Progression Through the Four Halls

Transiting the Holy Chambers of Sacred Knowledge

(Excerpt from The Initiate’s Path of Gold ~ The Divine Science of Celestial Initiation)

Unveiling the Great Halls of Illumination is a part of my mandate as a solar rishi. The existence of the Great Halls assures a glorious degree of consummate mastery for humanity now and in the future. Within several hundred years, the halls will be in full physical externalization, function and orchestration, with high initiates and guardian beings from around the galaxy and beyond, in active congregation and benevolent exchange. Leaders of nations will be trained by celestial beings of great radiance and profound wisdom. For now, the halls exist upon the etheric planes, as does he great City of Shamballa and there you will find filled with unspeakable wonderment of illumination and advanced realms sacred knowledge, as well of the divine and the laws and principles that are foundational to our cosmos. You will also find the Akashic Records, also biblically known as the Great Book of Records for our planet, our solar system and our universe. As you resonate with the divine more and more, so it is, by virtue of your expansions of higher consciousness and your integration of the pure heart and mind into daily life, that your access unto the golden chambers, halls and discs is permitted in greater measure.

For those of you who thirst for sacred knowledge, your thirst provides activation of the law of attraction and its seven subsidiary laws and this resonant attraction sets your admittance unto the wheels of higher learning upon its course. Thus, also comprehend that it is the true initiate that is given access beyond what is currently being disseminated unto the masses, through the ideals of oneness, unity, compassion and loving kindness. Much good tiding is in conveyance through many teachers, gurus and way showers from every nation, who are inspired to uplift humanity. However, this is not the sacred knowledge that I speak of, yet these varied teachings, serve a great purpose by tilling the soil of the mind to be receptive to the potency of direct transmission and direct seeding of the prime directive that accelerates spiritual learning and divine empowerment spiritual

Together, the four great halls offer the celestial wealth of sacred knowledge. Admittance unto each hall requires and represents a progression of your personal integrity and expansion of consciousness, that is based upon your degree of purification and the degree to which you are fulfilling your soul’s calling. The four halls, the Hall of Learning, the Hall of Wisdom, the Hall of Illumination and the Hall of Creation offer expansions of the purely sacred from which the wealth of the cosmos is bestowed. This wealth is the initiate’s gold. Yet, it is also the light of truth that exposes what has been previously denied and it is here, that the seasoned initiate will attest that it is the deep will of your own commitment that assures your steady ascent, the tenants of the royal path and spiritual advancement draw attention to the need and requirement for purification and increasing platitudes of integrity.  Yet, as your purification process unfolds, the certain hand of the divine demand upon your life will be underway. Spiritual idealism is one of the first vanities to undergo transformation. Thus, you will not be entitled to a satin cushion. The path will demand all that you can bring to it and by its relentless demand, all that you are will be made known to you. Yet, as the purification is met, the path becomes ever more effortless and grace-filled. Yet, it can be challenging for many. Thus, I will also convey that mere knowledge alone, cannot gain a soul entry, whereas a royal and noble heart, rendered pure and humble, yet strong and all-loving is where the granting of entrance is bequeathed into the deeper regions of the holy sciences.

Sense and feel the refined nature of these light-filled, love-filled halls of sacred knowledge within which the wisdom and majesty of the great master beings from Cosmic Day to Cosmic is archived. So too, are we present to teach and guide by direct transmission and we are especially stepping forth now as our planet is nearing its time of reckoning, decision and transition.  If you mediate upon us, you may become more sensitive to the divine broadcast of illumination that we emit and provide through the inner planes. You may begin to intuit the awesome purposes of the great halls, as well as the celestial activity, outreach and guardianship of the stellar masters that represent the many advanced civilizations of this universe. Thus, there are many counsels of light throughout our universe and our planetary masters comprise but one of great lodges that joins all others, who together share the oath of creation guardianship.

Our planetary hierarchy convenes the Shamballa counsels that umbrella those masters whose illumination guides humanity, many of whom are the teachers and gatekeepers of the great halls of benevolent learning that advances the mastery of divine service. Thus, you may be assured that an unfathomable benevolence thrives upon many star systems and that the great halls convene all those whom have earned entrance by the codes of purity that grant admittance to illumined expanses of universal learning. Your sensitivity is increased by your conscious intention, as the process of initiation makes these domains of sacred knowledge and the enlightened consciousness from which sacred knowledge emanates available to you by direct transmission.

While, this chapter may serve to introduce enlightenment to the modern initiate, moreover it serves to make known that it is the power of taking initiation that makes the permanent immersion and absorption in enlightenment in this life time a plausible reality. So too, is it a God send, that the time has come to bring the reality of enlightenment out of the limited understanding of the past, into the glories of new potential. Yet, as with all things, enlightenment is but a spring board, a magnificent springboard that makes the great leap into the unabashed realm of mastery a natural evolution of igniting light.  Over all, it is so uplifting to at last see discussion and sincere commentary about enlightenment amongst so many initiates of the sacred. Some inspire followers to the ideals of enlightenment, others renounce that enlightenment exists at all… a delightfully robust discourse.

For so many decades, little contemplative discourse was taking place in the West about the seemingly shrouded world of enlightenment and so often if a westerner spoke of enlightenment with any depth understanding, it was considered ego-mind-vanity. This Rishi Maa is encouraged that the clouds of taboo are lifting and a fresh robust, liberating exchange is taking place from many vantages and schools of thought and tradition and of experience and of realization.  So this chapter can service to impart, that this Rishi has gone through the thresholds of attunement, immersion, absorption and yogic death, that led to a piercing, ruthlessly penetrating, but effortless expansion of consciousness and being, a flowering that took place over fifteen years of humble but fiercely ardent, single-pointed focus on the Absolute, on the Godhead, on the formless divine. What I speak of is only that… what arises to be spoken of and what arises is being called forth by what is as yet, a clearing of the way that is its own natural arising

To shed light on the growing willingness to have greater discourse on awakening and ideas or ideals of enlightenment which are essentially undefinable and ceases to exist the moment that words find utterance, is what arises to be offered. Thus it is, that the “light” of enlightenment will arise if its own accord. It will come to you. It will rise from within you. It will call your name. It will find you. It will reclaim you of its own power and you will be mercifully powerless within that absolute reclaiming of the self, unto The Self. If you are reading these words, your potential for enlightenment has already arisen into a wondrous probability and it is your sensitivity that will become ever more absorbent of the illumination that will open the Petals of Knowledge, The Petals of the Heart and the Petals of Power, a phenomena that is no doubt already in ample progress.

So, from this moment of this Rishi’s human incarnation, wherein words arise to spill upon the page, I would offer that little has been said about what it means to be powerfully, absolutely, divinely penetrated or about what it means to become impregnated with the Supreme Light of the Divine. Although, this occurred many years ago, it is nonetheless arising to be spoken of. It seeks to create an opening and it is your innermost sensitivity that will find resonance with the higher purpose at hand, to rouse and quicken and ignite and make ready.

Thus, to be penetrated and impregnated by Supreme Light is a miracle. It is also divine life simply being itself. It was through having voltages of piercing, electric force penetrate the flesh, that the leaves one stunned, electrified, and most certainly penetrated to one’s core, whereby one is unable to speak or walk for days at a time, that renders oneness itself to be “established in the flesh.” This progression of awakening that is beyond the self-realization of the intellect, which although is indeed monumental, it is an igniting actualization of an omniscient impregnation is what shifts all orientation of realty on a permanent basis. Divine penetration and impregnation is the natural reality of God in Action, a phenomena that takes place well after one has been made supple and yielding by the light of self-realization. Thus, I offer the experiential as a means of rousing and quickening your sensitivity.

I would humbly offer that self-realization is the glorious beginning of God Actualization, the embodiment of the timeless selfhood that ensouls and embodies both the active and inactive state, the form and formless, the creator and the creation, with an impersonal clarity of divine response. An incarnation of actualized realization, is then “made existent,” as an instrument of divine embodiment. The flesh instrument is permanently enveloped in a continuum of the formless divinity, the immortal cosmic constant. The Absolute is then existent in what could be understood as triadic reality of realized, actualized and established presence, whereby the outer sheath of the flesh state is merely the instrument through which an ever-perfecting perfection of divine expression is effortlessly taking place. This is what the supreme and penetrating light of initiation ultimately serves.

So too, is self-realization the gateway of awakening through which God Actualization can redeem the flesh as a vessel of divine expression, unto the origin of the formless, unlimited, omnipresence. This redemption is primarily a radical change in the orientation from which existence is realized and from which it is also embodied. It is the ultimate, monumental shift from the small “I” of individuation, to the absolute oneness that is the great self within all things, the Life within all Life, the source existence within all existence and it is here, that the incarnating self is indeed reborn in the Atma, the Christ, The Godhead of the timeless existence of divine expression, from that which is essentially silent and expressionless from which fullness reveals emptiness and emptiness reveals fullness.

This change in orientation is radical. This Rishi Maa will make clear,  that a complete and utter reversal from living in the material world of effects, to existing in the divine realms of cause takes place. The existence that effortlessly arises from cause, is perhaps experienced as a newly expressed existence, yet, it has always been the Omniscient Absolute that was ever-present, ever-existent within the atomic nature of organic evolution and the Supreme Light that is ever-causal within the sheaths of physicality. That which “experiences” in time, is absorbed into the Absolute of timeless omnipresence.  As the reversal from the illusion of the self-myopic orientation arises to elicit the shift beyond the third dimension together, the identity to mortal existence is mercifully shattered. The mind that was invested in a time bound mortal existence is shattered. The envelope of reality is then empty, and the state of no mind prevails.

The instrument of life, is indeed a new life and a new creation in which there is no identity to embodiment, no attachment to forms, no attachment to outcome, or past or future. The instrument is merely God in Action and this rishi would also offer, that God in Action becomes a sacred dance so to speak, of ebb and flow, stillness and activity, of non-doing and divine doing, for which the generation of thought has no relevance. Thought ceases of itself. Yet, the creative nature of godliness remains.

So it is, that the destiny soul is given the opportunity to traverse the threshholds of consciousness and to ultimately master all four halls as an emancipated soul, a liberated instrument of divine expression. The halls can be completed one hall at a time per lifetime, or all halls can be successively traversed in a single lifetime, when the criteria of entrance is met and the perfecting of divine service is the absolute focus that is convened. If enlightenment seeks you and finds you, you will be virtually catapulted through a divine education like none other. You will pierce the veils and the divine will mercifully pierce you through and through, to the an ultimate impregnation of godhood. Thus, to be impregnated with the direct transmission sacred knowledge makes way for the ultimate impregnation with the source light of supreme cause, from which all sacred knowledge forever flows.

Yet, it is initial traverse through the Hall of Learning that allows you to complete of the soul lessons that are assigned to your current incarnation, thus satisfying the prerequisite of admittance unto the higher halls. One must be prepared and readied prior divine penetration and the ultimate seeding of cosmic cause into the flesh, through the great rod of initiation and its outflow of spiritual fire.  Yet, by the degree of consciousness that you bring to the journey of awakening, so too are the veils lifted upon ones own inner dynamics. Thus, one must actively engage conscious living as a mens of being prepared and proven of ones readiness and it is here, that the timeless principle of non-attachment must not be confused with the vain deceptions of “feigned indifference,” for never is the principle of non-attachment so much as possible, without the active alignment in unconditional love that elicits the release of the desires and entrapments of the lower nature.

Thus, be assured much must be brought to the discoveries of self-knowledge. Merely understanding the dynamics of one’s personal karmic tendencies must translate into the surmounting of limiting fears and negative traits and hidden deceptions from which the embodiment of your inherent divine qualities and archetypes is made possible. For, it is through these aspects and attributes of divine presence that your mastery is attained.  One must embrace the intimate knowledge of the whole of oneself, inclusive of those divine qualities that lack development or have become dysfunctional, due to the samsaras and wounds of misgiving that call out for transmutation. Through your embracing love and wisdom, the negative is transmuted by cultivating and activating the positive. Fear is surmounted by wings of faith, that in the final hour of the journey through the thresholds, a great and fearless leap beyond the bounds of time, empowers the initiate to become joyously free and emancipated in the embrace of the exquisite oneness that unifies the known and unknown. For it is here, that your completion swells upon its own demand, even as your advancements upon the path are many.

You must humbly accept that if you feel that your awakening sets you above or apart from the masses of humanity that any sense of your self-assigned specialness must die a good death. This vanity of ego death will be appreciated as you come to realize that your strides of higher consciousness may not be appreciated or welcomed by your friends and loved ones and it is here, that you accept that they cannot reflect to you what they do not choose to acknowledge by their own freewill. Here too, your need for affirmation and approval for your strides of spiritual growth must ultimately die a glad death, thus releasing you from the clutching opinions of others.  Appreciation on the part of others may be many year in the forthcoming. So too, while your awakened state is easily beyond that of the majority of humankind, any sense of entitlement or supremacy is advised to be short lived, as you come to realize that the initial states of awakening are but a time of infancy and apprenticeship.

Others will not likely award you with adoration and accolades. Thus, drink deeply when I say that mastery must begin with its own infancy, step by step. Adeptship will come of its own good tiding. Thus, the neophyte must humbly endure the skinned knees, the scraped knuckles, the furrowed brow and frustrations that overtime afford new learning and likewise the greater gamut of ‘the unlearning.’ What you can appreciate is that there is a powerful synthesis that arcs between the two; that which is learned and that which is unlearned.

So it is, that the progression towards adeptship gives opportunity for wisdom to ripen on the vine and even those who are fully enlightened are yet a part of an infinite ‘working out’ of the greater vista of a planetary, solar and universal scope of divine progression upon the wheels of light. Thus, the initiate’s traverse of the Halls of Wisdom ripens the fruit of sacred knowledge, that grants entrance into the Halls of Illumination unto the liberated soul who is proven true as the means by which all fear is rendered impotent.  It is by the active state of divine fidelity that the master-initiate is called forth and admitted unto The Great Halls of Illumination wherein much is conveyed, much is expected and much is received. Yet the day comes, when the proven true of fidelity, whose life example has achieved the noble embodiment of selflessness, enters the gainsway of the higher dominions, wherein the Great Halls of Creation stand impermeable in the securing the secrets of divine genesis. For it is here, that the guardians of the highest celestial dominions are convened and it is also here, that the newly sanctified master must stand realized, actualized and possessed of the seamless cohesion of consciousness that assures the overarching benevolence of response to all that comes and goes of a temporal nature.

Thus it is, that traversing the halls and the absorption unto the reality of the sacred therein is the grand journey that matures the soul to become the guardian of the seed, the keeper of the jewels, the wielder of light and the master of the keys and the preceptor of the voice. It is solely by your mastery of your vehicles of expression, those that are physical, mental and emotional as well as those that are spiritual, that the appearances of the temporal condition are surmounted, as well as reversed of rift, that the fresh creations of the causal life are seeded into manifestation by virtue of casual degree. A destiny soul not only immerses in the full spectrum of karmic due, that the absolution of all past is fulfilled, but so too, are you called to remedy and reverse its trajectory of consequence to be transmuted and transformed by the invigorated force of illumination that reflects the active nature of your beatitudes. As your beatitudes of the divine qualities are awakened, they are a force of synthesis, yet does each petal of the soul unfold unto its own sacred timing. Thus, the boon of initiation is a timed progression that unfolds upon a predetermined count and so too, are your years of traversing each of the Halls of Illumination a safeguard and a provision of your fellowship in the universal brotherhood of light.

By thine own light, so too does the light of the sacred chambers, call forth unto the heart of the initiate, yet by the purity of heart is entrance gained and immersion deepened. First fire, second fire, third fire and the origin of fire is the unity that prevailed within the fire of mind of the great akasha that the chambers hold for all time. Yet, is each initiate’s journey through the halls a unique transit that is divinely designed to expand the horizons of your purpose, each unto your own calling. So too, is your journey unique to your archetype and beatitudes, as those elements of your soul matrix are realized, awakened and brought to life in full consciousness.

As the neophyte’s gaze first turns from the unreal and looks toward real, so it is that the Halls of Learning begin to lose their significance, as the desire for release from the repetition of karmic lessons, begins to shift perception from victimhood to selfhood. It is then, that the entry way of the Halls of Wisdom sheds its light upon the awaiting soul. As the neophyte seeks to become the initiate of the sacred wisdoms, the knower of the higher truths of our universal life is in its embryonic stages, yet that knower is potentially emergent none the less, and it is here, that the Halls of Wisdom offer the illumination that is the food for the soul. Thus, it is, that soul derives no satisfaction from the canal food of the lower desires, and longs for the nurturance of love, light and wisdom. It is this mana of sacred knowledge that inspires and guides the soul to take initiation and to become a potential candidate for membership in the conclaves of the Lighted Way. Yet, must the tests of sacred knowledge must be passed, with each thrilling expansion of awareness that offers the wonderment of the ageless mysteries that stand behind the miracle of creation.

For what the soul learns, the soul must also live. Thus, the soul must gain in dominance as the sovereign of one’s consciousness, as the persona begins retirement and withdrawal from the active dominance it once commanded. The transit through the Halls of Wisdom may be undertaken as the learning ground of the soul’s process of divine evolution for several decades or several lifetimes, depending on the commitment made to bringing realizations into manifest embodiment. It is here, that I will provide differentiation from the mere arm chair inquirer of sacred knowledge, from the soul who is ignited by the prime directive, who rises towards ever greater light by the thirst for the pure and the true, that their divine service endeavors might be duly endowed with the Perfect Will of the Most High. Yet, for those sincere initiates and protégé’s, who are driven toward the full emancipation of the soul from illusion’s sway, so too, the transit may be very rapid, as the genuine embodiment of illumination is duly noted by the masters who are sponsoring the budding initiate’s spiritual growth.  For those whose spiritual hunger prevails in strength beyond that of the carnal hungers, thus great assistance is given to lessen the time spent in the throes of the fires of friction, so that the transit unto the fires of radiance is more gracefully made in a single lifetime.

For those of you who inwardly know the imperative of the clarion call, you are offered the unparalleled boon of the igniting fore of the prime directive to accelerate your transit, so long as each test is passed and each criterion for advancement is met. For it is here, that the rarity of the major initiations may be granted and the transit through the Halls of Illumination is begun. Yet, is it with great hopefulness that I say, that this rarity of opportunity is in far greater dispensation that ever before. Thus, if the driving flame of aspiration for divine union burns in your heart, your opportunity will be great, even as your tests of integrated purification will be likewise great. Thus, the Halls of Illumination also are the sacred chambers of sacred knowledge, wherein the major initiations unfold the teachings of the Lords of Light for our universe and the initiate is lifted up and carried into the spiritual realms during the periods and extensions of acceleration that are ignited by the Great Rod of Initiation. Yet, must sacred learning, also become sacred living.

For it is here, that the Great Halls of Creation stand true and brilliant among all others, and only those high initiates and ordained masters who are proven pure of heart are admitted, for whom the love of the divine and the divine life is all consuming. Thus, by the divine power that is bequeathed solely by devotion and discipline, truth and integrity and love and service, is the Royal Heart of the Godhead unveiled in the life of those high initiates and masters whose supreme chamber within, has been cleansed of shadows and has been light filled and love filled to attain the permanence of the holy cohesion of the Unity Everlasting. For, it is then, that the food of sacred knowledge of the foundational principles upon which this universe is set into motion is granted. Here too, the Lodges of Universal Guardianship are revealed unto those who pass the rigors of the tests of the four pillars of the Royal Path wherein the Love Immaculate reigns supreme in the Raja of the Lords of Light for our universe and beyond.

Thus, note the progression from the realm of the soul, to the realm of the spirit and to the realm of the divine that must be transited, as the means by which divine evolution unfolds and the flowering of the Lotus of the Logos is proven true within the life of a human incarnation, a rarity among rarities. It is this Supreme Maha Enlightenment that will transform the lower unto the higher, and transmute the lesser grades of matter unto greater refinement and thus transform the earthly realms from its current barbarism, to the glories of the Godhead as the seventh round nears its consummation and initiates of high standing from around the world step forward as one heart and one will and one mind, to guide humanity to the shores of a new beginning for all peoples, all nations and all souls. So too, do we of the Lighted Way await the appointed hour.

Thus, is the conversion of darkness to light, ever the divine duty of the Ordained Masters of the Golden Flame and so too, is the sacred knowledge of the holy conversion of darkness unto light, is to be found within the most holy chambers, wherein the secrets of time and thus of creation remain secured of sanctity from Cosmic Day unto Cosmic Day. For it is the divine realm of pure will, wherein the Origin of the Sacred Agni of the Golden Flame of Creation Guardianship is to be found. Thus, by the purification of three fires of does the initiate gain entrance to the first three halls, yet, it is solely by the piercing power of the Origin of Agni that the ordained master gains entrance unto the Halls of Creation.

For it is here, that the principle of fire, wherein the Origin of Agni doth dwells, is realized to be that of the fiery center of cosmic life, wherein the Will of God is known only by the Lords of Light and the Rishis Before The Throne in whose care the perpetuation of a godly creation lies. For it is here, where the wielders of the fires of omnipresence stand as the witnesses to Sound of the Word that is convened of consciousness and consciousness is convened of sound of the Word, who by the impermeable oath, doth form the Unity Everlasting for all universes. Thus, are the highest wheels of light also home unto the Halls of Creation for this universe.

From this grace of conveyance, may you embrace your opportunity anew and ready yourself for its empowerments with a pure heart turned unto the Lighted Way.  So too, many you trust that you are being guided. My sacred archives are a conveyance of the wisdoms of teachings of the great halls, wherein many masters have graced their radiance of love and sacred knowledge to its light-filled transmissions. So too, will the contents continue grow and expand until the final moments of my earthly life. The topics, pillars and principles that comprise the archives offer a wealth of cosmic, universal and solar doctrine and premise of sacred knowledge. Its light will indeed shine upon all who yearn for the truth. Whether you delve into the archives as a dedicated, life-long student of the master teachings of the Royal Path or read the books that I have provided with the openness of initial interest, you will find that it is your inner most knowing and radiance of heart that resonates with the teachings of the great masters.

For no soul will find the entryway that these writings are designed to inspire, who is not receptive by resonance to our auspices of light and love, by virtue of the many recognitions that have stirred the soul’s fidelity to the timeless truth of The Light Infinite and The Love Immaculate.  We have called you to this portal time. We have opened the divine corridors of passages between worlds and realms. We have called you to become aware of the corridors of light through which the dispensation of each initiation is amplified. We activate your antakarana pillar FN on your behalf, to trigger the direct connection to your divinity and thus, to ignite the light codes within you that the power of the prime directive will fan unto the ultimate fire of the divine desire for oneness and unity. Yet, you must build your pillar of light first and foremost.

This pillar of light is a timeless tool of illumination and thus, we have called you to the vibrational increases that are concentrated through its radiance. Thus, as we have activated this gainsway for your growth. We understand your fears and frustrations, your shortcomings and ingrained tendencies, as well as the deep longing that drives your inner yearning. We revel in the divine spark within you and the marvel at beauty of your essence, for you are divinely endowed. You star-born just as you are earth-born. The subtle substance of both earth and stars moves in your veins. You are endowed no less than ourselves.

For, it is none other than you, who are being prepared to be the bright light that shines upon future generations. As you come to realize that your awakening commences the living manifesto for a new age of in-the-world spiritual mastery, so it is, that you are being given an opportunity like none other to truly drink from the cup of divine presence and by so doing to steadily penetrate the veils, wherein immersion in the sacred provides a fresh genesis of omni-becoming that is set upon its course. It is here that all that is your inherent selfhood is ignited, bringing to life your full array of divine qualities and archetypes.

Yet, each destiny soul takes birth having temporarily lost their divine memory to varying degrees, and this indeed presents a very bewildering paradox. Yet, it is this very paradox that proves true what is true in materialized manifestation. Thus, the initiations must be repeated in each lifetime from the first unto the last. I say this to offer solace to the ‘pain of incarnation’ that is so often felt by those whose spiritual sensitivity is keen, even as they are plunged deep into the seeming abyss of the human experience. This a requirement for all souls. Yet in this way, we are also deepened, seasoned, learned, tested and thus empowered by a grand compounding that takes place by virtue of the very complexities and convolutions that transpire through our worldly circumstances from life time to life time. Added to our paradox of advantages and the principle of ‘mastery through challenge,’ we come-in to take birth with some aspects of our divine nature being more readily awakened than others.

Thus, it is common that your budding mastery is often fragmented. Most initiates begin the path with essential knowing along some veins and yet are quite vacant of awareness in others. Chakra imbalances are common if not universal. Herein, lies the dilemma that so often prompts jaw-grinding frustration. Our inner gyroscope must be balanced. We must find our true north. Our seeming deficits are precisely designed to prompt the quickening of precisely those divine qualities and attributes that are most needed for what might be understood as a universal equation of amassing the balances of the blending of the lights and harmonic of the keys and chords.

Thus, we must bridge the gaps to retrieve the fragments of consciousness that complete the symphony of soul’s learning. By this all-loving retrieval, balance is restored unto the whole and the highest purposes of ‘omni awakening’ is enlivened upon the physical plane. Indeed, as we retrieve the full quantum of our remembrance, so do we awaken upon many planes of existential knowing, to include the great universal lodges and stellar systems with which our soul is affiliated. Do not dismay that fragments and gaps, samsaras and incompletions lie within your field of conscious and unconscious reality.

To satisfy, resolve and complete is the initiate’s sacred duty.  Thus, know that transformation is never furthered by the morose obsession with ones deficits. The discovery of those petals of the soul that have yet to unfurl or those divine qualities that have yet to resound is a positive beyond what one might imagine. Thus, the discovery of darkness of ignorance and mis-giving is but an opportunity to increase ones light, until such time that your consciousness is illumined in the realization that seeming duality of light and dark is seamlessly unified within the Great Absolute.

Thus it is, that the light of divine illumination unfurls the petals of the soul that have been tightly closed for eons, resting in a cosmic incubation wherein for a time the brilliance of the divine is latent, only to awaken when vibrational conditions ignite the flowering of the soul to begin. Rest assured that the lotus of the soul cannot be opened with guilt and shame or the judgments that are the advocate of distain, but rather by light does light stir of itself. That which is hidden or unconscious is readily responsive to the causes of truth, love and intelligence, rather that the oppression of the judging mind and the self-distain or aggrandizing that perpetuates illusion. As you awaken to your multi-dimensional nature, your inner knowing is precipitously ignited by the majesty of the royal fire. By this illumination, so too, are you given the lamp of universal truth and the warmth of infinite love to be heal misnomers of the persona. Although, I will not make light of the challenges of treading the path, so too is there an amazing array of empowerments within your reach with each step that you take. The tools of transformation are many, yet only you can make the decision to wield them.

As a seven-year-old child, my first experience of initiation was one of utter divine homecoming. Doubt and misgiving was vanquished. My core truth was illumined as the floodgates of divine presence rained down upon my being.  I was illumined and raptured and lifted up. I reveled in being saturated with omniscient love and I was grateful to once again gain passage through the arcs of time. There was no sense of disorientation and from a child’s perspective, the omniscience of pure consciousness felt natural and in harmony with the very fiber of my being.  I understood it. I remembered it. I trusted it. The fiery pillar of light through which my first initiation in this lifetime was granted, was ignited through the presence of my first guiding master, Lord Jesus Sananda, the immortal bodhisattva. As an adolescent I convened with multiple masters who began the essential teachings.

Thus, this Rishi Maa has been gifted, anointed and readied and this set the state for steeping in many spiritual streams through the direct force of divine transmission during adulthood, throughout my nomadic years of spiritual exploration, traversing depths and ascending heights around the globe. I learned by direct experience, that all streams return to but one ocean. While diverse forms of initiation have been described by various traditions from culture to culture, it is the initiations into the orders of universal guardians of the brotherhood of light, that are made possible solely by the impact of a concentrated focus of divine presence. Thus, the transmission of spiritual fire, serves as the catalyst for a supra-increase of the tempo of time.

Some call this activation the Shakti of God Consciousness. Some call this momentous boon the inflow of divine radiance. Others attest to the golden glow of the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Some call this celestial fire the divine homecoming and others the “coming in” of the Universal Christ. By any name, the literal lifting of the veils is underway. From culture to culture, the octaves of consciousness have been mapped and named, defined and designated, yet rarely has this plethora of wisdom been cross-correlated. By whatever reference, the process of initiation provides the holiness of a concentrated transmission of divine presence. The varied methods of vibrational acceleration, as well as the beatitudes and empowerment of shakti is a divine science unto itself.  Yet, spiritual activation in all of its forms is essentially a concentration of divine energy that is directed unto the recipient of initiation be that a soul, a logos, or a universe.

Thus it is, that enlightened rishis bestow the elevation of samadhi merely by the heightened force field of their presence. The influence of divine presence also beholds a mathematical divine science for those who are drawn to this vein of wisdom keeping. Yet, the unmistakable equation is that it is divine presence that elicits divine presence by the sums and measures that perfect the proliferating gestation of consciousness. Thus, by our presence is vibration lifted and the veils are parted, especially so for those whose sensitivity is light encoded and honed by spiritual surrender. Through the endowment of the siddhi abilities common to masters and rishis, we provide spiritual influx that serves to stimulate an increase in vibration, be that a stream, orb, ball or corridor of divine light. As needed and fitting, all of these phenomena simultaneously elicit a sacred space of intensely heightened vibration.

So too, we wield the measured increases of divine force when the opening of the thresholds of initiation is deemed timely of the spiritual permission that nods unto the ‘great yeh,’ that indeed all needed criteria has been met and initiation can be taken. So too, is initiation a far reaching cosmic phenomena, as great master beings, cosmic avatars and the logi of planets and universes also periodically take initiation to collectively advance upon the great spiral of omni awakening. Thus, omni awakening is the gift of the Royal Path, through the grand synthesis of increasing illumination upon infinite planes of reality.

The frequency and successive expansions upon which initiation is granted, is based upon the degree of consciousness that is being integrated and the overall purpose to be served. Karmic merit gained, as well as karmic set backs over many life times are reviewed as the progression and timing of successive initiations is considered. In some cases, the same terrain of learning that assures integration of new expansion must be repeated multiple times, due to the need for deeper stimulus of a particular divine quality that needs stimulation or the cultivation of greater self-awareness in a particular vein of understanding. So too, great consideration is also given unto the aspirant’s inherent strengths, weaknesses, character and archetypes, as well as their unique complexity of which may have significant influence upon how the influx of the dynamic, albeit blessedly fiery nature of causal forces can be utilized and integrated for greater good.

Thus, ultimately, the degree of acceleration is operative through the universal law of balances. Thus, does the initiate ‘take initiation’ in increments during a given lifetime or a series of lifetimes according to the weighing-in of all factors that contribute to the overall purity, balance and readiness within. Often seeming back-sets ocurr even though consciousness overall is increasing, as imbalances must be arighted before advancement can continue.  It is then, that the soul’s readiness is acknowledged and registered upon the Great Book of Records, as divine boon is granted.

Prior to each threshold of acceleration, all aspects of the prevailing conditions of the initiate’s composite of being, from head to toe are systemically evaluated, as the checks and balances are reviewed. Thus, I invite you to more deeply appreciate that such a boon is a tremendous advantage that combines reviews, reprieves, intervention, dispensation and specific stimulus and never is the boon of initiation to be to taken lightly. You are being gifted with a great mercy that lessens your time spent in limitation and thwarted higher purpose. There is an utter holiness that transpires to elevate the initiate’s awareness to states of consciousness that have no bounds in time, no relativity in time, and no limitation or expanse of experience that is time relevant, yet does this liberating experience shed a great and merciful light upon all your days that follow as your consciousness is lifted day by day as the opportunity of integration is actively appreciated and engaged.

An enriching of ‘the presence’ is paramount, as each initiation convenes an assembly of masters and in some cases the entire planetary hierarchy is enlisted in major sanctifications and in the case of those destiny souls who have ‘come in’ from various stellar realms, certain initiations can be attended by various regents, rishis and masters of particular celestial associations, especially when a major or higher initiation is taken. Thus, the attending masters overseeing an initiatory elevation, take great care to guide and also reassure the initiate as they are lifted up through the thresholds of time unto the Lighted Way, and thus is initiation also the merciful means by which the initiate is given a spacious reprieve from the domain of ego and persona, as transcendence beyond the physical plane is temporarily afforded, with some initiations sustaining the state of timelessness from a hour to several hours and others sustaining heightened elevations for days and weeks at a time. Of primary significance, is the accelerated process of integration that is afforded thereafter, as the great emptiness revealed the fullness that is ever full.

There, the seeker of timeless wisdom stands possessed of nothing, yet endowed with all things. Sound dissipates into the silence of the unformed. Palms upturned, hands are empty. Heart unsheathed forever more. The indwelling spark now a golden flame, as the inner seed of the godhead now gives warmth to its destiny in time. From silence so absolute, the ideals of new creation arise. Tireless service unto the Plan bespeaks the giving of all that one is. So it is, that the servant stands in the immaculate wealth. Here disrobed of lesser voices, the master dons the robe of light-filled of the resound of pure genesis. All self is forgotten. Fragrant is the flower. Succulent is the fruit born of so perfect an emptiness. The awakened servant and master within, unifies as the single hand upon creation.

“Know thyself” is the intimacy of the instrument. Thus, the mantle is passed in the bearing of the light that is bright beyond the holiness of light itself, as the master is unsheathed of even light, to enter the innermost sanctums upon the knowing of the great purpose that is the turning of the key. Be now among the witnesses of the Plan, unto whom the fiery Will of God is made known upon the sacred count. Thus, the living trust is renewed and its proliferation is secured.

For in the Great Trust of the Holy Presence, is wisdom flowered of its seed, replicated by sound and light, from orb to orb, from principle to principle, from wheel to wheel, from life to life. For it is through the traversing from all to nothing and from nothing to all, that an ever-greater becoming is bequeathed, wherein, the arising of forms is emergent upon the sacred word uttered.

There, the master builder is declared by the ancient call of the celestial builders, whose dominions of blinding bright dwell within the Heart of God, whereby the innermost doors of the sanctum of the archives of light open before the perfected instruments. For only the proven true may stand before the immaculate gaze of the single eye, as the sight of the Absolute is cast upon the barefaced, unashamed who are the wisdom keepers of the holy trust. Thus, the Keys of Life are revealed as the divine utterance effortlessly flows forth from the silent heart of the Absolute. For the rule stands true, as all is given, all is received, thus by the commission of the living trust does the sacred transit through the cross of the worlds[1] restore the passage beyond time.

Thus, ponder and absorb this conveyance. Taste the divine nectar within this sacrament of words. Feel its vibration with the essence of your soul. Breathe it in with the whole of your being. It is from this divine transmission, that the quickening of light is offered to both neophyte and adept alike, to either commence entrance upon the Lighted Way for the very first time or to quicken yet again unto the anointing. So it is, that the initiates of the Royal Path receive the sustaining light of the Ancient of Days, that assures your return to the inner doorway, through which you lift the eyes of mortal existence unto the Lighted Way through which the unreal ceases to be. Thus, is the emanation of rarified light the ultimate grace of omnipresence. Indeed, the sounds of the spheres and angels alike rejoice the human soul to advance upon the revered promise, to ascend in consciousness, in principle, in vibration and thus in the omnipresent reality that consciousness precedes. Thus, you are beckoned and thus you are loved

This discourse is an excerpt from Rishi’s book, The Initiate’s Path of Gold – The Divine Science of the Celestial Initiations. Order your copy here

[1] Cross of the Worlds: a term used by the masters to mark the transit from duality and separation consciousness, to that of oneness and unity consciousness. It also refers to the transition of the divine spark from the carnal existence of primal humankind to the octave of the illumined soul. This transit merges the first light of God, with the second light of God, i.e. first fire and second fire. By crossing over, our consciousness resides fully in spiritual awareness. It also indicates that an initiate is not merely apprised of sacred knowledge but has also mastered and integrated omnipresence into a waking embodied reality. ‘Crossing over’ is secures the ultimate renunciation of illusion.



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