The Path Begins

Springboard for Surrender

With every birth there is a life that unfolds.  With every spiritual awakening there is a story of how the path was tread and how the grace of divine remembrance was experienced. Each awakening is unique and held in the heart of the divine as a brilliant point of redeeming light that opens the way for all who also commence the amazing phenomena of illumination. Every soul that returns to its source is like a marvelous jewel suddenly shining from within, with the immaculate presence that embraces all, loves all and serves all. The radiance of awakening begins with your innermost realization of oneness. It continues with your ongoing synthesis of omnipresence.  It is through this ever-deepening process of recognition upon recognition, that the Lotus of the Eternal[1] is revealed in waking human consciousness. It is then that one’s own origin in godhood is realized to be an omni-present[2] reality, made known through the divine design of each awakened soul that becomes the pure reflection of Absolute Being.

This discourse is an excerpt from Rishi’s book, The Call of Awakening, Wisdom Teachings for the New Potential. Order your copy here

[1] lotus of the eternal: Hindu reference that honors the omnipresence that exists as all planes of manifest phenomena, perceivable by the clairvoyant eye as lotuses, petals and jewel like structures of divine forms; the lotus is an esoteric form that is imbued with supreme consciousness, as well as a vibrational blueprint of living light and each petal imbued with spiritual properties.

[2] omni: the ever-perfecting perfection; the all-encompassing, all-prevailing, infinite reality of aspects, levels, octaves and expressions of being and non-being, form and formlessness; the ever-present oneness that eclipses all duality of forms and circumstances and is absolute, eternal, and ever-unfolding.



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