Divine Blueprint of Perfection

The Etheric Structures of Creation

Omnipresence and all that can be understood by the human heart as the benevolence that moves behind physical phenomena is the supreme source of an infinitely unfolding perfection. To behold this perfection is to open the gateways of creation, wherein the mechanisms of sound and light precipitate the Living Word that sets into motion universal and cosmic life. To experience the revelation of the divine in its infinite myriad of expressions is a profoundly soul-expanding event and is a pivotal point of divine remembrance for all spiritual teachers and healers.

Behold the majesty, praise the glory, and fall silent before the sacred are all responses of my own sentiment that seek to put into words the vast micro and macro reality of the Divine Nature of Supreme Deity that no words could ever suffice to define or describe. Once must simply experience the divine for oneself. It matters little by what name or reference the human heart convenes to describe its cosmic and universal origin, God or Godhead, Lord or Throne, Creator or Creatress, the Great Emptiness or the Great Fullness. The nature of direct revelation is beyond the formulations of language, creed or culture when the veils of illusion are lifted and perception gives way to the expanse of spiritual sight and/or the direct knowing of divine presence. This is an intensely mind-altering, heart-rending and life-changing experience. It is impossible to adequately describe the multidimensional nature of an all-encompassing eternal presence that embodies all existence without beginning or end in an ever-perfecting perfection throughout all time and beyond all time.

Yet, it is the direct witnessing of divine perfection that anchors the healer’s mind in truth, embraces the healer’s heart in loving grace and guides the healer’s hand in the spiritual knowledge of what is real and enduring, whole and sound, perfect and ever-renewing. Thus, I begin at the beginning. It is from this supreme initiating truth that all healing is inspired and actualized. It is from that perfection, that holiness of light and that certainty of synthesis, the change point of systemic body-mind transformation is set into motion. To witness the perfection of benevolence is an awesome occurrence that has brought tears to my eyes, silence to my speech, stillness to my mind and reverence to my heart. This is the holy ground from which to engage the privilege of healing in all of its wonders, miracles and gifts of grace.

To focus the spiritual power of one’s own mind to penetrate beyond the seeming physicality of form, regardless of the presenting difficulty or disease, into its essence of origin and its original blueprint of light holds the promise for all true healing and regeneration. It is precisely this revelation that turns all orientation of illness and health, truth and untruth, around to its rightful progression of the materialization of vitality and what I often refer to as the divine order of health and wholeness.

This is true whether one might see transformational healing as a “time jump” into a higher octave, or a divine intervention that changes the course of a problem or a miracle healing that brings a soul back from the brink of death or a return to wholeness when one has gone astray from one’s own authenticity. What has taken place in transformational healing is the reorganizing power of divine light to create from a higher premise through the means of the governing laws and influences of its causes. Higher light, increases of consciousness, greater awareness, harmonic resonance, whole coherency patterns, divine matrix blueprints all describe the factors that catalyze a tipping point in a lesser or greater potency of influences into a new sequence of casual manifestation. In the reality of options, a divine blueprint matrix is highly potent as a catalyst when it is elicited into the healing process by a healer who partners with the divine causes, through the prevailing higher governance that eclipses a previous sequence of expression to create anew in its likeness.

The empowering governance of Divine Light is the basis of Raja Regeneration. It is where science and spirituality meet and become complimentary. It is the also science of higher life and the divinity within all life and thus it is the divine science that governs all creation, whether than be the operative dynamics of the constellation of a stellar body or the body functions of a man, woman or child. Regeneration is set into motion when the prime governing influences prevail as the causal directing force that convenes a new manifestation.

In simplistic terms, illness, suffering, angst and even stress could be summed up to an insufficiency of light, whether one sees this as a lack of sunlight, a lack of prana, a lack of higher consciousness, a lack of positives or a lack of awareness that a state of imbalance has amassed a tipping point that sets ill effect upon its course. No matter the perspective, it is a God-given birthright to sustain a human incarnation as a vehicle for the development of consciousness until such time as a cycle of development is fulfilled. When the indwelling consciousness of a human soul is anchored in the inherent truths of universality, the interplay of conscious transformation becomes operative under a higher premise of governing laws that eclipse and synthesize previous conditions to create a new trajectory.

Perfection is the ever-unfolding truth of our human divinity. Even so, illness is the voice that calls forth for balance and restoration and as such should be recognized as an opportunity for benevolent response, intelligence action and the intention to heal and be healed by returning to the state of balance, wherein a new vector point of creation is set upon its course.

The restoration of divine order is a key element that sustains a return to the original cascade of manifestation from Divine Thought to the precipitation of a perfected manifestation that is inherently endowed with the factors of life regeneration. It is for this reason that Raja Regeneration is transformational healing in its highest form. It is the divine science of the logic of inherent perfection applied to all things. This inherent perfection is the language of light that is the building blocks of etheric blueprints. The Supreme Raja of Divine Science does not depend on human interpretation. It is ever-operative and omniscient. However, it is made manifest in the healing intention, through the oneness that aligns in resonance with its own origin to become an unbroken line of force that emanates the perfection of divine light and the intelligence therein to each new vector point in creation whereby its potency is directed in causal purpose.

It is Godliness by whatever reference one might enlist that is the source of this perfection and from my unity with the divine, I have no opinion if one subscribes to a personification of divinity or if one does not personify the source of divinity. The omniscience of which I speak is entirely beyond any orientation of human reference. What I will tell you is that its power to respond and its omniscience to do so crosses all barriers of language or by what name deity is summoned. It is a perfection that encompasses the totality of the cosmos and all conceivable universes. Moving from its core essence, all benevolent thought sets into motion an evolving idea of Life and of Self. Each and every soul is established in the Kingdom of God, in the Great Ocean of Being, in the Divine Dimensions, again bridging all connotations of the same reality, in an inherent perfection of divine composition that is uniquely created to contribute to the whole of our cosmos and beyond. No soul is created without this essential significance. The same holds true for our physical biology as human beings. Every cell, every molecule, every organ, has a divine perfection that is seeking expression, manifestation and fulfillment. Conscious intelligence lies within every bodily nano-second of function. We are naturally endowed with a replicating, regenerative light-encoded divine blueprint.

Our spirit bodies hold many keys. The lightbody, spirit body, Holy Spirit, or Angel of the Presence are all terms that associate our true spiritual presence with our inherent perfection in godhood, in divinity, in the true creative principles of the cosmos. Our spirit body lives outside of the framework of what we consider to be earthly time. The spirit body functions as a bridge of constant awareness that exists beyond the worlds of time-bound physicality. In the progression of manifestation, the divine blueprint or light template precedes the spirit body and can be likened to the roadmap of a soul’s construct. The divine blueprint is a light grid of sacred geometries and light-endowed mathematical relationships between complimentary lines of force and spheres of activity. The radiance that emanates from this blueprint is the integrated essence of a soul’s unique totality of presence… the light of the soul.

Spiritually awakened or enlightened souls are naturally radiant and illumined. They are enveloped with the dynamic light of divinity. The more a human being is aligned in living a life of divine purpose the more radiant such a soul will be. When one’s life purpose is thwarted, off track and not allowed to flourish and unfold, a dullness casts a pallor or dimmed web over the inherent light of vitality. It is this dullness, this web of non-coherent and thus conflicting dynamics which must be synthesized from the energy field of the body, so that vital function and vitality can be restored. The entirety of the subtle as well as physical body systems must be illumined in life-giving light. The prana of causal consciousness must reach its vector point of purpose to enliven and restore, whether that be within a specific chakra or within a traumatic event that gave an abrupt closure to the innocence of a child.

Light is the messenger of the Living Word of God that is encoded in the divine blueprint of every minutia of life form, every cell, every Angel of the Presence, every star, and every heartbeat. The Living Word bestows the promise of infinite perfection upon all of creation. Molecular structure can be likened as a time capsule for the Living Word. Cellular structure can be likened to an extension of imprint from the molecular framework of life essence. Messages are constantly being conveyed from one system of life to another, throughout all systems of reality from star systems, to planetary systems, to the impulse of the human nervous system that governs the muscular system and likewise throughout the entire human body. Divine blueprints provide the messaging of health and wholeness in the Life of God. These blueprints are like a signature of creation, the imprint that connects with all other imprints and are composed of sound and light at the subtle levels of perception.

Our human DNA is light encoded with the perfection of divinity and its causal ability to replicate and regenerate. However, we live in an imperfect and polluted world where malfunctions and genetic distortions in our DNA are becoming increasingly commonplace. As a result, our world is swiftly headed toward greater distortion and suffering, unless we as human beings return to the integrity of Divine Plan and the universal principles that prevail behind all temporal effects. All healing is a learning opportunity to delve into the divine premise of creation and from that premise to work hand-in-hand with the living dynamics that are inherent to a benevolently sustained creation. We must return to our oneness.

The Divine Plan can be viewed as a vast storehouse for every divine blueprint in existence and is the mainframe from which all benevolent sustenance is infinitely provided, when it is consciously acknowledged, it is also activated into greater potency. As healers and healees grasp this in an immediate and wide-sweeping context, the return to wholeness, to source, to the perfection of origin is begun in earnest. To heal is to serve wholeness through the factors of resonance whereby cohesion and coherency is this force field in which divine potency gains hold. From this foundation of awareness, sensitivity, sight and knowing, the healer can begin to open to the worlds of light that proceed and literally formbuild manifestation. As you make the correlation that a divine blueprint is also a divine thought or ideal organized into a plan for manifestation, your mind is freed to heal beyond the limitations of the perceived physical laws. In similar vein, the same power of thought that created an illness can be harnessed to “uncreate” an illness, and to rebuild from the soundness of whole consciousness directed into a desired expression of health and vital function. Revelation of that which is whole and omnipotent is key to eliciting the optimums of divine synthesis wherein wholeness is the natural order.

The spiritual healer must be willing to avidly walk the spiritual path, as the source from which the guiding light of healing power is forthcoming. Mindless fixation on the illusion of imperfection must be reoriented into the single pointed focus on the perfection from which all life begins its journey into manifest expression. Adeptship in the truth of existence is the basis of all adeptship in healing. To heal with spiritual adeptship, the inner eye must be trained to register light. The conscious mind must be trained to be receptive to the purity of light. The sensitivity of the divine light of the heart must be trained in its highest capacity to embrace and envelope any and all distortion in the presence of love from which the action of a healing response initiates the transformative cycle of healing.

Light is the wellspring from which the Living Word of God’s grace abundantly pours forth. When the higher mind, inner eye and loving heart are aligned in light, the healer is then an able instrument of the divine and a receptive partner for working directly with the causal factors that are the omni-operative forces of divine science. The benevolence of love and mercy offers the dispensation of divine healing through the restoration of perfected life-giving elements of consciousness, which then become the formbuilding agents of spiritually caused physical healing. It is then that the wonders of working directly with the divinity of the formbuilding agents, the divine templates of living light, that the restructuring of matter becomes possible. Manifestation follows thought. Thought, properly aligned in truth, is therefore the instrument of healing and the loving heart its wellspring.

As the illumined mind can begin to “see” at the etheric levels, an all new world of certainty in healing can be established, although the miracle of healing can take place purely through Will of God with or without a trained healer. The Holy Instant of God’s grace remains beyond all human perception and can never be second-guessed. One can appreciate what I am saying from the context that miracles are God’s gift to inspire faith in the human family and are a natural part of all life. If the personification of deity is less inspiring and non-personification is your resonance, then one can well appreciate that higher mind consciousness can access the causal force fields that magnetically reverse atomic spin states, from devolutionary arcs of time to evolutionary arcs of time.From either framework of understanding, the line of force of health and wholeness is set straight, whether we involve meridians or chakras or the pure innocence of faith in divine cause. Raja Regenerative Healing activates the governing intelligence and forces of god consciousness. To work in partnership with the divine worlds or the true science of causal healing is our natural progression as souls. The etheric blueprints of formbuilding at cellular and molecular levels offer the healer the ability to reconnect directly with the casually endowed light that preceded the moment in time wherein a tipping point of the distortion was initiated through the commencement of errant factors, whatever they might be.

Faith and certainty are companions in service to healing and ultimately in service to humanity. The grace of healing from divine blueprint templates offers a return to a sound and whole system of function as a reprieve, as a dispensation, that gives the healee/client/patient the opportunity to align in new and more truth-filled ways of thinking and being. The old patterns of ill heath are restored to their original healthful function. Maintaining and sustaining the healed state is then an inspiring journey of empowerment and this is an entirely new area of the medicine of the soul that must be rapidly brought into the significance that it deserves in all health and medical approaches. Raja Regeneration is an omni-experience and as such is preventive as well as creative in its motivating dynamics and is not limited to healing per say. It is wholly creative and exponential.

I know of which I speak. I am a living testament to causal healing. I am healed of a terminal diagnosis some decades ago. I am liberated from its influence and I am grateful for the restoration of the wholeness of my feminine nature that was calling for balance and oneness. I am radiant in my female being and grateful for its empowerment, even as I am unified in all things of magnetic origin whether masculine or feminine, it is the divine that is operative within and without. The gift of healing and my gratitude have been enveloped by the divine and has been the springboard for my commitment to the healing arts and the transformation of consciousness on a global basis.

Now, as we stand before the threshold of a new planetary era, what is considered to be miracle healing will increasingly become the divine science of co-creation. Omni Raja Regeneration Healing is the science of causal transformation. To work directly with light and sound is to work directly with our cosmic origin, as instruments of god consciousness. As the veils of illusion are uplifted, the death and disease premise will no longer blind humanity to our greater destiny of divine life. Access to the etheric realms will increasingly be bestowed upon those who know the time has come to live anew in the embodiment of our divine inheritance, healing and teaching from the truth of God’s grace.

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