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“It is so uplifting to at last see discussion and sincere commentary about enlightenment amongst so many initiates of the sacred. Some inspire followers to the ideals of enlightenment, others renounce that enlightenment exists at all… a delightfully robust discourse.

For so many decades, little contemplative discourse was taking place in the West and so often if a westerner spoke of enlightenment with any depth understanding, it was considered ego-mind-vanity. I am encouraged that the clouds of taboo are lifting and a fresh robust, liberating exchange is taking place from many vantages and schools of thought and tradition and of experience and of realization.

This Rishi has gone through the thresholds of attunement, immersion, absorption and yogic death, that led to a piercing, ruthlessly penetrating, but effortless expansion of consciousness and being, a flowering that took place over fifteen years of humble but fiercely ardent, single-pointed focus on the Absolute, on the Godhead, on the formless divine. What I speak of is only that… what arises to be spoken of and what arises is being called forth by what is as yet, a clearing of the way that is its own natural arising

To shed light on the growing willingness to have greater discourse on awakening and ideas or ideals of enlightenment which are essentially undefinable and ceases to exist the moment that words find utterance, is what arises to be offered. Thus it is, that the “light” of enlightenment will arise if its own accord. It will come to you. It will rise from within you. It will call your name. It will find you. It will reclaim you of its own power and you will be mercifully powerless within that absolute reclaiming of the self, unto The Self.

So, from the moment of this Rishi’s seventh decade of human incarnation, I would offer that little has been said about what it means to be powerfully, absolutely, divinely penetrated or about what it means to become impregnated with the Supreme Light of the Divine. Although, this occurred many years ago, it is nonetheless arising to be spoken of. It seeks to create an opening.

To be penetrated and impregnated by Supreme Light is a miracle. It is also divine life simply being itself. It was through having voltages of piercing, electric force penetrate the flesh, that the leave one stunned, electrified, and most certainly penetrated to one’s core, whereby one is unable to speak or walk for days at a time, that renders oneness itself to be “established in the flesh.” This progression of awakening that is beyond the self-realization of the intellect, which although is indeed monumental, it is an igniting actualization of an omniscient impregnation is what shifts all orientation of realty on a permanent basis. Divine penetration and impregnation is the natural reality of God in Action, a phenomena that takes place well after one has been made supple and yielding by the light of self-realization.

So, I would offer that self-realization is glorious beginning of God Actualization, the embodiment of the timeless selfhood that ensouls and embodies both the active and inactive state, the form and formless, the creator and the creation, with an impersonal clarity of divine response. An incarnation of actualized realization, is then made existent an instrument of divine embodiment and the flesh instrument is permanently enveloped in a continuum of the formless divinity, the immortal cosmic constant. The Absolute is then existent in what could be understood as triadic reality of realized, actualized and established presence, whereby the outer sheath of the flesh state is merely the instrument through which an ever-perfecting perfection of divine expression is effortlessly taking place.

Self-realization is the gateway of awakening through which God Actualization can redeem the flesh as a vessel of divine expression, unto the origin of the formless, unlimited, omnipresence. This redemption is primarily a radical change in the orientation from which existence is realized and from which it is also embodied. It is the ultimate, monumental shift from the small “I” of individuation, to the absolute oneness that is the great self within all things, the Life within all Life, the source existence within all existence and it is here, that the incarnating self is indeed reborn in the Atma, the Christ, The Godhead of the timeless existence of divine expression, from that which is essentially silent and expressionless from which fullness reveals emptiness and emptiness reveals fullness.

This change in orientation is radical. It is a complete and utter reversal from living in the material world of effects, to existing in the divine realms of cause. The existence that effortlessly arises from cause, is perhaps experienced as a newly expressed existence, yet it has always been the Omniscient Absolute that was ever-present, ever-existent within the atomic nature of organic evolution and the Supreme Light that is ever-causal within the sheaths of physicality. That is “experiences” in time, is absorbed into the Absolute of timeless omnipresence.

As the reversal from the illusion of the self-myopic orientation arises to elicit the shift beyond the third dimension together, the identity to mortal existence is mercifully shattered. The mind that was invested in a time bound mortal existence is shattered. The envelope of reality is then empty and the state of no mind prevails.

The instrument of life, is indeed a new life and a new creation in which there is no identity to embodiment, no attachment to forms, no attachment to outcome, or past or future. The instrument is merely God in Action and this rishi would also offer, that God in Action becomes a sacred dance so to speak, of ebb and flow, stillness and activity, of non-doing and divine doing, for which the generation of thought has no relevance. Thought ceases of itself. Yet, the creative nature of godliness remains.”

From the Rishi’s book “The Initiate’s Path of Gold


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