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An appreciation of the Rishi’s names and passages provides a window into her spiritual journey, reflecting a metamorphous of awakening of over six decades, during which time her names of endearment and spiritual endowment have evolved. As you notice her various names throughout the website, we invite you to sense the meaning and purpose that has transpired over the years depending on the setting. Devra Patton West is her conventional marital name, whereas “Rishi Devra Daheala Surya Sai Ma Durga Devi” reflects her eastern spiritual lineage, with each syllable referring to her inherent timeless nature, like pearls on a garland of a universal life story.

Her worldly story begins with her father’s side, having been raised with the ethics of the Patton family clan of patriotic World War II veterans and her revered grandmother, Susan Bruce Patton from whom she inherited the lineage of King Robert Bruce, historically associated with William Wallace “Brave Heart” of Scotland. Her name Devra comes from her mother’s side, where she inherited her Jewish ancestry, combined with that of her great grandmother, a Cheyenne medicine woman on the western frontier, who married into the Judaic faith of her great grandfather, becoming infamously devout in both traditions. Devra retains both her maiden name Patton and her marital name West from her marriage to Jack West, with whom she continues to lovingly co-grandparent a growing brood of grandchildren.

She can be referred as Dr. Devra West when introduced for lectures or formal occasions in respect of her pundit status in interfaith circles – referring to her Doctorate of Divinity and metaphysical PhD in transpersonal psychology. She is renowned as a master healer by the international holistic healing community and as the ‘teacher of teachers’ by leaders across the board, from transformational teachers and medical doctors, corporate heads and applauded academic figures. Those who have grown to respect her clairvoyance and spiritual insight, often refer her to as the Phoenix and some fondly see her as a female ‘Indiana Jones’ of modern times.

Her names of endearment reflect her accomplishments as a meditation master and world teacher, with Surya Ma and Rishi Devra often used in respect of her full spiritual name “Rishi Devra Surya Sai Ma Durga Devi,” which is translated in essence to mean “wise master and solar mother of divine primordial empowerment.” She was also fondly called “Little Mother of Sargamatha” by the head monk of a monastery near base camp of Mt. Everest, referring to her 5’1″ stature compared to the largess of her spiritual stature. The word Sargamatha means “the majestic peak of Mt. Everest that sits above a divine ocean of clouds.” It is an interesting correlation that her first name Devra can also be found synergistically in the Devra Clan of Western India, a historic lineage of priest kings, who are richly rooted in Rajasthan heritage, essentially meaning “clan of priestly king warriors.”

She is revered as a Regent of the Brotherhood of Light in whose care rests the Universal Archives, a direct transmission from the Great Halls of Illumination bringing the Jewels of the Royal Path into a modern translation, hence the reference to her as the Mother of Ten Thousand Suns in her advanced transcripts for adepts. Her pilgrimages throughout Tibet, led her to have direct contact with the Immortal Masters through the sacred gateway to the Valley of the Masters, after which her world mission for global enlightenment began in earnest.

Her name Devra is a Hebrew variant of Deborah the biblical matriarch, traditionally meaning ‘wise one’ which also reflects her repeated pilgrimages to the Middle East, the Holy Land and Egypt over many years, giving her an in-depth appreciation for the region, as well as a first hand experience of the ancient traditions that have formed the synthesis of her wisdom. She has engaged with political leaders, leading academics, Rabbis, Priests and Sheiks alike, sponsored peace marches and the Peace Promise initiative and has been fondly dubbed the Mother of the Sun by her collaborators, in reference to an ancient oral prophecy.

Devra’s spiritual roots have also moved from her deep love for the Native American tradition from which spiritual names are often given in recognition of a life transition. Devra was named ‘Singing Dawn Woman’ by Medicine Bear Chief, of the Ojibwa Cree as she emerged from his sacred ceremonies and received the totem “The Great White Salmon,” who swims upstream to return to the source of all life,” by Wallace Black Elk, grandson of the revered Black Elk, historic leader of the Lakota Tribe infamous for his stand against General Custer at little Big Horn, Montana. Devra has also been given nicknames of endearment from the revered Henry Pollingyama, Chief of the Fire Clan of the Hopi Tribe, as well as by the highly regarded Tellis Good Morning and Little Joe, long honored as the Elders of the Taos Tribe of New Mexico. Her exploration of Indigenous Tribes throughout Central and South America, from Peru and Bolivia, the deep Amazon and the Mayan Yucatan have served to seed a vast wealth of wisdom, deepening her gratitude for the ancient traditions and the elders and teachers of the western hemisphere.

Devra carries indelible jewels of light from her immersion in all the spiritual traditions traversing – north, south, east and west with the deepest of gratitude for all the masters, teachers and elders who have walked before her, giving their loving hearts and enduring spirit to further the paths of others. Thus, her pen names and spiritual names are found throughout our website, such as Rishi Devra, Surya Ma, Mother of Ten Thousand Suns and so on, while she is also endeared to her grandchildren and family members who simply call her grandma or grandmother.


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