The Three Principles of Awakening

Dynamic Mindfulness on the Royal Path

(Excerpt from The Initiate’s Path of Gold ~ The Divine Science of Celestial Initiation)

Throughout the ages, the Masters of Wisdom have sought to provide awakening souls with the timeless principles that will open the doors to genuine spiritual progression, as well as sustain their quest throughout their expansion through the thresholds of higher consciousness. I offer this discourse as spiritual food for the soul, but also as a simple but profoundly significant foothold for a focused intent of mindfulness that will not fail you. Tried and true, tested and proven for all time, the triadic nature of these principles assures steady advancement in the illumination of the Royal Path. They create the dynamic pathway from self-awareness to self-determination for all sutras, rungs and observances.

The three principles that are the mainstay throughout the teachings of the Surya Rishis are truth, love and service. They are the backbone of all spiritual embodiment. They are the proving ground of all spiritual endeavors. They are the living nectar of the divine attributes from which the lotus of enlightened being emerges. It is these three principles that transform the lower mind and emotions invested in maya, illusion and glamor into the enlightened mind that serves the sacred heart from which the supreme logic of the Divine outflows in service to all life, all creation, all circumstance. They are also the active nature of Oneness, and as attunement is perfected they are the direct manifestation of Oneness.

Simple though they may seem, together they form a unified and interactive matrix of thought, word and action, with love as the apex of human divinity, truth as its guiding light and service as its natural expression. This triadic union unfolds a quadrant of divine manifestation that emerges, moves, aggregates and precipitates from universal ideal to earthly form, function and causal influence. They exist first as timeless principle, second as initiated practice, third as an abidance of being and fourth as the activated divine force that informs and shapes the precipitating spiral of divine manifestation. Thus, the progression through the thresholds of the Royal Path is enabled through the balanced mastery of this triple alliance for the advancement of consciousness. Thus too, they become the basis of divine manifestation through their potential to become the springboard for wielding the laws and forces of conscious co-creation.

Mastering the principles are not only essential to awakening, they are also essential to the opening of the Twelve Petal Lotus of the Soul, which makes manifest the aspects of the lightbody and chakras that form the foundation for the flowering of omni-enlightenment. It is here that I will make the link, that the Twelve Petal Lotus is the active presence of forces that manifest the Universal Merkaba and is therefore crucial to sustaining the merkaba in an integrated time sequence across multi-dimensional planes. By virtue of mastering the triple principle as a living state of being, all three primary petal sets of three petals each, within the twelve are also activated, with the final set of Logoic Petals manifesting the composite of all three. As the twelve are in full vivification, the lines of force emanating throughout the lightbody becomes the golden matrix in which the Universal Merkaba is anchored and thus also omni-emergent, as the means by which human consciousness is liberated from the physical plane for transit through all other planes of the Life Universal, the Oneness of All Realities, the Great Ocean of Being. Again, I make clear that the Royal Path is inclusive of all other paths, thus terms of definition from all traditions are synthesized in the supreme omni-knowing that bridges the diversity of forms.

The active practice of the principle of truth stimulates the development of the Petals of Knowledge of the crown chakra, the active principle of love stimulates the development of the Petals of the Spiritual Heart and the active principle of service stimulates the development of the Petals of the Will Center/Solar Plexis. As these three sets of petals unfold their radiance of being, the inner jewel of the logos within each lotus is consciously activated and manifest from within. The logoic buds open, reveal and emanate the dynamic endowments of spiritual power and siddhi ability, as the gifts of the godself are externalized and blended into a final synthesis of three primary universal keynotes of endowment, from which one unified blazing presence issues forth a single cosmic chord.

I encourage you to bring your full exploration to the triple nature of these principles and do not hasten over or marginalize the enormity of their significance. Through your active practice of triple mindfulness, they make manifest a dynamically compounding catalyst for the progression of self-realization, from which causal lines of force emanate and take hold in materialization. I do not use the word dynamic lightly. They establish the higher levels of the lightbody, from which the causal radiance of enlightenment is self-evident. Thus, when these principles are cultivated through daily practice and life long observance to become the constant state of mind, they become powerfully synergistic. They are causal at both root and sum and thus align with the forces of creation. Together their unified sum of extension is greater than their singularity. Hence and profoundly so, they are inherently exponential in their triplicity.

They are potent and compounded in their potency because they form a triadic force field of blended divine light and when wielded in the spiritual mastery of pure benevolence, they manifest in an emanation that can be sensed and felt at all levels of our humanity, and as well, are harmonically attuned to all creation as prime aspects of divinity. Each one taps into the divine when attunement is pure of heart. The active thrust and wisdom of these principles must move from the higher self or divine illumination to inform the quest for spiritual oneness and the exemplary life of the enlightened soul. Each is a key universal vibration. Together they are a unified sacred arpeggio. Together, the triple key of the unified principle of truth, love and service resounds a timeless chord of divine presence. I Am… I Am That… I Am That I Am… is inborn within these principles.

In their pure resounding, a single key can change and transform all manner of circumstances. Like a tuning fork, each principle is active as a vibration that registers divine energy and thus provides a new catalyst for the coalescing and precipitation of forms and thus for spiritual transformation. Together they emanate the divine nature of godliness and godhood and are the creative subtle substance of which the soul is inherently comprised. What is critical to appreciate is that a tipping point is achieved in your awakening, as well as in the integration of your lightbody, as these principles are vibrationally amassed and by virtue of their vivification as a living reality in your life, they take hold within you to become the inner-transforming agent of divine empowerment.

Dross becomes purified automatically by virtue of the lightbody’s dynamic influence, by virtue of the triadic empowerment of truth, love and service, no matter your outer circumstances. There are too many examples to count wherein a well-meaning disciple or initiate becomes inundated with dross and succumbs to frustration, as well as the malady of stagnant energies when the lightbody is not developed sufficiently to clear and maintain ample prana into the chakra system. Progress upon the path begins to falter and the way through the veils becomes clouded. A lack luster and spiritual fatigue takes hold, as well as the eventuality of ill-health in some cases. Therefore, know that when this triadic force of principle is active throughout your body, mind and heart, it is an ever-present antidote to imbalance and spiritual stagnancy. This dynamic force field also closes the gaps in time and bridges any lack of continuity in your divine remembrance, to restore the line of force from spiritual cause to material manifestation. Thus, as you embody the fohat of the triple flame principle, you live in oneness with your soul, consummating a grand convergence that summons your god-self abilities to become omni-present in Now Time.

These principles of awakening are nothing less than the commitment to oneself for living in the full universality of self-knowledge and from that fertile learning ground to also advance into the sacred art of conscious co-creation, whereby these principles translate not only into their active state for living an illumined life, but also release the inner divine light that precedes the mastery of wielding benevolent forces for the benefit of world service. They are the basis by which the eight-rung tenants of conventionally recognized raja yoga are realized, although I will respectfully convey that the true Surya Transmission of Omni Raja eclipses the exoteric practice of tenants and rungs, essential to the Royal Path though they might be. Simply know that the principles of awakening are the golden triad that focuses and shines divine consciousness upon all else. Therefore, they also open the door to the esoteric Raja of the True Royal Path.

Thus, this triadic empowerment is activated throughout the Universal Archives to assure your transit into the illumined state, when observed, practiced and grounded into your every cell of being, as your mainstay for navigating and staying the course of full liberation. The empowerment of the triadic holds true whether one has only just begun to tread the path of awakening or whether one has persevered beyond the probationary stages or whether one has fulfilled all of the stages of illumination that allows entrance through the gates of the Royal Path to ignite the enlightenment of destiny souls on a global basis.

Profound beyond all limitations of time-bound incarnation, these principles are dynamic, direct and applicable in daily life for all souls without exception, no matter culture or creed or station in society. Through the simple act of grounding spiritual aspirations of thought, word and deed in this triadic unity, so it is that your flowering of consciousness is grounded in the tried and the true. This is not merely a lofty ideal. It is where the grit of self-honesty, self-witnessing and self-evaluation is also employed, whereby daily mindfulness becomes a constant and automatic practice.

The essentiality of the empowerment lies in the observance and adherence to the principles. They must be self-engaged. There is no master, no teaching, no balls of light, pillars of light, deeksha or shakti from any source that can produce within you what you must produce of your own dedicated effort. When struggle and faltering on the path is encountered, one or more of the three principles is lacking, absent or in an insufficient amassing from the equation of one’s efforts and must be actively increased and amassed to open the straightway of spiritual progression and steady, continued lightbody integration.

Truth… The First Principle

Truth is the foundation of the life of the seeker and upholding the truth within one’s self is the initiate’s first sacred duty. It is the light of truth that keeps order and alignment in the life of the soul and the universe at large. As the awakened initiate seeks to live fully within the presence of truth, it will become more and more difficult to speak, think, or act outside of the presence of truth. However, it is an all-encompassing omni-truth, whereby the weights and measures within all equations are summed in their ultimate balance by which the supreme logic of royal raja is proven true. The light of truth is like the radiance of the sun shining upon the flowering of higher consciousness and is the causal force that stimulates opening the lotus of the crown chakra and the three primary petals that envelop the logoic bud of enlightenment. As the petals become resplendent in awakened emergence, the unique divine qualities with which the initiate is especially endowed become active and radiant.

As astral dross is shed and the spirit body of the soul lays claim to the vessel of human life, the pure light of truth will be so desired and so deeply attuned by the initiate that it will become like the substance of life-giving energy itself. To be other, to think other, to speak other or to act other becomes a betrayal to oneself that strikes at the pure and sensitive heart. When this is encountered, it is the pure heart that must prevail to transmute the ill-logic of the false vines that have grown unaware in the garden of the sacred. Thus, the commitment to truth becomes the food of the soul that feeds your higher mind and your lightbody with the spiritual sustenance of prana and divine light. Truth is harmonically resonant with prana and thus provides an inner and outer relationship with the intelligence of prana about which little is divulged over the ages and yet much is prolific in benefit to the practice of the omni-raja of my teachings. Thus, your personal connection with the prana of awakening is also advised as a means of fanning the flame of truth.

During my childhood, I hungered for truth in what appeared to my young mind to be a world gone mad. Instinctively, I knew and felt that so much of what was considered to be the norms of society were inherently flawed and so I searched for what and where I could find an internal response of my inner truth to the outer world and I found it primarily in the simplest of forms – the sound of birds singing, the light streaming through the clouds after a storm, the smell of the ocean, the truth of my Mother’s love when she smiled. But it was internally within me that the search truly found its living wellspring. Thus, as you ignite your commitment to truth, know that it lies within you and has been seeded and sown within your higher nature. It sustains and protects your sacredness.

Its jeweled presence is also your core being and that jewel of self is alive and well as a gateway to your divine existence as you truly are and as you have always been. Like a deep sea diver you must be willing to go beyond the surface of your persona as well as any spiritual ego that you may have layered into inner or outer identity and sense of self. You must delve deeply within and become submerged in the essence of truth to awaken and retrieve that jewel from the far-reaching depths of your divine remembrance. You must cherish it as your intrinsic link with your universal self throughout all time, whether you call this your Christ Self or Buddhic Nature or the Atma or the Universal Soul. You must become the champion of truth within yourself, its liberator and its guardian. As you become active in your responsibility for truth within yourself, thus you unveil the subtle sheaths that secure this prime jewel of godhood in its inner sanctum within you, until your light is shining brightly and the jewel of truth stands emergent as a full endowment of godhood. You must also burn through the mists and clouds of dross that obscure it and the vice and attachment that feeds the dross. You must tend the fire of earnest self-inquiry that reveals the truth. You must become its devoted and self-aware witness. You must become its passionate and constant steward.

Until that passionate level of attendance to truth is established in the seeker’s life, it is crucial to cultivate illumined discernment between the absolute truth that is the outpouring of divine logic and the relative truth of the persona that may appear to be justified, but in the final analysis is discovered to have its roots in the abyss of illusion. Thus, alignment in the truth of your soul and attunement to the vibration of truth calls any and all “ego positions” into immediate question and earnest self-examination. Grid-locked and invested in the ill-logic of the persona as the ego may be, the more conscious you become the more adept you will be at recognizing the ring of truth and compassionately resounding its presence into the abyss of illusion’s sway in declaration of your decision to withdraw from its lair. Thus, become practiced and adept at establishing a neutral vibration within yourself, from which the vibration of truth can rise from within you upon its keynote of resonant response to all life circumstances no matter the manner in which a response is then shaped by divine logic. Neutrality of vibration, equanimity of vibration establishes your ability to discern the difference between the rationale of ego-mind, from the absolute truth of higher mind.

The practice of neutrality is essential to abidance in the divine logic of truth. It is also the illumination of mind from which the divine witness state of inquiry and examination is embraced. It is the higher mind that has the capacity to bear witness to the mainstay of eternal truth and also increases its ability to recognize the ill-logic of the temporal truth that comes and goes on the whim of a mood or the mired trench of misguided beliefs. The neutral state of higher mind provides the birds-eye view and thus establishes a wholeness of high-sense perception that is anchored in the awareness and intelligence of higher consciousness. Ultimately with the flowering of enlightenment, the singular reality that eclipses all duality in absolute truth becomes a permanent state of being. Thus, the single eye of God is made manifest and absolute, penetrating all illusion with the blazing light of the awakened sight that redeems and restores duality to its Oneness.

Thus, with earnest dedication, the initiate invokes and engages the higher logic of divine presence to shed a trusted light upon the ill-logic of the persona’s perceptions and its investment in its story line. When the quest of inquiry penetrates beyond illusion, the vice and distortion that was once deeply coveted or hidden by the mask of the ego is exposed to the light of day. However, through the alignment in the neutral, witness state, denial is disrobed of its mists and fogs and is rendered naked in its fear. Ultimately, it is fear that is brought to the light of day and its emotional content is emptied, as the “I story” within it is liberated to cross the bridge from ill-logic to illumination where fear is mastered, healing distortion and untruth, thus making vice empty of attraction. I encourage you to read this paragraph several times.

By divesting from the emotional content that glues the persona to ill-logic, the transit into neutrality becomes a natural progression of high sense awareness. Remove the “I” story from the investment in an issue and divestment is automatic. Practice deleting the “I” from troubled thoughts and a de-escalation of trouble quickly follows. Some call this the transformation of the victim and aggressor dynamic, however Omni Raja is far beyond this preliminary grasp on the function of illumined mind and the true capacity of enlightened genius that turns the human brain on to its God-given and inherent scope of synapse and synergy of higher intelligence.

The practice of non-attachment and withdrawal from the ego’s story line of defenses and rationalizations greatly eases the ability to establish yourself in the clear awareness of the witness state. The practice of Omni Raja focuses intently on discerning the energy of truth from untruth for this reason. The refinement of discernment is a necessary and natural progression of consciousness, so that the ego’s endless positions in ill-logic, no matter how emotionally charged, can be transcended and transformed. Thus, the practice of truth awareness and truth witnessing is a very active tool for transformation. Truth Witnessing is a Method of the Masters that assures that the jewel of the crown chakra emerges from its sheaths of dross to make manifest the Supreme Logic of the Absolute.

All souls can naturally intuit when the energy of a thought, feeling, word or action is off-base and vibrationally compromised. Like a tuning fork or the chime of a Tibetan bowl or the swell of a pure voice, absolute truth will carry a resonant “ring” to it that is discernibly audible in the voice, tangible in the air, noticeable through facial expression and often energetically evident through a shiver of electricity or goose-bumps on the skin. You will feel the resonance of the soul’s clear and potent truth. Awakened awareness recognizes truth, hears the sound of truth and feels the vibration of truth. The student of Divine Science may not always understand every nuance of the Rishi’s teachings, however they can feel the presence of truth and thus allow permeation. In time, the precise understanding and “ah ha” will come because the vibration of it has already been absorbed.

Thus, this is why the throat chakra is also the chakra of manifestation. Its jewel within the lotus becomes emergent as the broadcasting instrument of divine sound. When truth becomes a dynamic force in the life of an initiate or world server, the gift of voice and speech carries the vibration of the divine upon the vocal chords, and the chakra itself emanates dynamic force even when silent. The conservation of speech and its potency of right use becomes a hallmark of mastery. The awakening of the hunger for truth propels the seeker through many dark nights of the soul, to eventually tread confidently upon a path of gold and the sound of the spheres is active in the life of the initiate who has made the transition through the thresholds of the lighted way to become the living master, wherein all the jewels of the awakened state are emergent and in divine emanation.

As a reminder, there will often be different degrees of relative/absolute truth present in any situation as the weights and balances of individual, group and planetary karma remain in play. Discernment is key to surmounting the problem of unconscious split intention within yourself or the circumstances that you are called to witness. There will be a sense of knowing that something is “off” when you become disconnected from yourself. You can sense the quiver of untruth. Trust this natural barometer to further discipline yourself to sustain truth. Every time you know that something is even slightly “off,” look closely to see where it can be shifted to the true and powerful harmonic of truth. There may be a very tiny seed of non-serving thinking in the mix or there may be an elephant in the room that needs urgent naming. If you are vigilant, the divine has an open invitation to work through you in love and service.

Consider the female initiate who feels guided to begin a new service project that provides an opportunity to come into the “limelight.” This initiate is excited about the new opportunities and attention that she will receive. She tells a spiritual friend and the friend senses something is slightly “off” about the situation. They use the Method of the Masters called Truth Witnessing for honest reflection and discover that the initiate has “split motivation” and she is motivated by about 40% true service and 60% need for attention. Grateful for the reflection of truth witnessing, she then examines, heals and transcends her neediness and moves forward with a very different outlook and purer motivation. Imagine if you will that you play the role of either the female initiate or her spiritual friend. Through the action of Truth Witnessing much opportunity for illumination is bought into the experience, whereby compassion and clarity can open the way to the higher logic of pure intent and soul empowerment. Do not fear the truth. Witness it, hand in hand as partners in light.

Again, neutrality is an essential element in the transformational method of Truth Witnessing. Neutrality creates the empty vessel from which compassion and understanding can truly flow, rather than slanted opinion, self-centered agenda or non-serving sympathy. As the ability grows to uphold the light of truth in all circumstances, the compassionate eye can also awaken. One has compassion for the denial of truth and the suffering caused by it. Truth fosters the profound union between linear and intuitional intelligence, from which compassion arises. As the masculine and feminine aspects of the human brain become balanced in the divine synthesis of awakened consciousness, divine logic becomes expansive and spontaneous. Without real truth, there can be no real love. With the absolute truth, selfless love and compassion flourish. The human brain becomes illumined at a genius level of awareness that is balanced in both hemispheres. Union is resplendent in supreme logic. Thus, set a deep and steadfast abidance in truth from which your love can then shine forth into the world.

Love… The Second Principle

Love is the cohesive essence that unifies all things. When the initiate experiences love for the Divine to be greater than the attachment to self-myopic sentiments of love, the full flowering of the spiritual heart in compassion and selflessness begins to unfold. The disempowering desires of the ego begin the transit to the empowering force of Divine Desire and it is Divine Desire that finds absorption in the Love Immaculate and the Love Immaculate that finds Eternal Oneness in the Love Infinite. The principle of love in its purest forms is also a sacred duty of the initiate – to honor the indwelling love of the divine and to cultivate that purity and the all-encompassing compassion that moves from it. In the example of Master Jesus and Gautama Buddha, love is a primary principle of The Royal Path and through their extraordinary lives, the higher logic of divine love was made manifest in human expression.

The outpouring of love from the spiritual heart recognizes, elicits and serves the divinity in all things. As the consciousness of the heart undergoes the transition from lower desire to divine desire, the Petals of the Heart become radiant with the intelligence and higher power of love. Each of the three petals is endowed with a divine quality unique to your soul. All of the vices of the self-serving persona will be transformed through the development of the three petals that sheathe the inner lotus of the heart, through the synthesizing influence of their uniquely bestowed qualities and attributes. Thus, it is essential to “know thy heart of hearts” and the divine qualities of love with which you have been inherently endowed as a soul. The enlightened heart is the master of the principle of love and as the logoic bud within the heart petals opens, the golden flame of omnipresence brings forth the Supreme Raja of the Awakened Heart, burning at the center of the Jewel within the Lotus.

As the constant practice of emotional discernment enlivens the principle of love within you, you are cultivating a wondrous metamorphous to unfold. The three-fold progression of spiritual love moves from sympathy, to empathy, to compassion as self-serving emotion surrenders its ill-logic, and the onset of divine love permeates the emotional body. In the first stage, the persona experiences genuine sympathy for another soul, becoming personally identified with their plight, thus also sharing in the unfolding drama. In the second stage, the advancing soul begins the deeper sensitivity of empathy and feels what others are feeling, however becoming overwhelmed by emotionality is common. As the third and highest stage liberation mounts, the universality of oneness becomes the transcendence, whereby all is witnessed from a deep equilibrium of being, that fully embraces all the circumstances in an all-encompassing compassion.

With the emotional convolutions of the persona, you will find that the factor of ego-identity is caught up in the drama of circumstances. For the seeker who chooses liberation, it is crucial to establish the neutrality of the witness state as the means of withdrawing from ego-drama. The inner work of mindfulness makes this intention a fact of self-responsibility and also a duty to preserve a pure heart within oneself. When emotionally “spinning” in a cycle of charged feelings, know that any “ego position” is an entrapment in the story line of the myopic “I”. As the choice is made to withdraw from the drama, the shift is begun wherein the emotional reactions of the persona steadily shift and the heart becomes an instrument of divine love.

The crux of this transformative process is that compassion is not invested in the story line of the persona’s circumstance and doesn’t blame or condemn either end of the continuum in play. The pure compassion of the awakened soul lends no credence to the extremes of polarity, but nor is it disassociated or disconnected from human suffering. Compassion brings an enormity of presence into the eventuating reality and it is that totality of presence that heals and embraces all sides of the conundrum. Compassion moves from an emotionally neutral state. Yet, compassion convenes full presence to suffering. This is a dynamic factor of transformational healing. By staying fully present, the judging neither left nor right, the greatest degree of pure awareness is sustained, rather than the disconnect that severs you from your own humanity and cuts off the intuitive capacity of higher consciousness. Much suffering has been perpetuated from the disconnect that leads to denial, all the while that disconnect makes way for the obsessions of vice to fill the gap that love so readily remedies. Disconnect is remedied by connection, connection is compassion-in-action through equanimity.

Disconnection from the divine and from your own humanity creates a gaping wound that fuels the reactions of the emotional push and pull that fragments the sense of wholeness. The ego repeats endless cycles and scenarios feeding the hungry ghosts that wander the shadowlands of illusion in the futile search for what cannot be filled or satisfied. Even as love would rise upon the wings of the heart, an undertow of fear insidiously dictates the majority of human relationships and it is here that all of the polarized sub-personalities play out the “I story of separation,” until they are transformed and synthesized in the light of the soul’s wisdom and love.

The seeker of The Way must rise above the entanglements of ego-sentiment to transition the emotional body from the insatiable desires of the lower nature to the liberated mastery that wields and embodies the grace and power of divine love. The monumental transformation that the Royal Path endows restores the fullness of spiritual identity to ignite your innermost remembrance of who you are in your universality as a fully present spiritual being, conscious and consummated in the Oneness of all life. Ultimately, it is the intense spiritual hunger for authentic pure love that draws the initiate nigh unto the holy embrace of the Love Immaculate. It is here that the heart of Oneness is found within oneself.

Throughout the drawing nigh, the omniscience of divine desire mercifully burns with an all-consuming demand within the heart of the initiate, whereby the momentous threshold is crossed and never again can the doors of one’s heart be closed. Compassion stands eternal before all suffering, all disappointment, all human interplay, no matter how horrific. The flame of love draws all imperfection into its brilliance of perfecting Agni. It is here, that your humanity walks hand-in-hand with the principle of love and becomes dedicated to the divine connection that outpours compassion into all opportunities for human exchange and enrichment. You become the changing face of love as mother, father, sister, brother, child, friend and beloved, as the deep draw of full presence brings you into a visceral experience of all who grace your life. As the sheaths of the heart are penetrated to its jewel, so too are the sheaths of reality penetrated to the falling away of the layers of dross and shifting sands of outer appearances and the initiate awakens to The Self that precedes the precipitation of form and prevails beyond the perpetuation of form.

Thus, as the falling away of the great illusion of appearances releases the soul from its grasp of appearing and disappearing forms, the true and timeless reality of the Royal Path comes to direct the initiate’s life in the Love Immaculate. By drinking from the cup of spiritual love, the initiate transcends and surmounts the imbalanced responses of emotional polarization, as the divine marriage within ignites the Golden Flame of the Sacred Heart. As the Mother-Father aspects are wholly and potently unified, harmonic and complementary, the divine feminine and masculine find balance within to become the golden flame that burns by virtue of what I can only describe as the blended presence of the Light Ephemeral but Ever-Lasting and the Love Immaculate but All-Encompassing. Gratefully, where my words are insufficient, your own direct experience is supreme.

Sense, if you will, the word “Immaculate” to intuit a scope of meaning for yourself for the infinite grace of love that is impeccably pure and yet shuns no impurity. Sense also the word “Ephemeral” and the conveyance of the absence of evanescent permanence that is at the same time ever-present and renewing. Thus, drink from the profoundly deep meaning that is your own discovery. The inner sanctums of Royal Raja are veiled and the esoteric flame can only be entered by the pure of heart. Because it is here in the mystery of the divine wherein all seeming opposites unify in Oneness, that omni-logic is the natural reality of true existence and thus defies and transcends all logic based in duality, while also embracing all duality in its unifying synthesis. Ah… behold what I can only call the “ever-perfecting perfection” and thus I offer you an invitation to contemplate the profound nature of what I am imparting.

Thus, through the enduring and the ever-renewing, the entwined golden flame of the unified masculine and feminine, the inner state of enlightenment makes the transition to the ample creative flow that is produced when these two aspects of the divine become entirely complimentary within oneself and the battle of sex and gender comes to peace, outer need and desire becoming a balanced whole and thus an empowerment for causal co-creation. You as a soul deserve no less. You as a monad are this. You as logos bestow this.

When you truly move your life into the presence of unconditional love as a constant state of awareness, you will find that it has always been the thrust of your true nature to embody that love. Each opening in your ability to love more authentically brings forth from within you the self-acceptance that you have always yearned for from the outside world. Each opening of the heart marks a new depth of healing within your innermost humanity. Emotional sympathy transforms into the empathy of your soul for others and even that ultimately transforms into compassion of the logos for all suffering, through immersion in the perfecting grace of the Love Immaculate, Infinite and Absolute.

Thus, if you are willing to examine the root cause of illusionary love, you will find a denial of Oneness. Yet, be compassionate as you discover each vestige of denial that fragments your wholeness of being. There can be differing ratios of personality and soul-love present within your responses. Embrace your humanity and its growing discernment between lower emotion and higher emotion. Gratefully embark upon the journey into the ordinary, where new openings to love can be found within the fray of everyday life. As your consciousness achieves abidance in Oneness, the unified self finds the divine permanence of equilibrium within. The still point becomes ever-present. The wisdom of love becomes the wellspring of emotional response. The fragments of fleeting sentiment become the constant of unwavering compassion. The spiritual heart wants only to serve creation as the instrument of the indwelling Godself within all beings and can never be confined by the temporal incarnation in the flesh. Time will unfold The Oneness of Oneness.

The spiritual heart is the heart-in-common of all things and indwells as the same constant of divine love within all souls. It is One Heart. Thus, spiritual mastery is a life long endeavor to live a life that is resplendent in the principle of love and the Oneness from which the Jewel within the Lotus of the Sacred Heart emerges to become a radiant source of the Love Immaculate. Hence, the natural outcome of awakening the active nature of the principle of love is the outflow of the principle of service.

Service… The Third Principal

True spiritual service is the ultimate embodiment of God-in-Action. It brings the foundations of truth and love into a culmination of life expression. Service is not only characteristic of a higher order of life, it is also naturally forthcoming as the first response to all circumstances. The Lotus emits its nectar effortlessly. The Jewel shines forth in equanimity upon one and all. It is then that the initiate discovers that spiritually pure service is inherently based not just in good will, but in the Will-to-Good. When we are engaged in service, it is only through the Will-to-Good that the natural gifts of our Godself can be fully amplified into manifestation. Service, which is a primary duty of the disciple, purifies, uplifts, and aligns human expression with the Divine Plan. With each increasing level of selflessness, greater comprehension of the Divine Plan is bestowed. The disciple’s individual and group role within the Plan becomes more clarified, aligned and responsive to the Clarion Call to World Service which is reaching the hearts of souls as never before as global awakening takes hold.

It is important to understand that service is the cornerstone from which the disciple passes from the Novice, to the Neophyte, to the Adept, to the Arhat and to the Cohan, if I might use this rather antiquated but useful naming of spiritual progression. One can also use other progressions such as aspirant, probationary disciple, trusted disciple, senior initiate and so on or the many eastern terms for the expansion of consciousness from the Jiva Soul to Maha Samahdi. By virtue of this progression of identity in spiritual cause, the timeless standard of divine order is given life, in the life of the initiate who has tread the path from mud to gold. Selfless service is the assurance that the quest does not become either self or group convoluted. The spiritual path can easily become self-myopic and self-righteous without the out-flow of service to that which is greater than oneself and thus “by their fruits, so you will know them.”

Let it be keenly remembered that all lofty idealisms rooted in spiritual aggrandizement, must be burned through and through in the active and perfecting principle of service. Activity engaged to enhance or aggrandize the ego is not authentic service. Thus, the very common problem of split intention that seeks recognition, approval or non-serving material gains must be transformed to become selfless and thus also endowed and empowered by the Will-to-Good. Suffice to say, that the most well-meaning initiates can get quite enamored and big-headed with the “idea of service,” rather than the authentic endeavor of the tireless and largely unnoticed efforts that attend selfless acts throughout each day. Most often aggrandizement occurs when the initiate needs to feel good about him/herself, important or special or superior through one’s spiritual or religious identity. On the other hand, avoidance of limelight all together can have the hidden agenda of a comfort zone for the ego that hinders the growth of the soul and its potential of life purpose. When the vice of pride or conceit or cowardice or complacency creeps into the equation, the triadic principle of the Royal Path provides a cross-check of criteria for piercing self-evaluation. Selfless service is the ultimate fire of Agni that burns through the final vestiges of the lower self and the illusions that entrap the human spirit.

Vice is common. Split intention is common. Difficulty in service is common. However, the function of service is an inspiring and potent burning ground to clear the samsaras and miasms that hinder The Way. Service empowers to be higher consciousness to be tested and tired and thus proven true in love and service. The golden rule is to make your service your absolute priority as your contribution to the rising tide of the Great Work. Cleaning house is a must. The transformational process of clearing, cleaning and polishing your inner and outer world is essential to the function of serving as an instrument of the divine. Inner self-adjustment is constant. You must balance the feminine and masculine aspects of power within you. They must merge and stand unified as one.

Through the inner dynamics of balanced power, your will-center will make the transit from the lower will of the persona, to higher will of your own true divine nature. You cultivate the opening of the petals of the will center each time that you surrender the mindless habits of ego control. As the power center becomes balanced, an equilibrium of wholeness gestates the genius of both the feminine and masculine aspects enjoined in Divine Will. The Jewel within the Lotus of Power is indeed phenomenal in potency. It is dynamically endowed with the Great Cause of all causes and the Will Ultimate that makes manifest through the Will-to-Good.

Your goal is to fully become an instrument of Cause. Thus, make your cause greater than your effects. Envelope your vices with the dynamic purpose of your service and thus through the passion and spiritual fire of your higher will, vice will become synthesized in the dynamic causes of higher purpose and the true divine quality within the learning that the vice attracts will become self-evident. Do not wrap your vice around your service. If you do, you will dim, diminish and suffocate its vitality of spirit and thus make it impotent in causal force. You will also fail to open the Petals of the Will Center and its dynamic potency. When the Logos emerges from the lotus of the power center, a dynamic force field of omnipresence is outpoured through your focus of service. It is then, that world service becomes the living reality of an Awakened Destiny Soul.

Thus, the personal sacrifices involved with the full commitment to service is where the ego is transformed by both truth and love as the emotional ties and ill-logic of a hidden agenda is surmounted and Oneness is the supreme logic that informs all identity. That hidden agenda will inevitably involve the coveting of money, power and sex in all of the overt and subtle expressions of those aspects of self-withholding that also inevitably cause disturbance and thwarted progress. It is here also, where the refusal to surrender attachment and vice to the absolute fact of Oneness becomes the battle ground against Oneself in Oneness. Thus, in the grand paradox of foolishness, one withholds Oneness from Oneself. Through genuine service these secret places of withholding receive the light of day and are gratefully exposed, so that they can be transformed in the potency of the triadic empowerment, rather than through the messy ego-death and futility of trying to hide that which cannot be hidden. The elephant in the room cannot be denied indefinitely.

Even though a service endeavor might originate in higher purpose, many disciples are blind-sided by the part of their motivation that is rooted in self-serving agenda. As you begin to really examine your motivations about service, you must also take care to embrace and connect with the part of your humanity that is the cause of split motivation or the egotistic idealism that leads well-laid plans astray. Address the ill-logic of fear to its ultimate end and thus the roots of falsehood can no longer infest your higher life purpose. Trust that your growth is assured by the holy ground of service, but it is trust in the logic of the divine, not the conventional logic of the lower nature or its sophistication of rational. The ego’s sophistication may be great but its illogic is seen to be flawed when illumined in the unifying wholeness of Oneness. Thus, each and every time you endeavor to serve a higher purpose, it is a learning opportunity both to purify your motivations as well as to be in greater trust of the way in which the divine unfolds in your life, despite the outplay of outer appearances.

Serving higher purpose in all areas of life is the ultimate freedom of God Consciousness. The wise initiate carefully cultivates, attunes and perfects service as the demonstration of divine embodiment, which steadily lessens the influence of the self-serving ego and its attachments of vice that hinder and tarnish the instrument of service. True service is God in Action the life of the Soul, the endowments of the Monad, and the causal force of the Logos in full activity through the physical plane. With each progression of willingness to take greater responsibility to serve and manifest a higher order of life, a monumental step forward on the path of awakening is taken. Through the self-built foundation of truth and love, your service will exalt your soul’s purpose and your soul’s purpose will open the royal gate to God Consciousness.

In summary, the triadic principle propels you from the relative truth and entanglements of the persona, to the all-prevailing Absolute of Omni-Enlightenment. In each instance that truth, love, and service are embraced as the criteria for self-introspection, you will find yet another treasure of your true self, as jewel upon jewel is emergent from within the Lotus of the Soul. Absolute truth is the only way that you will immerse and abide in unconditional love… and unconditional love is the only way you will attain the ultimate embodiment of selfless service, the gold standard of awakening and the embodiment of Omni Alignment.

I will also say that despite all seeming odds, it is the destiny of the entire human family to one day live in accordance with these three divine principles and by so doing, to achieve a great awakening that will fully manifest the qualities and abilities of a benevolent humanity that lives in the exchange and divine flow of reciprocal balance on this planet. Imagine if you will, the Collective Lotus of an Awakened Humanity. Ah… the divine manifested in all of us! Let us join together in upholding these principles within ourselves, each other and for dedicated spiritual seekers worldwide. Let us fully embody the Divine Life of the Golden Flame from the all-encompassing and enduring foundation of Truth, Love, and Service.

This discourse is an excerpt from Rishi’s book, The Initiate’s Path of Gold – The Divine Science of the Celestial Initiations. Order your copy here


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