Vector Points of Raja Healing

Shifting Root Cause to Casual Regeneration

All exists in time and beyond time. All states of manifestation exist in a singularity of continuum. All phases of either potential, precipitating or materialized manifestation are ever-present. All manifestation exists simultaneously. All states of good health exist simultaneously, to that of states of ill-health. All distorted patterns exist simultaneously to that of perfected patterns, whether we are considering the vast sweep of karmic patterns being worked out for a soul, or a planet, or that of the DNA and the subtle language, energetic signature and codes of which the DNA are composed. Time is the factor that appears to unify, divide, separate, organize and sequence what is manifest and what is yet to be manifest.

However, I will begin this understanding of Raja Vector Points in the framework of transformational healing from the larger principles in which Raja Healing exists at all aspects and dimensions of its immensity of application. As you expand your sense of the principle of energy aggregations that are operative throughout the mastery of the healing arts, each step of increasing adeptship is grounded in the foundational wisdoms of the enlightened premise. Thus, the reality of time as being the conveyor of the appearances that rise and fall on the tides of manifestation, is the reality of which I speak, when I say that all manner of the “appearances in time” is merely a function of perception and the accompanying energetic of personal or collective belief that envelops and influences and thus magnetizes an unfolding trajectory of what appears to manifest and thus what is experienced as manifest. But, moreover, the phenomena of manifestation is a function of amassed energy and amassed consciousness in terms of the quality, vitality and potency of energy that is being generated by all contributing factors, all associations of influence and their compounding consequences of weights and measures within the context of time. These influences are consciousness-based in origin, without exception, however consciousness must be appreciated in its full multi-dimensional context that is inclusive of all reality, all lifetimes and all existence.

As you contemplate my message of sacred knowledge, as well as my transmission of omnipresence that is also conveyed through this discourse, open your heart of hearts to the revelation of the divine principles that are present, as our focus on transformational healing is brought to bear. The coming era of the awakening and enlightenment of humanity will change the face of healing and medicine as we know it, as the truth of the malleability of manifestation relative to the state of one’s health and well-being and the entirety of the sacred art of healing. The Raja Gateway that is convened will be a catalyst for major innovation for bridging the gap between the divine science of healing and the technology that becomes the natural extension of the sacred, born of the loving and noble quest to bring remedy and relief to human suffering and the malady of illness and disease.

For I speak to you not only as one who has witnessed many master healers and the phenomena of healing since I was a young child, I also speak to you as one who has personally experienced the surmounting and transcendence of the conventional laws of reality, relative to healing as I have witnessed it, as well as my own phenomena of the healing experience multiple times. One such healing episode involved a slip on a walkway on a cold winter day and the shattering of my ankle in multiple places. Just prior to the fall on the icy pavement, I had been writing a transmission earlier in the day and was only partially complete with the conveyance. Even though I had fallen and had broken my ankle, torn the skin and had blood seeping into the snow that I was laying on, unable to walk until someone came to my aid, my focus was far more galvanized and directed upon completing the transmission. My family members carried me into the living room of my home where I immediately intensified my focus to finish the transmission that had been begun earlier in the day.

After several minutes had passed and as I looked up from my computer to acknowledge my family members who had dutifully called for an ambulance to take me to the hospital, I saw that their faces were sorrowful and full of sympathy for their mother and grandmother. My young granddaughter was tearful on my behalf, given the nature of injury. As the paramedics entered our home, their faces winced with the expectation of my pain in the midst of so obvious a tragedy. They enjoined with my family members in the agreement that a dire circumstance was in swing, assuring them that they would now step in to facilitate the response to the injury. I watched, smiled, greeted the emergency responders and assured everyone that I was stable and for the most part in a state of grace, in so much as my state of being could be explained to the well-intended and very kind paramedics.

I felt no pain. I felt no tragedy. I perceived no pain and perceived no tragedy. I remained in an entirely blissful state as the paramedics examined my ankle to determine that indeed it was broken. On the ride to the hospital, the state of bliss intensified. By the time that the doctor and orthopedic surgeon arrived to the emergency room where I was lying down and began to examine my ankle and prepare for the routine x-rays to be taken, the state of bliss had increased. I felt powerful surges of love descend upon my entire body, as if my very blood was being saturated with an almightiness of love. Wave after wave of love moved throughout my body and flooded into my leg and ankle. I was a witness as well as a participant to the healing experience from an illumined state of consciousness.

Then, the energy in and around me shifted to an even more encompassing vibration that not only saturated my physicality, it also began to tangibly saturate and envelope the room. The holiness of the Christ Universal Presence became palpable. Nurses, doctors, the x-ray technician and a doctor who was a personal friend who had accompanied me to the emergency room all felt the overpowering sacredness that had become so profound. Each soul present in the room began to weep, with tears streaming down their faces in response to the palpable intensity of love that had created a virtual vector point of magnetic quickening in the room. Thus, I invite you to sense the nature of a divine vector point, a juncture in time, wherein the timelessness of pure love becomes the causal organizing Dynamic, and thus the prevailing influence that causatively affected the transpiring manifestation that was unfolding.

The attending physician, an older gentleman who professed to being an Orthodox Catholic, said he had just come from taking communion at mass that morning and was more than receptive to the pure grace that was so tangible amongst us all, as he shared that his faith had enabled him to witness many miracles during his years as a doctor. He said he had felt the presence of the Christ before as a healing grace that had descended upon a patient, when no other explanation could be viable to define an unexpected or implausible healing process. So, by grace itself, the physician that attended my injury was a man of faith. He asked if I wanted any medication to ease the pain while setting the broken ankle and I said no, that I felt only an intensity of love throughout my body that was even more intensely focalized in and around my injured ankle.

My leg continued to pulse with ecstatic sensations of pure love and bliss. Intermittent tears continued to well up and spill over amongst all the various medical people that were caring for me, as the overwhelm of the Love Immaculate initiated the direct experience of the dispensation of pure grace. It is a very emotional experience as well as a divine experience. I felt enormous gratitude that the face of love had become the focal point of a seeming tragedy. After evaluating my x-rays, the doctor explained that he highly recommended surgery and that a series of rods, pins and screws were needed to restore my ankle. I declined the surgery. I declined a permanent cast and opted to work with a well-loved and respected master healer who I had known for many years to complete the healing process that had majestically begun that day. It was Christmas morning when I broke the ankle.

Thus, a divine vector point had ensued that entirely changed, shifted and altered what would normally be the typically painful and very unpleasant experience of a severe injury, to an experience of divine bliss, love and the dispensation of a deeply felt sharing of the opening of the sacred heart and a profoundly healing experience for everyone present. One could say that a holy miracle had indeed taken place, in part because the attending doctor was receptive to the idea of a Christ miracle. However, one could also say that a dynamic shift in the presenting appearance had taken place by virtue of the dynamic causal force field that attended the experience that was the omnipotent influence of the manifestation. My mind was not programmed by the ego mind to experience pain. I was availed of an illumined mind and also an illumined brain. Initially, my mind was focused on completing writing the transmission I had begun, as my priority. Thus, as a result on my attending focus, I had created an intense healing vector point by virtue of my initiating a sustained state of consciousness. I have presented here but one of many of my own healing experiences to give a visceral account of the teaching on vector points. Thus, a divine vector point can indeed shift the trajectory of manifestation.

However, a vector point can be either healing and transformative in its aggregation of amassing and highly positive or on the other end, a vector point can also aggregate the layered spectrum of a highly negative and hindering consequence of compounding influences. Thus, a vector point is an amassing of either positives or negatives. A Raja Vector point is an amassing of the absolute certainty of a higher state of mind, as well as a higher manifestation of time. Raja Healing embraces and registers an illumined comprehension of time and the amassing energy to redefine, reverse and align an outcome with the influences of the preexisting perfection that is also existent in a parallel of potential experiences. This is divine science.

My point in sharing this personal healing episode is to demonstrate the example of the force fields that create vector points that set manifestation upon its course, most especially a healing manifestation. Although my primary focus and hallmark as a living rishi regent is co-creation and divine manifestation, any hoped for reality of present day planetary awakening and transformation into the enlightened state must be preceded in good measure by healing the root causes of suffering, and in its more dense manifestation that of illness and disease. Thus, healing and co-creation go hand-in-hand, whether one is a parent stewarding children into adulthood, or whether one is a world server dealing in international finances and applied global governance. One must always be aware that the healing of the soul, the healing of humanity and the healing of the planet itself as being first and foremost in play. Healing is the doorway to the transformation of consciousness and consciousness is the doorway to the potentiality of a manifestation. In essence, one cannot fix a problem with the same mind that created it and thus the mind must also be healed and transformed, if humanity is to one day become an enlightened society of a higher order of life for all beings. True and lasting healing is the grace of the divine, however, that is also the science of causal force fields.

To point, most healing approaches via conventional mindset are fixated in the assumption of negatives and the investment in the polarized belief systems that perpetrate and perpetuate negatives. In the case of Raja Resonance Healing, using the positive vector point principle, the single-pointed focus on the experience as a positive converges the opening to the realities of perfection to become viscerally omnipresent and potently profound as a predominant influence and, in fact, an omni-potent and predominant organizing influence. In Systemic Raja Healing, which embraces the whole of cosmic reality as the perfecting healing potential, this massed convergence is called the vector point of a causal positive.

In the case of entertaining or embracing the root cause of negatives, the “dis-ease” process becomes a physically manifested illness, as a result of a convergence of negative devitalizing factors. These root cause factors can be a combination of genetic disposition, karmic samskaras, chronic or traumatic emotional-mental stress, toxic environmental influences and prescription drug side-effects to name some of the primary factors that can literally implode the system to create a negative spin state vector point. When combined in sufficient intensity, these combined factors create a complex web of irregular or distorted messages that are received indiscriminately into our cells and molecules, as well as our psyche and our lives, and ultimately our karmic samskaras, chakra system and energy fields.

Our thoughts and emotions, when we are stressed, negative, and fearful, affect the endocrine system, which in turn effects our body chemistry, and from there our neuro-nervous system, cardiac system, elimination system, internal organs, etc. When our body chemistry goes out-of-whack, a cascade or systemic downline of effects is set into motion. It is tragic that we live in fear of one another and that we seek to protect ourselves not from wild animals, but from our fellow human beings. Unity with all life, and Unity with the Divine is an antidote to the terror of separation and its insidious ill-effects on the health and well-being of the human race. This is why transmission healing is so profound and effective in the treatment of all manner of disease and ill-effect. It penetrates systemically into the entire electromagnetic web of the body-mind-soul continuum whether that force field is a planet, a person or an illness. Perception is the lens of consciousness. Vibrational force fields are the organizing energy that shifts, changes and instills the dynamics that transform the trajectory of vector points, which in turn makes manifest a resonant unfolding of experience.

Higher consciousness is not merely a product of fantasy. It is a state of being. One can be the instrument of omnipresence as well as convey a force field of omnipotence, however the word “divine” is key. It is the all-loving divine intelligence that is the guiding, organizing light of Raja Vector Point Healing. This discourse is merely an introduction. Let your heart of hearts contemplate all potential perfections, as the reality and thus the force field in which all healing can unfold. Likewise, my guided meditations are not just soothing words and teachings of truth, they are potent transmissions of Divine Love and Light that heal and transform the root-cause of illusionary perception and illusion-based consciousness, by introducing the divine consciousness in which all perfections exist simultaneously to any and all perceived imperfections. Thus, the supreme logic of the Royal Path is also the supreme logic of an ever-perfecting perfection.

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