The Golden Keys

A New Time of Destruction and Renewal

“Salutations and blessings to all souls who are joining together in anticipation of the great changes that will transpire in the years to come. We speak to you as one brotherhood of enlightened masters and one fellowship of the great golden flame that burns within all hearts. May your soul be enduring in strength, your wisdom ever-present and your heart centered upon the divine. For, as you read this conveyance, our emanation of the principle of love and brotherhood is a transmittal of pure consciousness that can open your heart and fortify your will that you might receive far more in the way of illumination. As you realize that each principle is a golden key that unlocks the living treasures of sacred knowledge, you will delve into their vibration with greater wisdom, that you might retrieve unto your being the unfathomable secrets of creation and manifestation that lie within their providence. As you bear witness to the prophecy of the ages coming to pass and you see the process of destruction and new creation taking place simultaneously across the globe, we stand with you as never before and form a new convergence of the Unity of Masters on your behalf. Thus, are these golden keys also your life imperative to embody, if you are to recognize the power within them to change all that you see as strife and suffering, limitation and moreover the transform the impoverished mind, within which illusion, fear and ignorance has held humanity in its grip.

We will assist you to turn inward in the most adamant of ways to gather your fortitude and sense of direction, so that in the midst of great upheaval upon all lands, you will continue to tread the path of light towards your greatest clarity and compassion for all souls. We have provided seekers and initiates with an intensive stream of our broadcasts and emanations of love, wisdom and illumination over the past several decades, to better prepare you for this time, so that you might rise unto your greatest calling as the destiny souls that you truly are. Thus, will the coming years of global challenges serve many things in terms of the destruction of the old guard of negative thinking, while at the same time the rising demand for love and brotherhood is heard around the world. As the age of ruthless domination and deception is brought to an end, widespread earth changes will also be moving into a powerful phenomena of shared global experience, so too, will this upheaval or circumstances become the catalyst for a massive degree of spiritual expansion, as sacred knowledge becomes the guiding light that souls the world over will seek.

The turning of the wheels of time is accelerating; the phenomena of lifting frequencies will continue to manifest a monumental influx of higher vibration and rarified solar light that will forever change the nature of human existence, as the true purpose of your planet is unveiled before the eyes of souls and nations alike. We urge you to turn your very existence toward the light of the truth and the power of love, that you might understand the wide-sweeping nature of the severity of turmoil that is soon to unfold. For, what you have witnessed thus far does not compare to the cataclysmic causes that are soon to transpire. All that has been held as common ground or accepted norms across the globe will rapidly be dismantled and rent asunder. Entire populations will see their lives forever altered in a matter of moments: a reality that will stir the deepest of compassion for your fellow humankind. Yet, as the falsehoods of safety and security gained by dominance and oppression come tumbling down in the midst of the upheaval of massive earth changes, a fresh canvas of new beginnings will dawn upon the soul of humanity. Thus, is our transmission one of gravity, as well as one of good tidings.

Whereas, some will still seek the futility of using the collapse of the old regimes for immoral advantage or animalistic survival, the majority of the human race will choose to uphold the principles of love and brotherhood that bring remedy and renewal to all nations. We will stand with you in the unity of our collective presence upon the golden keys of love and brotherhood that assures enduring peace and prosperity for humanity, as the global matrix of deception and the very chasms wherein the agendas of domination have been secreted are at last exposed and made visible before the eyes of all souls. Thus, will the prophecy of the ages stand for all time; No longer will the toil of the many serve the privileged few, but rather, the privilege of the few will commence to serve the many, as the balancing of the scales is underway and love becomes the true wealth of exchange amongst souls. For it is here, that the age-old belief that safety and security can only be gained by domination and that domination can only be gained by deception, is utterly upended and shattered of its false premise.

As we put forth that “domination gained by deception” is the primary cause of all the ills of your planetary condition, we hope to inspire and empower you to tread the path of liberation and to renounce deception from its throne of falsehood within yourselves, transforming your inner-world of thought and emotion to become radiant with the power of love and wisdom as the redeeming benevolence upon Earth. As the deep roots of deception are exposed on a personal and on a global level, you will come to understand that the energetic of deception is at work in a multitude of insidious ways, to the extent that its vibration has caused the proliferation of the many cancers that now beset the human flesh with ill health and moreover with the wide-sweeping fear of illness that perpetuates the same. Yet, the Divine Plan will bring about a reversal of this darkness of circumstances, whereby an almighty light is now and in the years to come in momentous swing. For it is here, as the power of truth moves across the face of the earth, the weapon of deception is stripped of its power, and fear can no longer be used to manipulate humanity using the false guise of safety and security, by those who use the cunning of “manufactured fear” for their own agenda of greed, power and self-advantage.

The amassing of awakening souls is gaining in momentum each and every day, and a great light is in convergence that is steadily shifting negative paradigms through the emergence of positives.Thus, we say that a single soul who reaches enlightenment is a virtual beacon of unceasing illumination that rises like a mighty pillar of light to turn the tide of human affairs. There are those who are turning their sight upon the prospects of full enlightenment for the first time, and they are to be found in many nations, just as there are those who are turning their sight upon the prospects of genuine self-determination in countries where oppression and the deception of false rule has stifled the human spirit for thousands of years. The cry for freedom at every level of the human experience is now in the amassing that surmounts the darkness of past ages. Thus, are the golden keys of love and brotherhood also the foundation of true and lasting freedom. An entire scope of fresh possibilities is propelled by the great plan of benevolence that moves from the very center of the universe, where the Will of God sends forth the divine decree, “Let there be love and brotherhood among all souls and peoples.”

So it is, that love and brotherhood are the great antidotes and the great causes and the sweeping force that will ignite the coming era of the prophecy that foretells of the One Thousand Golden Years of Peace and Prosperity that changes the course of human existence for all time. It is this changing of humanity’s core values from conflict to cooperation, that propels the coming age of an unstoppable renewal, that follows on the heels of the destruction and dismantling that is a necessary means by which the equality of souls becomes a living reality upon the bright shores of a new human potential. So it is, that two simple but enduring principles will become the almighty and resounding chord of freedom that inspires the true human potential throughout the entire spectrum of humanity’s existence.

For, there cannot be love without brotherhood, and there cannot be brotherhood without love. For an enduring reign of peace on Earth to be possible, and the integrity of genuine freedom to become the flourishing ideal that burns in the hearts of one an all, it is the dual principles of love and brotherhood that must lead the way. For an enduring state of peace within your own heart to be your reality, this same principle holds true. If you seek freedom from the chains of illusion, you must cultivate the seeds of a new wealth of love within yourself and be the steward of its proliferation, that the vines and vineyards of brotherhood grow strong and prosperous.

We wish to make it known to you, that these golden keys are an absolute prime principle upon which the higher civilizations of the human race throughout our galaxy have secured not only a lasting state of peace and prosperity throughout vast systems of interstellar life, but also societal frameworks of benevolent existence, whereby diversity is honored as essential to a sustaining prosperity for one and all. Within these systems, wherein benevolent virtue rules the day, the true potential of human beings is flourishing beyond your imagination. Great Halls of Illumination and the higher learning of sacred knowledge exist side by side with the governing bodies that serve, guide and assure entire solar systems of a flourishing expansion of soul-based growth and true prosperity for citizens, and it is this assurance that produces the greatest potential of inner growth and life enrichment within the schematics of interdependent life forms. Imagine if you will, were love and brotherhood the accepted norm of your overall planetary consciousness, then too, would those golden keys extend to all life forms and kingdoms, including the global weather patterns that would become complimentary to the golden keys, rather than turbulent and random in its effort to create balances, wherein the balance of the ego system has gone aray.

So too, will your stellar brethren from far distant star systems make themselves known to you, as humanity comes out of the shadows of ignorance to realize that your planet has been populated and seeded many times over by benevolent beings from many stellar civilizations, both from you past as well as from your future, whose love and guardianship have been essential to creating a thriving system of flourishing diversity amongst all life forms throughout the kingdoms of Earth. The walls of separation mindedness do not exist among them, but rather the natural telepathy between souls provides for the trust of transparency that ends the dark mind of unwarranted skepticism and mistrust, judgment and intolerance that thwarts and sabotages the flourishing of the consciousness of the soul. Thus, by virtue of the open vista of shared telepathy, the soul is free to spread its wings in collaborative endeavor, wherein diversity is a welcome benefit, as the dross and density of mistrust and deception are no longer the feared consequences of individuality. The rising of soul consciousness amongst the people of Earth is also the rising of each soul’s inborn intuition and the rising of a new era of open telepathy between souls that ends the evil of deception. Thus, is your intuition and inborn telepathic capacity also one of your soul gifts that the sacred knowledge of its rightful use can bring into a zenith of accomplishment to one day become the norm of transparent communication.

Your stellar brethren have stood back in appreciation and respect of your right of free will and self-determination that is the shared tenant of all higher civilizations of our universe, yet they also watch in readiness to help and assist the human race with the timeless wisdoms that have prospered the technologies of sound and light to enable benevolent societies to thrive upon the higher dimensions of universal life. Thus, will the reunion with your stellar origins become a time of great hope and redemption, as the sacred knowledge of many star systems is made available to humanity. Those who come in love and brotherhood will renounce those who have not horned universal law in the past, and the line will be drawn whereby the universal law that regulates, protects and upholds stellar life is at last observed, as those influences that have sought to perpetuate war and weaponry to gain favor are forever driven beyond this galaxy and Earth is once again declared a free planet. For, it is your own choice for freedom and your renunciation of deception that gives us the principle of permission to draw the line. Thus, it is the cry of freedom that is paramount and its massing among souls the monumental shift of consciousness that opens the gateways to a new future. Also know, that it is also the cry for the ultimate liberation of consciousness among those who seek enlightenment that is the single most empowering force of self-determination, and it is this aggregation of the amassing of the higher consciousness of enlightened members of the human family that secures the sovereignty of your planet. This statement is to be contemplated at the deepest levels of your being, to be understood in its far reaching magnitude, for it is one that holds many golden keys.

The opening of the divine corridors of time on the part of living Rishi’s and Masters, will usher forth a renaissance of interstellar, interdimensional contact with benevolent beings and illumined masters and guides who will greatly uplift the people of Earth unto a new destiny of bounty and abundance, even as the systems around you, that once were seen as your stability, are reduced to irrelevance, becoming obsolete and incongruent with the light of higher consciousness that is so rapidly sweeping through humanity. As catastrophic devastation is upon all lands and nations, so too will the awakening of humanity hasten to its destiny to become the guiding light that leads the way from destruction to new creation. The wisdom of true spiritual elders, whose guardianship extends to the whole of the human race and the shared protection of the environment, will be increasingly sought.

As you consider the current global dilemmas of war and strife that seem so threatening to these ideals, know that a great and unstoppable tide is rising that will unleash an almighty cleansing force, rendering all souls and all nations into a new equality. This is inherent to the extreme nature of the times and becomes self evident as the fulfillment of prophecy. For the power is indeed coming, that will sweep away great cities and landmasses, while also sweeping away the mire born of corruption that has subjugated the human race in the grip of fear, ill-will and the manipulating influences of domination.

Thus, we have sadly watched as the very hearts of innocents on a global scale have been subjugated and over powered by the underlying vice, cunning and malevolence of the self-interest of those few who seek to control your planet with unimaginable schemes of gains and objectives. They would turn the entire human race into a mindless sea of workers, whose sole purpose of existence is to serve those few that see themselves as the dominant rulers of the race. Through the perversity of their monetary wealth, the very assurance of health and wellbeing have become a scheme of controlling power to be bought and sold by only the most wealthy, who have selected themselves as the privileged recipients of the advances of science that they have financed for their sole benefit. Many of these advances remain cloistered and secreted, essentially belonging to the cartels of mammoth monetary fortunes. It is these elite few who boldly plan to benefit at the expense of the multitudes, whose hoarded fortunes would stagger the mind were they made known. Though their names and faces may not be recognized by the hidden agendas of their true objectives, their schemes nonetheless have moved forward unabated during the past century, through the cloaking of their concealed deception, as war and weaponry has been the primary gains that has financed the funding of all other vector points of planetary control.

Their related financial schemes have been the fuel that has fed the immensity of their many layered coffers. Were the full measure of their malevolent intentions uncovered, a unified outcry on the part of the masses of humanity would resound around the world. This unrest has already become an intuitive outrage for many who instinctively feel the undercurrent of deception within the schemes that perpetuate the ills of humanity; from war and the fear of aggression, to famine and the fear of scarcity, from political manipulation and the fear of the loss of freedom, from the fraudulent control of world finances and the loss of viable progress, from the control of weather patterns and the manipulation of global agriculture, and from pandemic disease and the unbridled fear of illness… such are the deep roots of these horrors of ill-will upon the human family and the innocents who have no voice. The delusions of power, born of self-interest, are the single most threat to humanity and the integrity of the human soul. Yet, it is love and brother hood that will turn this tide. The fear and hoarding, separation and intolerance that lead to animalistic survival mindsets is the very ignorance that allows this corruption to continue. Thus, by the Golden Keys, will you as a planet rise above these atrocities to claim your birthright and thus, truly assure the freedom of your soul.

We, the spiritual brotherhood of enlightened masters who have long guided your planet toward the bright shores of spiritual awakening, offer you our insight with sadness but also with great optimism. While it is true that sadness has filled our hearts for tens of thousands of years, as we have watched the suffering and subjugation of innocents and know that much suffering will continue to arise before it is remedied, we now shine our illumination on the great changes that will in the end, eradicate the root deception of ill-will from the soul of humanity. As we seek to advise you of an ensuing time of inconceivable disruption and destruction, take care to acknowledge that we also seek to advise you of an unimaginable time of great renewal and rebuilding. Be sure that you hear our true message and that you resist the temptations of fear, by increasing your faith and your intuition of knowing – that the rally call for new creation will resound.

For many have been called and many have responded to our message of the great need for renewal, who are becoming the benevolent builders, as the golden bridges of love and brotherhood are established to become the new network of common bond across the world. Unto this era of exaltation, this promise of prosperity, this new wheel of time, we wholly extend our welcome to each of you who has attained the vibration of being that will carry you through the coming devastation brought about by the cataclysmic forces that will soon be unleashed, as the stellar alignments coincide with the vibrational increases that move from solar origins deep within the center of our universe. For much will be uplifted and much will be transformed and much will be renewed from which a great rejoicing will commence. Thus, are the golden keys also the gateway by which the vibration of the human race is uplifted allowing the full intelligence of the unfathomable power of love to at last be realized.

It is your vibration that is your trusted ship of life that will cross over and carry you through the tumultuous years, wherein the changes brought about by the scourges of war and famine, rapidly rising water levels and entire continents moving from their current locations. You will come to realize that through your vibration, you are enveloped by the pillars and corridors of light that provide safe passage and salvation and sacred knowledge that sees you through to a time of renewal. It is your vibration that is your “sacred arc of new time” that moves from one dimension to another, from barbaric, animalistic survival, to benevolent grace, as your planet is enveloped in the incoming wheel of cosmic light. Continual solar increases of a lifting of vibration will accompany the upheavals that you will witness; as miracles of every kind will be in an abundance of proliferation. For those whose vibration is also their most valuable source of assurance of sustainability, so will you prosper and advance upon the new wheel of time, even as much in the way of the old physicality of norms is rent asunder.

As oceans are moved like water in a tea cup, and stars are realigned in the mere twinkling of an eye, so will the power of the equality of souls, born of the shared global circumstances, be upon you, and you will rejoice this equality as the benevolence of the Divine Plan that at long last is revealed to be the remedy foretold by the wisest saints and sages of ancient times. The passing of the mantle of the ancient wisdoms brought to earth by immortal masters have begun, and it is being given unto the wisest of the living saints and sages of moderns times, who are the rising masters of love and wisdom, standing openly as the guardians of humanity for the wellbeing of all souls. For none will live other than by this equality of all souls and from this equality, so too, will the Tree of Life for humanity bear the fruit of love and brotherhood and it is this fruit that will be the new wealth of nations. The power of destruction and the power of creation will be shown to be the providence of the Divine in the full measure of the soul’s learning. As the surrender of the false self relinquishes the illusion of power unto its true source within the Heart of God, humanity will move from the Halls of Learning, making a monumental progression unto the Halls of Wisdom, and from those halls to halls greater yet, as the doors of the Great Halls of Illumination are also opened wide upon a great reversal of the function of time as your vibration is lifted. By sacred knowledge in its purity of benevolence, will the return to light on the part of humanity become the almighty empowerment, wherein the progression of souls upon the wheels of time is the catalyst for the miracles that will define the new era of peace and prosperity; such is the power of love and brotherhood, such is the power of the Golden Keys.

So too, will your planet’s true purpose be revealed as the new Cities of Light are unveiled across the globe and each city rises in a prospering purpose as a focal point for the gathering of the wise ones and the illumined souls who will lead the way. For each of these cities will become a place for enlightenment, healing and mindful living to prosper above all else. For many Halls of Wisdom will be built that far surpass the universities of the past. The sacred knowledge for which we have been the custodians for many eons is at last bequeathed unto a waiting humanity, whose hearts are turned toward the divine, each in their own way and calling, each in their own perfection of conscience. So too, will the Great Halls of Illumination become a focal point within each of the Cities of Light. It is here, that the restoration of your planet and its kingdoms will be convened. Sound and light technologies will rise and flourish as the remedy of repair and renewal. Those living Masters and Rishis whose enlightenment has been donned by the radiance of the robes of light that are understood as the illumination of their spiritual bodies, will guide and mentor the global community of leaders and thinkers, who together take upon themselves the rebuilding of Earth and her rightful providence as a planetary system based upon the golden keys of love and brotherhood. Thus, will the walls of separation come down and never again be erected as the false gods of fear, greed and  manipulation that over-lorded humanity and robbed the birthright of the innocents during ages past.

Thus, as we bring our transmission to a close, may love be your premise of existence and may brotherhood be your action of response unto all beings. It is here, that the innocent shall indeed inherit the world and they will be uplifted as the contributors of the rising tide of a new era, that will bear witness to the privileged few who now avidly, gratefully and freely serve the many. Thus, our emanations of a new and radiant empowerment are in increase unto all those who seek to rise above the suffering and strife, to seek a higher vibration of consciousness from which to chart a new course of love and brotherhood. For it is here, that the Great Halls of Illumination will serve a new time of peace and prosperity for all souls and all nations. Thus, be blessed and know your time has come to stand at the forefront of global awakening.”

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