The Seven Principles of Enlightened Enterprise

Some years ago, I wrote the transmission discourse entitled The Seven Laws of Reciprocal Balance, which formed the basis of the philosophy and principles upon which my mission to formulate Enlightened Enterprise is founded. As a grandmother, humanitarian and spiritual master, I felt a deep call to leave the world a better place than I found it upon entering adulthood back in the sixties. Having been raised during Vietnam era of anti-government protesting, I saw that to merely protest was not equivalent to building a far better paradigm of governance. I also saw that how one governed oneself inwardly was the ‘walking of one’s talk’ of how one governed oneself outwardly. As a meditation master and Rishi Regent enlightened governance continued to be at the heart of what I instinctively knew would be a central theme of my life legacy.

What this has meant to me, is that is not enough to sit on a satin meditation cushion or the lofty tower of political idealism and criticize the wrongs of the world. One can no longer sit on the sidelines and point out the wrongs of others, whether that is governments, corporations, religions or municipalities. It is time to become builders of a new society, a new approach, and a new system of human values, environmental stewardship and responsible personal and corporate governance.

Accomplishing change and improvement in these areas boils down to rethinking the playing ground of enterprise and restoring the ethics of interchange. I am called to create working models for sacred living, governance with integrity and enterprise that embodies the master teachings of the Roya Path.

  1. Purpose-driven enterprise, rather than greed-driven enterprise.
  2. Collective enterprise, rather than self-myopic enterprise
  3. Responsible enterprise, rather than disregarding enterprise
  4. Eco-sustainable enterprise rather than eco-destructive enterprise
  5. Inclusive enterprise, rather than disparity enterprise
  6. Integrated enterprise, rather than fragmented enterprise
  7. Legacy enterprise, rather than futile enterprise

To example the integrity of a purpose, rather than self-centered  endeavor, that serves the individual, the community and the greater world of which it is a part.

To promotes the education of the principle of reciprocal balance of interchange through its purveyorship of services and products.

To embody the principals of planetary sustainability through proactive environmental and social policies.

To demonstrate the wellbeing and human values that all enterprise are inherently obligated to create and provide, serves a higher purpose of global human values and well-being, wherein profit is inherent and a part of success and longevity, yet self-gain and corporate gain is first and foremost anchored in the integrity of transpersonal, community and global benefit.


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