The Transition from the Disciple to the Adept

Non-Attachment and Omni Awakening

The ensouling consciousness of divine selfhood is reborn from the ashes of surrender and it is here, that the death of illusion is rejoiced upon the glad heart in divine anticipation of each new expanse. It is then, as the disciple wisely, eagerly offers all materiality unto the inner fires of selflessness. All wealth of life, all resources of being, all life-blood are freely given; all time employed, all sustenance gained are reverently placed onto the altar of the sacred life in the gladness of giving.

It is then, that the responsibility for the resources of all material gain is not only offered unto the divine, it is brought into the rhythm and rule of your higher life purpose and it is also then, that the first true glimmers of the royal path are sensed, as the principle of self-regeneration is unveiled.

A new approaching TRUTH OF EXISTENCE is now underway, as the awareness of the adept grasps and wields the methods of sacred precipitation. The Presence-to-Presence of divine immediacy is restored upon the timelines of the precipitating heavenly ethers, thus does the expression “as above, so below” steadily come to pass.

So too, does the initiate-adept wisely recognize a true doorway from an illusionary doorway. The immediacy of recognition accelerates upon the multiples of new arcs. Thus, the Phoenix comes to rest upon the shoulder of the adept, ever ready to soar skyward upon the need and calling, for the vantage of the higher view and the deeper meaning of the recognitions that empower the transformations that awaken and align.

As you tread the path from the disciple, trusted and true, to the years wherein the adept is realized of mastery and proven of the sacred endowments, thus again the path narrows, even as the golden bridge of your awareness grows wider. For by illumination of greater radiance, so too are shadows seen to be ever more acutely pronounced. Yet, this too, is but the relativity of appearances, as your amassing of illumination gains the majority hold to nurture and uplift your path of enlightenment.

By your stronghold of the majority light of the golden capstone, is your passage from disciple to adept self-defined and declared upon its key and chord of amassed vibration for all time. So too, are the remaining vestiges of dross also released by a merciful necessity that is brought into the clear light of day. By your decision to no longer ‘withhold,’ to no longer ‘possess’ are the days and hours of illusion’s rule now numbered, as the finality of your completion with the karmic wheel becomes a certainty.

The doorways of consciousness for the adept are prospered by new fields of discovery and it is here, that the adept devises inventive use of the tools of transformation. The many tools of awareness become the raja insight that is unified in tone and measure by the single golden key of the Love Immaculate. Thus, is love increasingly the eye that sees, the ear that listens, the hand that heals and the power that manifests.

As the yearning heart of the adept embraces the potency of the higher initiations, one’s entire premise of reality becomes magnified and thus, your eyes are lifted to see beyond all earthly appearances and at last your precepting endowment abides within the sight of the Godhead that preceded the rift in time, free and untainted from illusionary sway. From this vista of new sight, so it is that the illusion that once spoke to you so seductively, now loses its voice and is spent of its attraction, as the shadow lands once so convincing of their rule, now cease all relativity.

It is here, that the doorways of subtle attachment must be discerned from the doorways where omni-liberation now beckons and in this statement I give you much, indeed I give you much. For, even those things that for a time gave you a sense of spiritual sustenance or cherished comfort or harkened inspiration must be rent of their sheaths of spiritual materialism where attachment involutes, to be released of all thought forms again and again.

For, what is real is both supremely absolute, yet ever reborn in new immediacies, thus in freshly convened purpose is the living absolute instantaneous in new amassing. Fresh attunement to path or master or vision or principle is the demand of the new time of divine immediacy that rises from the ashes of attachment.

All vice or vanity must be rent of separating investments. You come to realize the difference between attunement and attachment and the golden rule that attunement serves. All that veils the lighted way that rises as the obstacles that prevent smooth passage are readily renounced upon the merest notice. Thus, by the power of renunciation does the adept now ready his or her life of effects for the ‘great crossing-over’ and by the reversals of spin, is the great power of divine synthesis activated to transmute and transform, restore and regenerate.

It is here that one ceases to covet one’s light and the vanities of awakening are spent of their attracting glamour. Although, the Phoenix may rise upon your vision in the splendor of violet hues, so too the initiate honors that the sacred bird of transformation can never be captured by the canvas of time. The attachment to all appearances is finished. Though its violet plumes may shimmer a deeper blue, or shine a more vivid red or radiate a golden sheen, yet is the firebird free and ever-changing in the casting of the rays upon your mind’s eye for the adept covets not, but sets free all appearances.

Ever changing, ever adjusting, without attachment, so is the great work of the initiate the instrument of divine response upon the world of illusion. Thus, the power of immediacy is born anew from the merciful fires of non-attachment.

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