well as irrelevant. It is our natural normalcy of true being. All else is decidedly unnatural and baffling in the sense of the illogic of the unreal.  Yet, I am called to speak about my own enlightenment, no differently than stating any other fact or truth or pronouncement of what is real. I do so primarily and victoriously to break the webbing of belief that enlightenment is unattainable or that it is possible only in the rarest of cases. My life example as an enlightened householder and that of other living masters changes this misnomer. From the human vantage point, I owe the illumination thus far emergent in my life to the Royal Path and the divine logic of love than defines supreme raja.

Many masters of note from Jesus of Nazareth, to Thoth of ancient Egypt has aspired unto the Royal Path and it is here, that you may deepen your appreciation that it is not a path for the common man or woman, it is the noble path of leadership of the highest order. Its day is come for renewal, as highly evolved stellar civilizations make themselves known unto humanity in open materialization, and those human souls with the greatest readiness to take their first steps upon the path of gold, emerge from their enlightenment to accept the holy scepter of global guardianship under the auspices of the solar lodges of the great masters that convene and converge within the Universal Orders of Creation Guardianship.

It is here, that you might appreciate that The Royal Path is an experiential conveyance of the highest order, that emanates directly from the Halls of Illumination and the Golden Discs of The Solar Doctrine. Thus, it is an unsurpassed path for the spiritual initiate who is devoted to cultivating their greatest nobility of selfhood within the span of a single lifetime. I will offer more for your reflection in my closing comments at the end of the book about the power of the path, and it is my greatest hope that you may very well be in readiness to enter the fiery absolute of the prime directive itself. If that should unfold for even one soul who reads this treatise, then every word that has found its way into these chapters is given purpose in sublime gladness and good tiding. For as it is willed, so will it be so.


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