The Prime Directive

From the Rishi…

“Your awakening heralds the coming age of conscious creatorship and it is this activation of your soul’s power of manifestation that propels the fulfillment of higher life mandates and the transit into unity consciousness. A benevolent society of world citizens will evolve and prosper, led by a global fellowship of enlightened leaders. It is this supreme leap on the evolutionary scale of developing both the principle and function of mind-over-matter, that precipitates the Divine Plan into materialization. It is with a greatest of love, that I impart the Path of Co-Creation, one of the four gateways of the Royal Path. Yet, it is from your deepest realization that you embody the full potency of your godhood. You are the lotus born, the 144,000, the destiny souls of a new time. You are masters-in-the making and creators of a benevolent global fellowship.

The focus of intentional transformation steadily amasses a continuum of heightened awareness within the soul, as the ego of the persona relinquishes control. This shift of power reinstates the providence of co-creation that is your inherent birthright. Conscious co-creation is an instinctual imperative that becomes activated as the light of omni awakening begins to flow through the chakra system, to not only illumine higher thinking and visionary abilities, but also the root of ones humanity to transmuting the survival impulse to the imperative of mastery, that no longer chooses entrapment in entanglement of ego projections. It is momentous when the choice point arises, to precipitate the causal power of willed-seed-thought, rather than be a slave to circumstances. It is an evolutionary birthright and a hierarchal principle to awaken initiates to the truth of their universal mastery. You are a master-in-the-making, the moment you receive the celestial light of omni awakening. As you step forward as an initiate of the sacred knowledge of, you step forward upon the shores of a new time for humanity.

To be aware of spiritual mandates commences the onset of living from the inner imperative of your higher life purpose. To have your mandates undergo activation and over-lighting by masters and guides sets free the inner-fire that pierces through all uncertainty of ego, to reveal your timeless knowing. Spiritual activation is a potent empowerment to awaken your awareness of your higher purpose mandates and ultimately, to activate your “soul-causal blueprint.” As you enter the presence of the great masters, your mandates are vivified into realization, bestowing your path with the tangible presence of the spiritual hierarchy. Our over-lighting is an unparalleled boon for activating the prime directive, that calls your mandates into action, through divesting from ego to become empty of desire and attachment, that allows the limitless outflow of the enlightened genius that inspires selfless world service and benevolent endeavors.

This is the time when our clarion call is convened to be at an optimum to give you every possible advantage to surmount the density of illusion, unravel societal conditioning and release old patterns of mental repetition. You are destined to become the instrument through which illumination becomes an unstoppable force on this planet and the great reversal of darkness to light ignites the grand tipping point of positives for soul-based consciousness to prevail. The ego’s learning to take responsibility for discerning pivotal choices, will be synthesized into the permanent abidance in the light of the soul. Together we are creating a new matrix, a new beginning, a fresh expanse for our shared potential as human beings, who are both fully realized as well as actualized as guardians of this incredibly, precious planet and most of all as guardians of one another. We must remember that the enlightenment of a single soul counteracts the negativity of many millions. Let enlightenment be the lamp that shines upon the prophecies that herald   1,000 golden years of peace and prosperity for all souls and nations. The enlightenment of ever-increasing numbers of initiates is the supra genius that will launch the power of co-creation into its true zenith of destiny to create a new and benevolent world.

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