Omni Genesis Healing

Introduction to Raja Regeneration

It is with great love that I offer the sacred premise from which Raja Regeneration is a bright star on the horizon of sacred medicine and what I have called the illumined medicine of the soul through Omni Genesis Healing. As an ideology for healing science, it is also a ground-breaking modality harnessing the restorative properties of harmonic resonance in the omni-intelligent range of sound and light.

Raja Regeneration taps into what the divine sciences refer to as “the language of light” that messages DNA at the subtle levels of energy consciousness, and it is this language of light that also continually programs cellular response throughout the human physiology. Modern science has translated its own range of discovery about this process from a bio-chemical framework, however they have not tapped into the causes behind the bio-chemical paradigm that are essentially electric in origin. These dynamic energies have been cognated by enlightened sages as subtle essence for tens of thousands of years. Thus, Raja Regeneration taps into the subtle substance in which the genetic spiraling of our DNA also derives its imprint and synergy. I refer to this substance in all sincerity as the Soma of the Gods; no less monumental in its significance to humanity than was the discovery of penicillin under a microscope or the microscope itself. Subtle essence is intelligent light. It is an electric force, vibrationally operative at ranges beyond the norms of mainstream science and medicine, but is on the conveyer belt of new discovery in both the scientific and medical research community and although it will one day become mainstream, Raja Regeneration reveals the secrets of energy medicine now.

In Raja Regeneration, the Master Healer is the instrument of conveyance of divine energy, however it the casual levels and thus the most potent and charged of the subtle energy ranges. The harmonic resonance frequency range produces the environment whereby the cosmic electric intelligence is accessed. By merging the science of genetics with the ancient wisdom that understood the profound forces of energy healing, a synergistic bio-field coherency is created that triggers and sustains full-spectrum healing of the body, mind and soul.

Mystical teachings have survived the ages that reference the subtle essence of soma and my own direct personal experience of its existence has been profound. An all-encompassing as well as enlightening scope of understanding has revealed a multiplicity of correlations. Soma is a subtle essence that I would describe as extremely concentrated divine light that exists in the subtle ranges of atomic registry beyond what is commonly understood as the kundalini or the essence I level of the vibrational energetics of the body’s higher awareness. It is more refined than the hormones of the endocrine system and yet all hormonal balance and vitality is dependent upon this subtle essence and the circumventing of its natural cycles of flow also circumvents the quality and balance of what is made available for vibrant hormonal interplay. But this is just one aspect of Omni Genesis phenomena.

Because ancient healers and mystics have called Soma the substance of immortality, one can perhaps gain a sense of the omni-genesis nature of its potential in healing and in the expansion of what could also be called the body’s own genius ranges of intelligence. These subtle forces arise into a palpable experience within the body when harmonic resonance reaches the needed range of higher frequencies and are accessed with the central vortex of each human chakra. When the kundalini rises, it also lifts the octave of personal consciousness to a higher level or expanded state of awareness. It is not possible to reach enlightenment if one also does not lift the vibration of the internal energetics and although the state of enlightenment may have many interpretations, it can be well appreciated that enlightenment is an evolutionary positive and that lifting the body’s vibration to its own enlightened state is also a positive.

Thus, the rhythmic release of Soma from within the innermost dynamics of the body’s mystery of divine synthesis is also a positive, a grand positive. This said, the activation of Soma has a brain function correlation that allows the awareness and intelligence of the brain to expand well beyond what is understood as the physical dimension to become wholly operative at a multidimensional scope of omni-intelligence. Within this omni-intelligence, lies the awareness and knowledge of the very building blocks of creation, from the electro-matrixes inherent to energy consciousness, to the spiraled nature of the DNA helix, to the sound reverberations of light codes within our chromosomes that formulate our unique existence as human beings. However, it is the coherency factors of resonate force fields from which positive genetic messaging is optimally accessed for health and healing.

Mastery of the divine sciences is the springboard for the development of a regenerative process that converges the transformational dynamics in which DNA memory is activated to self-regenerate from not only its perfected, unaltered state but to also trigger a higher function and manifestation of the DNA’s natural capacities. The development of Raja Regeneration convenes the principles of vibrational medicine at frequency ranges that accelerate the process of transformational synthesis, whereby DNA and cellular distortions are reprogrammed by the vitalizing force of sound and light coherency. In essence, the original light codes within the DNA can be activated by accessing the language of light that is naturally occurring in the frequency ranges of harmonic coherency, whereby their pattern of coherent symmetry becomes naturally emergent in the DNA chain of sequence. Thus, the technology of environing coherency produces a positive vector point that reverses the magnetic orientation of incoherent, degenerative DNA messaging, to that of coherent, restorative messaging. Raja Regeneration engages the quantum nature of the universal principles that are naturally occurring when energy field frequencies are accelerated, to initiate “a new time horizon” that allows coherent light codes to become predominate and disease causing messaging to entirely recede from the code sequence.

Throughout history, accounts of miracle healing have been attributed to spiritual or celestial causes and even medical miracles are attributed to unseen, benevolent forces at play. The presence of holiness has long been reputed to heal and restore the human soul, as well as the ills of the human body. This is the phenomena that surrounds the lives of spiritual masters, healers, yogis and saints, as well as sacred sites attributed to uplift and awaken one’s consciousness. Similarly, what I am offering into illumined thinking is the “science of holiness” and more over the aggregation of factors that sustain cosmic wholeness through coherency design, as the catalyst for molecular transformation, as well as the transformation and expansion of human consciousness. Harmonic coherency that commences in the range of Schumann’s Resonance provides an optimum energy field for accelerated regeneration by creating an enlightened environment for transformational synthesis. This is where science and spirit meet and merge as the illumined mind of gifted thinkers begins to appreciate that the secrets of the ages have emerged to become intrinsically compatible with science and medicine.

The principle of resonance can be seen as the active nature of the interplay of diversity throughout the cosmos, which creates a sympathetic vibration and entrainment between any two or more vibrating systems or fields, in which the more coherent and ordered field will always influence the less coherent, disordered field. A profound but natural process of alchemy or synthesis takes place when the phenomena of transformation transitions a lower, chaotic or disordered state into a higher, more organized state, as in the allegorical process of transmuting base metals into gold. When it is fully appreciated that all living things coexist in a unified and intelligent field of matter, energy and spirit, the doorways of the divine sciences allow the penetration into what has always been understood as the sacred mysteries, which in reality is merely the science of the full spectrum of energy and forces inclusive of those dynamics which are unseen by the naked eye, but can now register their existence through sonar imaging or electromagnetic imprint. The new technology that facilitates and exponentializes Omni Genesis as a regenerative process is rapidly gaining ground on multiple fronts of innovation and discovery.

The principle of Raja Regeneration that is fundamental to Omni Genesis actively utilizes the reality wherein every human being is connected to the universal force fields that inform the factor of periodic timeframes for systemic regeneration that is no different in premise than the natural forces that influence celestial orbits, tides and seasons. We are connected with the multidimensional grid of universal intelligence of wholeness, balance and a magnitude of divine cosmic order that is beyond the human mind to fathom. We become imbalanced and ill of health when this divine order is ignored and a false or synthetically imposed order becomes predominate, which in turn depletes the light encoded messaging that is optimum when harmonic resonance is also optimum. As with all aspects of manifest life throughout the cosmos, our body and energy systems are inherently designed to regenerate through the direct connection with this universality of oneness. Although we are subject to the laws of time and cycles, these cycles of time are multidimensional in nature and as we shift our gravity of being and our center of awareness to the supramental realms of higher consciousness, so too do the governing laws of cause and effect also shift unto a higher atomic spin state, a higher premise of associations and thus of relativity.

As a regenerative force field is enlisted in the healing process, the flow of all energies mental, emotional, physical and metaphysical is vitalized and brought into a profoundly organizing spin state of magnetic orientation, one that is operative upon cosmic order. This grand schematic of cosmic order is recognized by our cells, our DNA and our innermost presence of being. The cohesion of coherent frequencies produces the bio-shift from illness and degeneration, to health and wholeness by jump starting the cosmic time clock throughout the human bio-field. Resuming a balanced electro-messaging dynamic is essential to vitality. The factors of pure consciousness inherent to the subtle dimensions of the DNA, and the subtle essence of Divine Soma that governs the memory of our inherent godhood, also regenerates hormonal intelligence to create the magnetic interplay of the vital forces of creation, to produce the new “constant of positives” for systemic healing throughout the body-mind-soul matrix.

Raja Regeneration creates a multi-dimensional “sacred environment” for systemic bio-reprogramming from hormonal production, to neuro-pathways. Enveloping the body consciousness in a full spectral, cohesive environment provides the direct transmission of what is true and pure and omnipresent in the cosmos. It is the dynamic nature of supra-spectral frequency that “coheres” unified consciousness and thus produces optimum programming throughout the body-mind-soul energy matrix. The Raja Regenerative protocol accesses the direct transmission of the life-sustaining building blocks of the DNA, as well as the resonance fields inherent to elevated states of higher consciousness. The entire Omni Genesis process initiates a deeply empowering sense of inner renewal that is immediately translated throughout the bio-field physiology. This vibrational shift is a powerfully, palpable process that awakens the conscious memory of our divine origin and thus our inherent potential to manifest the perfected union of spirit and matter. Raja Regeneration is a life-changing, deeply profound experience that opens the heart, awakens the mind, and ultimately uplifts our life potential to its most promising possibilities.

The Omni Spectral Factor…

Electro-dynamic fields, bio-fields and pulsed wave patterns form the pathways for the body’s entire information system, inclusive of the subtle levels of the neuro-nervous system inherent to the intelligence of bio-consciousness. The omni-spectral factor of harmonic resonance synthesizes the coherency of all messaging pathways from the subtlest levels of consciousness within the DNA, to the auric field extension of the subtle energy consciousness that surrounds the body. The auric field is referred to as the lightbody because of its rarified subtle substance of energy consciousness. This subtle-electro extension of our anatomy holds the perfected blueprints, codes and etheric messaging for all aspects of our corresponding bodily function. It is an essential part of what is best understood as our “multi-dimensional anatomy” and is no less instrumental to our health and well being than our major organs. The lightbody aura is integral to this subtle matrix of energy consciousness, by registering the electro-magnetic imprint of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects at all dimensions of our being, inclusive of our consciousness or soul aspect that inhabits our physical body. All manifest forms are inclusive of their subtle energy matrix and what has long been interpreted by ancient traditions as the spiritual counterpart, whether this is a sun, planet, leaf on a tree or an entire forest.

Although the subtle structure of the human aura and chakra system holds the energetic patterning for our perfected body-mind-soul matrix, it too can become compromised by toxicity and disharmonic imprints that result in imbalance. An ample influx of subtle energy intake into the lightbody and what is referred to as the intake of prana in eastern or yogic traditions is paramount to the optimum functioning of the lightbody in its myriad purposes as the force field or shield that surrounds the physical body. In the same vein that we now take extensive measures in the care of our skin to keep it rejuvenated, you can well appreciate that the care of the lightbody would indeed make the skin radiant at a whole new level of illumination, as well as enhance the systemic optimization of health and well being.

The chakra system can be understood as the intake vortexes of the aura. They are essential to the distribution of pranic energy throughout the bodily system and internal organs. When the aura or chakras become devitalized and imploded from an excess of negative thought forms, emotional distress, mental/physical exhaustion, trauma, toxic substances and environmental stress of all types including electrical discord and noise pollution, these together can create a vector convergence for devitalization and ultimately for illness and degenerative conditions. Clearing and maintaining the radiant vitality of the auric force field, allows the lightbody to stabilize and broadcast the harmonic resonant coherency, as well as the cosmic clock attunement that is essential to our health and well-being. When clear and vibrant, the aura also emanates the palpable radiance of the love, peace and wisdom of omnipresence. Thus, the primary phenomena of the omni-spectral factor is that resonant coherency is conducive and natural to the enlightened state of supra-consciousness, as well as to the optimum bio-force field for regenerative vitality.

Raja Regeneration awakens and empowers the multi-dimensional spectrum of divine resonance, whereby the omnipresent nature of pure consciousness is brought into predominance throughout the subtle energy matrix. The energy technologies of Raja Regeneration activate a harmonic reverberation of “divine positives,” that reconnects the matrix extension of our original perfection, to trigger a potent reverberation of resonant messaging that literally opens, unwinds, and suspends distortions within compromised DNA, creating a momentary “void in time” that magnetically attracts the DNA’s own memory of perfection, inclusive of the subtle molecular levels of atomic activity and the intelligent consciousness therein. The unwinding of old spirals of distorted light codes creates a miracle moment that allows new spirals of “true-time codes” to be reinstated. The higher intelligence within the DNA is inherently responsive to harmonic reverberation, to become actively participatory in the progression of accelerated synthesis. Raja Regeneration initiates the omni-spectral factor of higher dimensional atomic spin states within the cellular process, to transform cellular distortion from the degenerative, illness identity pattern, to the regenerating, health identity pattern.

The omni-spectral factor triggers the transmission of resonate positives by accelerating the environing force field of harmonic coherency, conducive for messaging perfected DNA and the light codes from which the DNA is comprised. Because the auric field and chakras are rhythmically attuned to the causative dynamics of the cosmos, which initiate and sustain the cyclic order of bio-life, they naturally reverberate resonant positives essential to health and well being, acting much like an enveloping tuning fork that surrounds the physical body. The language of light is fully operative within the entire human force field, however when discordance from the excessive stress of emotional/mental conflict, trauma, illness or environmental stress and toxicity compromises positive messaging, these negative disturbances must be reversed from distortion to coherency. Raja Regeneration does not alter, splice, mutate or synthetically mimic our natural micro or macro biology, but rather it sources the light codes that are eternally present in the time-space continuum that holds the “cosmic true constant” in its whole and perfect state, prior to the convergence of negative factors, wherein genetic coding was either damaged or altered.

Because we are increasingly living in disharmony and disconnection from natural celestial cycles and we are virtually bombarded by an unprecedented degree of environmental stresses, which includes unhealthy diet and lifestyle choices, our cyclic body timing goes out of sequence, creating weakness and stress points throughout our electro-magnetic messaging pathways, causing chaos throughout the bio-field to trigger illness factors, but moreover to trigger DNA breakdown and damage. The restoration of cyclic attunement is a primary aspect of Raja Regeneration and is optimized by the diagnostic process that assigns the time periods upon which programs and treatments are prescribed, as well as the advised vitalization plan to sustain the clarity of lightbody and overall life enhancement. Our greatest human potential all begins with the sacred spiral of the language of light within our DNA time codes.

The pathway to resolving bio-field stress is ever available through the naturally occurring coherence properties within sound, water and precious gems and these elements are integral to creating the “sacred environment” that reinstates the cosmic clock of the human bio-field, as well as to creating an enveloping experience of calm and restoration for our visual and tactile senses. This principle is dynamically infused throughout the design of our omni-genesis spa, as well to our patented resonance treatments, proprietary hydro components and gem-matrix enhancers, all of which are harmonically charged with optimum resonant frequencies.

The inclusion of gems as integral to resonance technology, is based on the seven matrix structures of the mineral kingdom that govern their natural geological formation, reflecting the sacred geometry inherent to the structure aspect of creation, whereby spectral consciousness is organized into its interplay of reciprocal balance. The molecular matrix of precious gems and metals stabilizes the hydro aspect of Raja Regeneration. The DNA is where the body’s highest concentration of water molecules is found, which allows the DNA to readily respond to the coherency-waves of water that have an accelerated atomic spin state of charged water. The seven matrixes of “gem consciousness”provide the stabilizing grid for the amplification of omni-spectral harmonics, which enables charged water to hold and sustain resonant coherency.

Thus, water molecules are integral of the DNA’s coherence. Charged, sacred water that is gem-stabilized and harmonically coherent in the range of the Schumann Resonance, functions as a conscious medium that broadcasts the transmission of harmonic balance frequencies essential to renewal and rejuvenation. Because our bodies are primarily water, water is the greatest medium through which the vibration of information, impulses and signals are passed throughout our physical matrix. Coherent water in the DNA vibrates at the resonant frequencies that rebalance cell structure throughout the body. However, water in all aspects of our internal and external experience and usage must be pure and coherent and thus charged and awakened as the optimum medium that maintains the coherency of messaging. When the purity of water is compromised, so too is all else compromised.

Through accelerating the environing frequency internally and externally, a higher dimensional force field serves as the environing tuning fork that brings disharmonic factors back into a balanced, cyclic response. Raja Regeneration utilizes the infinitely intelligent electro-magnetic force field as the conduit of delivery, to catalyze a systemic recalibration of the body’s natural cyclic rhythm from hormone production, to heart beat. The stabilization of a new harmonic time horizon is anchored through our patented gem infused, sacred water healing pools, omni-resonant healing chambers and sound-impulsed coherency technology, attuned to each client’s unique lightbody matrix and personal objectives for healing and rejuvenation.

The Omni-Genesis Factor…

The function of vibrational reverberation amplifies the bio-code messaging broadcast by generating oscillating flux between the light codes within our genetics and the light codes within the auric energy field. This sets up a sustained “echo resonance response” that sets up a “new constant” of self-sustaining sound and light harmonics, that synergistically recalibrates messaging to its positive magnetic orientation in true-time, and again the tuning fork analogy applies through the synthesis of resonance. The inherently active nature of the language of light envelopes the DNA with new sheaths of energy by setting into motion an oscillating ascending and descending force field that stabilizes a new timeline of original divine order. This synergistic broadcast recalibrates compromised DNA code sequences to achieve the tipping point of coherency, wherein the new divine order trajectory becomes the prevailing, predominating code chain of broadcast.

As this reverberating broadcast establishes the “true-time of divine positives,” the factor of pure consciousness is once again predominate as the organizing message sequence throughout the body-mind matrix, rather than the distorted messaging of physical, psychological or environmental illness that compromises the body’s ability to maintain attunement with the cyclic forces that sustain life throughout the cosmos. Once illness and disharmony can be recognized as a rift in time, the omniscience of consciousness can be enlisted to recalibrate the time factor of optimum health inherent to the potential of supra-consciousness. Our true time-space of human DNA and its atomic composition is inherently energized and regulated by this cosmic/universal/solar cyclic order of universal true-time. What might be understood as the cosmic time clock is ever active in the infinite spirals of cosmic order that we witness in the rotation and orbit of stellar bodies, their sphere of magnetic influence and their course of trajectory. The principle of the spiral is an active agent of motion relative to all life and thus of regeneration, as well as the living nature of sacred geometry from which the cosmic cycles of stellar bodies come into being. We find the essential building block of the spiral in our DNA, as well as in the movement of star systems and galaxies in time and space. It is also exampled by a perfectly calibrated Swiss watch that maintains its time sequence through the balance of the rotary interface of its turning wheels. The mineral intelligence within precious gems and the energetic grid structure of those force fields provide the cosmic constant that sustains harmonic coherency throughout the bio-electro energy fields.

Recalibrating the electro-magnetic force fields of our subtle energy system sets the course for a new time horizon that achieves a positive constant throughout the body-mind-soul matrix. This constant is attuned to the natural forces of the cosmic time clock. Restoring the natural order of cyclic timing throughout the body’s interdependent systems is an essential aspect of omni-genesis and is instrumental to systemic healing and rejuvenation. This is set into motion through harmonic coherency dynamics and the state of the art methodology that Raja Regeneration optimizes to retune our bodies natural time dynamics, the basis of which is also foundational to enlightened living and the state of supra-consciousness that is sustained beyond the onset of enlightenment.

Because the human energy field also receives continual imprints of physical-mental-emotional messaging that may not always be conducive to health, it is imperative that the auric field be deprogrammed of negative messaging, to regain vitalization of its true function of enveloping the human vessel with cosmic positives and the unlimited potential therein. The cosmic intelligence of divine providence is the ever-present positive that readily accelerates the force field of harmonic coherency, synchronistic to the potency of vibrational rate that is optimum. This is an inherent probable because the human energy field is a part of and inter-connective with the subtle energy fields of planetary, solar and universal consciousness that orders and regulates all natural life cycles on our planet and this omnipresent energy source is a repository of the vast and unlimited intelligence that inherently radiates throughout the subtle levels of all life force. When it is unimpeded, our human electro-magnetic force field readily aspires to attunement to the cosmic clock and the rounds and chains of cycles that are the stellar fabric of our universe.

Omni-genesis taps into this celestial intelligence to restore the human temple to its most radiant, supra-conscious state, as the recipient of the true constant of divine positives, which ancient priesthoods referred to as… the sacred spiral of life… which forms the multidimensional, sacred geometry of the Flower of Life, as depicted in ancient pictographs and hieroglyphics of the Egyptian, Mayan, Incan, Tibetan and Vedic temple complexes.

The DNA Coherency Factor…

The DNA is more than an obscure blueprint for genetic expression… it is the “instrument for the genesis and continual re-spiritualization of the body,” the means by which the soul and its physical vessel arrives at divine resonance through the electromagnetic influences that shape all manner of form through sound activated coherence of vibration in all of its manifestations from classical music and the human voice, to the subtle sound that is registered solely through clairaudient capacity or technologies that work with sonar levels of audience. More and more, scientific research shows that cellular renewal and repair follows electromagnetic frequencies, electro-dynamic fields, biofields and pulsed wave patterns, causing health via a coherent state of balanced electromagnetic flow or the contrary, causing disease when dissonance and imbalance in the biofield overwhelm the body’s natural defenses.

The charged hydro/sacred water aspect is intrinsic to Raja Regenesis because the body’s highest concentration of water molecules is found in the DNA. The DNA functions as the receiver and transmitter of electromagnetic frequencies throughout the body, and this function is generated in the hydro-energetic matrix of DNA. Water that is harmonically structured and coherent is conditioned by acoustic fields in the range of the Schumann Resonance. Coherent water in the DNA vibrates at resonant frequencies that can activate the DNA to promote healthy messaging and thus healthy cell restoration. Stress and disharmonic signals from the electromagnetic field alter the profile of DNA and predispose the body to illness. Harmonic coherence is an essential aspect of Raja Regenesis because the DNA can be patterned through resonance activation. The DNA is regulated by a “vibrational grammar” with rules similar to human languages. Research has shown that DNA in living tissue responds to “language-modulated laser beams and radio waves,” and devices that affect cellular metabolism through “modulated radio and light frequencies.” Sound activated coherence has been demonstrated in the physical world. As an example, success in these experiments affirms the basis of the omni-genesis process through treatment modalities that can sonically repair x-ray damaged chromosomes.

The spirituality or uplifting nature of the coherent state is palpable, just as holiness is felt and sensed at an intuitive but also physical level of perception. What is being felt is coherency and thus the lack or absence of disharmony. The coherency of divine resonance can be enhanced through meditation, prayer, positive visualization, energy attunements, and various sound and light healing therapies. It can also be enhanced by rhythmic or sacred dancing, yoga, gyro-exercise and so on, which synchronize the body’s bio-field with resonant frequencies to become self-transcending. These are lifestyle approaches and healing methods that can be enlisted to enhance wellbeing. However, it is full spectral coherence that achieves the potency of an amassed tipping point that transforms the bio-field by activating molecular regeneration.

In essence, Raja Regeneration accesses the pure consciousness within the genetic building blocks. Rather than the pharmaceutical approach of mutating, attacking, or subduing errant cell production, the inducting faculties of resonance amass the vector point of restorative intelligence and capacity through that higher intelligence. Vitality, and hence a resilient immunity, becomes the new constant and the omni-factor opens the gateways to a new threshold of transformational possibilities. The messaging of the original divine signatures within subtle substance is given a true constant in 3rd dimensional time and space. This alignment of dimensional octaves enables causal blueprint patterning to reorganize compromised light codes and to envelope them in a positive cause paradigm. Raja Regeneration establishes the cosmic time clock as the operative new time horizon that brings the DNA, hormonal and cellular process into balance and harmony, but moreover it opens the gateways to the full human potential of the enlightened state that is ever-renewing.

The Sanctuary Environment…

The physical environment in which transformation can best be achieved is an optimizing contributor to bio-matrix regenerative healing. Inspirational beauty and tranquility uplifts the soul and satisfies the natural longing of our higher nature for the pure and the true. Regenerative healing and the illumination of consciousness is optimized when coupled with an ideal environment that is designed with harmonic resonance as its primary informing factor. This principle is reflected throughout the sanctuary ideal by designing an environment from state of the art approaches that promote resonance enhancement. The sacred environment allows the soul to enter an inspiring renewal of a new time horizon from the moment they walk through the door. Resonant healing chambers combined with omni-sound and light technologies create an extension of resonant consciousness throughout the entire treatment process.

Sound activated coherence in all of its manifestations from the music of sacred sound to the subtle sound that is registered solely through the clairaudient and sonar levels of audience are contributors to the Raja Regeneration process. Specialized guest and treatment rooms designed to infuse the body-mind-soul with theta waves and rarified frequencies, act as resonance chambers that provide calibrations of sound and light that are optimum for healing and rejuvenation. The use of sacred water, gem matrixes and sonar technologies combine to activate the omni-synthesis of higher consciousness as the unifying agent that anchors resonant coherency throughout the client’s energy fields. They serve as conductors for harmonic resonance to be registered throughout the lightbody as well as the physical body and the consciousness inhabited by all bodies of awareness. But moreover and perhaps far more memorable, is the personal experience of life-changing epiphanies that culminate in a renewed coherency of awakened being.

The sanctuary ideal inspires the soul to heal and to anchor its higher awareness into the healing process. The provision of a sacred space for healing and illumination is the most natural environment for soul enhancement and thus for soul empowerment. A divinely designed environment that resonates with the soul’s sensitivities and thus supports those sensitivities to be activated encourages a wholeness of presence. One can well appreciate the soul’s response to the elements if your surroundings have been crafted together to create a virtual symphony of visual, tactile and vibrational experience of being enveloped in what could only be described as the sacred spiral of life. Sacred Sanctuaries are the environing vessel for omni-healing and the awakening of a cascade of divine memory systemically which also sets the stage for a profoundly heart opening experience.

The Omni Raja Legacy…

Raja Regeneration is not just vibrational medicine for health and anti-aging, it activates the divine memory as spiritual medicine for the awakening and advancement of the divine intelligence of the soul. The entire realm of human potential is enhanced and this is at its greatest power of possibility, when the soul’s own light of consciousness is inspired by an ongoing commitment to enlightened living as the personal legacy to future generations.

The principles of the Omni Raja Royal Path for Enlightened Living engages a wholly transformative process for body, mind and spirit that opens the gateways to the archives of cosmic memory and the wonder of infinite consciousness.

To those who resonate with this discourse, you are most welcome to engage it through the direct experience that brings home all sacred knowledge into your own spectrum of growth and realization. I have largely presented the principles behind Omni Raja Regenerative Healing as a springboard to illumine awareness and resonance with this work. However, it remains my sacred endeavor to also inform and train, mentor and awaken and most importantly to collaborate with those who are called to the mastery that accesses the Healing Arts of the Royal Path and the Omni Raja that enlightens The Way for the new era of Medicine of the Soul.

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